Three Days. That’s practically all the time I have left to spend in this internship routine, and I’m officially, finally, stupendously saying hello to my summer which, obviously, is around a month late. But I don’t mind.

If you ask me, I don’t think I need to hit the beach on some far away land just to get a tan. With just three weeks of going around Quezon City, I believe my skin has become a shade darker than before. What I really want to get a feel of is the fine sand on my feet and the ticklish feeling of water down my ankles. Aaaahhhh… I long to do this once this summer:

Obviously, I’m doing nothing but dream. I guess that’s how it goes when you’re well out of the stressful pit you’re currently in. You start thinking of all the free time you’re gonna have once everything’s done and over with. Which doesn’t help your current work, by the way. (Blogging isn’t helping either, like, for example, right now. :P)

So now that the doors of summer is opening up to me, here are a few destinations that have recently come up in the blur of my illustrious illusions. Some of them, for sure, will come to life, depending on how much budget I can allot for these trips (don’t you just hate it when you get restrained by financial difficulties? Ugh).

Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas
This mountain is very dear to me, as it is the only mountain we climb so often in a year. Hehe. When we speak of mountain climbing, the first thing that comes to mind is Mt. Maculot. It’s not that hard a climb but enough to get that adrenaline pumping through your system. The last time I climbed Maculot was October 2006. Yipes! Wonder how I’ll fare this time now that I’ve gained so much weight? Ergh. Let’s see.

Anawangin Beach and Cove in Zambales
I’m not really a fan of camping but I heard this place is quite good, except that it’s risen in popularity therefore more people are going there, making the beachfront quite crowded. I’m not entirely sure if this’ll push through, but it entails a hike at a nearby mountain/hill. Wuhoo exciting!

La Luz Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
This one’s a tad year too late, but I’m expecting it nonetheless. Been hearing lots of things about this beautiful resort, and the price of staying here is not that hard on the pocket. I just wanna be on the beach… Sunburn!

Manila Ocean Park in Manila
Let’s admit it, it’s a bit weird to have an Ocean Park right at the shores of one of the dirtiest bodies of water in Metro Manila. But whatthehey?! Filipinos will do everything to rake in tourists nowadays. While I’m a bit excited to see all the underwater wonders this park has to offer, I believe I’d wait ’til they establish a student entrance price. Maybe this June, no?

Sagada in Mountain Province
No, I have not been paid to include this on my list. Hehe. But the recent launching of a new blog entitled Visit Sagada has piqued my curiosity about this wonderful destination many of my friends have talked about before. Some Geography classes held their field trips there, and I could only stare at their pictures with envy. But pardon my ignorant mind, what is in Sagada that people so love?

So there’s my Summer Hit List! I do wish I’d be able to go to all of these but as we all know, I’m not the King of the World so I don’t have the riches and gold to fund my trips. LOLz. But I’ll try, and hopefully this’ll be the summer I traveled all over places. Hehe. Have a happy summer! =)

13 Responses to “The Great Summer Hitlist”
  1. Poyt says:

    Anawangin is a real hot spot nowadays. You can’t go there if you’re maarte / not a camper. LOL. Good luck with your summer vacation!

  2. benj says:


    Some people like the weather. It’s cool and the breeze really revitalizes you.

    Some like it because of the relatively alien terrain. You don’t imagine the Philippines to be like this at all. The mountains stretch for kilometers all around.

    Some go for the adventure. You can spelunk, rock climb, hike and jump off waterfalls if you dare.

    Some go for the community. Foreigners who go here can stay for weeks to really immerse themselves in the culture. The place gives a totally bohemian vibe.

    Some go to marvel at the old way of life. The rice terraces here are newer than the ones in Banaue so they’re better preserved. There are also coffins that were hoisted on the edge of the highest cliffs.

    Some go for the culture

    Some go for the food.

    Some go for the sense of achievement.

    Some go for the drugs. I hope they all go to jail.


  3. Ayrie says:

    I will be at Anawangin Cove next week, with some UP mountaineer friends and a Dilnet friend. I might go to Laiya within this month and climb Mt. Daguldol, as a tag along to a camping class. I want to go to Maculot — can you fit me in a bag or something?

    At the very least, I’ll be climbing two mountains this May. Gah. I have four days to go. For 198 that is. We’re required 200 hours so…

  4. JM says:

    @P0yt or so I’ve heard. I can go rural naman, I just don’t like camping that much. Wehehe. =P

    @Benj GOODNESS!!! Salamat. =))

    @Ayrie kung matutuloy kami, mukhang magkakasama tayo sa Anawangin. =P

  5. Gian Paolo says:

    Yes, JM, wait until the Ocean Park establishes a student fee. 400 pesos is too much right now that it isn’t finished yet. Going around June would also ensure that there’s less people. I went there on a Saturday and the volume people was too much for me.

  6. Samjuan says:

    Sagada! astig at maganda!
    PEro kung ako man ang papipiliin, sa Sagada ako pupunta. Hehe

  7. Make Money Online with Homebizseo says:

    Those pictures are incredible. I am ready for vacation also. I work 18 hours a day trying to build a make money online website and I am exhausted. Looking at the photos have really pushed me wanting a vacation.

  8. JM says:

    See! This is the problem of blogs and the web. You can’t sift through genuine and spam comments anymore. Anyway, I’m enshrining you for demonstration. =P

  9. Poyt says:

    Haha I’m sure you’ll be persuaded by the Visit Sagada boys, especially by Benj, to go VISIT SAGADA na! LOL. I can’t actually say something about Sagada, except that I want to go there myself.

    Definitely, Sagada pwns Maculot (I’ve been there) and Anawangin (it is a bit too campy for me). ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. bleue says:

    “What is in Sagada that people so love?”, that was actually the same question I asked before, there are apparently a lot of reasons, like Benj said. Just GO and Visit Sagada. As for me, I left a part of me there, and its enough reason for me to come again and again to my home away from home.

  11. aajao says:

    La Luz… clear water, just nearby the metropolis. err… actually its a bit of a long road trip but its worth it anyway. click my name! (and don’t mind my love handles in the photo, LOL) :p

  12. Ayrie says:

    Pag nagnanature trip ka, isama mo ako minsan! OMG, I blame the storms!!! :((

  13. a says:

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