I huffed, I puffed, and I reached the top! Yeah, boy. The nth part of Maculot climb recently commenced in a very fun and fulfilling trip!

Waking up at the crack of dawn at summertime sure is tough, but picturing the adventure ahead made the gruelling task a bit less painful. I don’t recall the last time I saw the sun rise here at the apartment (owing to the fact that I wake up past noontime almost everyday), so the morning of the climb was especially wonderful.

There were only six of us: I, Kuya Luis, and four of his Law School blockmates Gayle, Caloy, Pat and Cha. I think six is a magical number. Not too many to cause delays, not to few to be scared to climb on our own. True enough, our number proved to be quite helpful, for it gave us a chance to pack closely together so nobody lead so much, and nobody trailed behind to delay everybody.

Since it was around a year and a half ago when we last climbed the mountain, we got a bit lost on the way. We weren’t aware that the Star Tollway in Batangas is now fully open until Batangas City, so we missed our exit at Lipa City. Normally, the end of Star Tollway is the Lipa Exit, but because they opened the road further, we didn’t know where to head to.

Good thing Kuya Luis brought a trusty old map, so we just turned around (yeah, we were all amazed we could do that in an expressway) and headed back to Lipa. In minutes, we were near the foot of Mt Maculot already! And because half of us in the group were first-time Maculot climbers, they were totally surprised when they saw what they were about to climb.

The statement of the day was then uttered: Why didn’t anyone tell me about this??! Heh.

Come to think of it, Mt Maculot is quite an easy climb for the beginning trekker. Its ascents are not that steep plus there are a number of rest stations along the way. Definitely first-timer-friendly.

We started climbing at around 11:30 am. I didn’t bother counting how many stops we’ve made because that’ll only add to the exhaustion I felt. True enough, as I said in my last post about Maculot, I somehow found it hard to breathe properly and was tired out early on in the climb, thanks to my added weight. Several times I trailed behind and even asked for everybody else to go ahead (thanks so much Kuya Luis for not leaving me behind).

However, during one of the stops we’ve made, Ate Gayle offered me a pack of Cream-O. Since we didn’t have anything before we climbed, I obliged. I ate the pack of biscuits in no less than a minute. And right after that, my body was full of energy! Oh yeah! I immediately led the pack and dashed off right after that. Moments later, they were kidding me about the wonders of Cream-O to my body. Hehe. Bleh, I just needed food coz I was that hungry!

Two and a half hours and several gallons of sweat later, I arrived a the peak around 10 minutes ahead of the team. Boy, talk about getting all charged up. Cream-O really is a miracle biscuit. Hehe. When I arrived, I thought I’d be able to get some alone time at the peak since usually there’s nobody there. But lo and behold, there was a sari-sari store set-up in the middle of the peak! It’s not the first time I encountered a store open in Maculot but I didn’t anticipate it that day, with the rains the past few days and all.

So I rested for a while and waited for my companions to arrive. When they did, I blurted the good news at once: there’s Halo-Halo! Heh. So off we went eating to our hearts content, happy of the rewards we reaped by choosing to trudge the steep mountain. Naturally, the prices were jacked up to about 300% because of the effort the sari-sari store owner had to go through to just bring the goods to the peak of the mountain (Pancit Canton was 25 pesos, Coke 1.5L was 85 pesos, Coke 8oz was 25 pesos. Surprisingly, Halo-Halo was a mere 25 pesos! Even cheaper than some of the ones we can buy here in Manila. Hmmm….), but we didn’t mind.

After eating it rained briefly so we waited by the covered area before going to Rockies, the other peak of the mountain that’s just close by and is blessed with a spectacular view of Taal Lake. When the rain stopped, we made our way to Rockies through slippery grounds and muddy soil. We had a harder time climbing because of the mud but we got there anyway.

When we reached the peak, the feeling was just inexplicable! The view, as always, was magnificent. You could see the whole Taal Lake and Taal Volcano Island, plus the whole of Batangas from there. It’s just too great to take all in. Moments like that made me think that there really is a God who’s capable of such wonders.

Two hours later and it’s time to go down already. We didn’t want to get caught at the top without lights so we hurried the way down. All in all, it was a very fun experience. Just as what Kuya Luis and I talked about when we reached the foot of the mountain, it’s practically the best climb we’ve ever had. It’s the right people, the right pace, the right weather, the right time.

Aaaaahhhhh… that’s one thing off of the Great Summer Hitlist! =)

11 Responses to “Maculot Redux”
  1. Gian Paolo says:

    I love Cream-O! 🙂

    Ganun bang karami ‘yung umaakyat dun at may sari-sari store talaga sa tuktok ng bundok?

  2. GeoRge says:

    Sarap ng feeling when you reach the top of a climb. I miss that. =(

  3. ganns says:

    It’s like an ad for Cream-O! LOL

    Good going! Live the life while you’re young and able!

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