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But the big question is, which David?


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AJ has forever been raving about this certain chocolate that tastes so good. The best thing about it is that it’s available almost anywhere (in Mini Stop outlets) and that it’s manufactured locally. Truly one product to be proud of, if we believe AJ’s story. Heh.

Piqued with curiosity by reading AJ’s article on the Goya Dark Mint Chocolate, I immediately set out hunting for this tasty catch. When we passed by Mini Stop in DM Rivera Street near Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Makati, I didn’t hesitate and bought myself a pack.

When I finally found a pack of the chocolate (the last one at that), I quickly grabbed it and headed for the counter to pay. Holding it in my hand, it felt as if it didn’t even contain anything. Product of the packaging, I thought to myself.

When I got back at the car and opened the box, however, I found out something else about this chocolate: (more…)

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I huffed, I puffed, and I reached the top! Yeah, boy. The nth part of Maculot climb recently commenced in a very fun and fulfilling trip!

Waking up at the crack of dawn at summertime sure is tough, but picturing the adventure ahead made the gruelling task a bit less painful. I don’t recall the last time I saw the sun rise here at the apartment (owing to the fact that I wake up past noontime almost everyday), so the morning of the climb was especially wonderful.

There were only six of us: I, Kuya Luis, and four of his Law School blockmates Gayle, Caloy, Pat and Cha. I think six is a magical number. Not too many to cause delays, not to few to be scared to climb on our own. True enough, our number proved to be quite helpful, for it gave us a chance to pack closely together so nobody lead so much, and nobody trailed behind to delay everybody. (more…)

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I’d like to thank the person who thought of saving a day from a busy year for us to be able to show appreciation and gratitude to one of the most important persons in our entire existence: our moms. So, to whoever you are and wherever you may be, thank you a bajillion lot!

But come to think of it, moms must be so underappreciated that we have to set aside a special day devoted entirely for them, no? I think that says something. We need to appreciate our moms more, because they have one of the thankless and hardest jobs in this world: raising us from our bratty toddler years to our rebellious teen years and onto the day they let us fly on our own. Sigh… I just can’t help but wonder what this world would be without moms? It must be one disastrous place, even more of a wreck than my apartment room right now without my mom telling me to clean it. Heh.

So, to all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! As for my mom… here’s a little something I prepared for her. I love you mom! =)

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…but the reason is not even remotely close to the event for Losers staged a few days ago, albeit at the same venue.

To finally reclaim the heaps of lost time for unwinding, we hit the roads and landed into this nifty little bar in Bonifacio High Street we all know as the Mag:Net Cafe. This gig is in the long time planning, so it would be such a waste not to push through with it.

Artists who played that night were Imago and Sandwich, two of the more popularly known bands in the country today. We arrived late but thank God the show hasn’t started yet. We ordered beers (one bottle each, we need to be sober!) and some pika-pika foods to keep us satiated. (more…)

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Three Days. That’s practically all the time I have left to spend in this internship routine, and I’m officially, finally, stupendously saying hello to my summer which, obviously, is around a month late. But I don’t mind.

If you ask me, I don’t think I need to hit the beach on some far away land just to get a tan. With just three weeks of going around Quezon City, I believe my skin has become a shade darker than before. What I really want to get a feel of is the fine sand on my feet and the ticklish feeling of water down my ankles. Aaaahhhh… I long to do this once this summer:

Obviously, I’m doing nothing but dream. (more…)

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A burning issue is brewing within the high walls of the Journalism Department in UP Diliman. I know this shouldn’t be a big deal to all, but to us studying Journalism in this institution, it is too much a deal to pass up.

To give you a backgrounder on this issue, you may want to look into the February 2008 and MayApril 2008 issues of the PJR Reports published by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR). Now as a disclaimer, I have no intention of stirring up debates or heated arguments by posting about this issue. I merely want to air my point as a student of Journalism who receives education from two of these well-respected professors who have recently engaged in a verbal tussle in print. (more…)

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A few months ago the Pinoy blogosphere was abuzz with the news that Yahoo! is setting up shop in Southeast Asia, more specifically the Philippines. This entails hiring an Online Community Manager, almost like what Ate Aileen is doing for Google here in the Philippines.

Now, Kuya Drew ran a contest recently, urging bloggers to guess who this new Aileen Apolo on the block is. He wrote down several clues on who the OCM is, so here’s my guess:

This blogger is Yahoo’s new Online Community Manager for the Philippines. Similar to what Aileen is doing for Google, she/he will be Yahoo’s “eyes and ears” for the Philippines and will be actively marketing Yahoo’s products. But for now, he/she will be based in Singapore (major clue there already). She/he experienced a life-altering event last month (another major clue). His/her job starts on May 1st, which is today!

This blogger organizes events more than he/she attends them. He/she doesn’t blog very often. Her/his blog is hosted on Blogger. I met her/him once in Davao City and once here in Manila during a certain food tour. On both occassions, he/she was wearing black (lol). He/she is the “quiet” type of person, although her/his former job entailed a lot of talking in front of many people.

I think AJ will get this one because he already answered it, but he got some details wrong. So here’s my take: (more…)

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