A few months ago the Pinoy blogosphere was abuzz with the news that Yahoo! is setting up shop in Southeast Asia, more specifically the Philippines. This entails hiring an Online Community Manager, almost like what Ate Aileen is doing for Google here in the Philippines.

Now, Kuya Drew ran a contest recently, urging bloggers to guess who this new Aileen Apolo on the block is. He wrote down several clues on who the OCM is, so here’s my guess:

This blogger is Yahoo’s new Online Community Manager for the Philippines. Similar to what Aileen is doing for Google, she/he will be Yahoo’s “eyes and ears” for the Philippines and will be actively marketing Yahoo’s products. But for now, he/she will be based in Singapore (major clue there already). She/he experienced a life-altering event last month (another major clue). His/her job starts on May 1st, which is today!

This blogger organizes events more than he/she attends them. He/she doesn’t blog very often. Her/his blog is hosted on Blogger. I met her/him once in Davao City and once here in Manila during a certain food tour. On both occassions, he/she was wearing black (lol). He/she is the “quiet” type of person, although her/his former job entailed a lot of talking in front of many people.

I think AJ will get this one because he already answered it, but he got some details wrong. So here’s my take:

It is Jonas R. delos Reyes of Techievangelism. Why?

  1. Experienced a life-altering event last month (He got wed on March 31, 2008). Ate Aileen, through the comments section of Kuya Drew’s post, said that there’re a lot of clues in one of her blogs. So here’s what I found out: “It was only a few weeks ago that I finally had the privilege of attending a Baptist wedding. My former colleague and workstation-seatmate, Jonas, tied the knot at the Blue Leaf in McKinley Hill last March 31, 2008. I was quite excited to attend since Jonas told me about Tara even before he met her. Ahhh, it is such a beautiful love story. Jonas and Tara are a perfect blend.”
  2. Will now be based in Singapore. Thanks much to Ate Aileen’s post on this. Here’s what I found out: “To Jonas and Tara, best wishes! And good luck in your new life in a far but near country. Yahooooooo!” (O diba, ang subtle?!)
  3. Organizes events more than attends them. Following AJ’s lead, since Jonas was a part of Yehey!, he organized a couple of events for them, including the Trinoma Bloggers’ Food Tour.
  4. Doesn’t blog that often. Last post on Techievangelism is March 5 pa!
  5. Blog is hosted on Blogger.
  6. Kuya Drew met him once in Davao and once in Manila during a certain Food Tour (wearing black on both occasions). Google Davao Roadshow and Trinoma Bloggers’ Food Tour.Exhibit A: Jonas on far right (from Techievangelism)

    Exhibit B: Jonas on far left if the caption from Tita Noemi’s site doesn’t betray me yes it has betrayed me so I shall take the photo down lest I be sued for anything.  LOLz.  =P
  7. Quiet type of person, although former job entails talking to people. Jonas is formerly a part of Yehey! as the Ecommerce Manager.

Hmmm… I’m certain about this, even though AJ already got the answer. Hehe. A little digging led me to this. In any case, even if I don’t win, congrats to Jonas for being Yahoo’s Online Community Manager! =)

3 Responses to “Who da Yahoo?!”
  1. drew says:

    Thanks for your post JM! But the Jonas in the first pic is not the Jonas in the second pic. 🙂

  2. benj says:
  3. Baklang AJ says:

    dapat ipo-post ko rin yung picture na yan kaso sa pagmamadali ko ay dinedma ko na! lolz. at nakalimutan kong he got married recently, pero life-changing din naman yung changing careers! lolz. wrong ka diyan! charot!

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