…and somehow, I don’t give a damn. Haha. That’s how it is when you’re on vacation mode. Non-working holidays are irrelevant. I didn’t even know it was a long weekend until yesterday!

Anyhow… since we’ve got a little bit more time in our hands, why don’t we view this series of funny clips from YouTube? Now, now, this ain’t your typical home video we always see on YouTube, later you’ll understand why.

The first video is entitled ‘Buhlud’.  It’s about a baby’s encounter with–guess what–blood, that turns a little bit too comical (notice how the father can’t hold his laughter, hence the camera shaking).  Boy, this baby’s too serious.  Any sight of blood is definitely not a funny thing.

Charlie bit me
The second video in this series is called ‘Charlie bit me’.  Now I know there’s nothing really special about this video except these two kids who are oh-so-cute! I especially like Charlie’s “Ak!” expression towards the end.  Watch out for it.  Gotta love British kids!  =D

Well, that’d be all for now.  These two videos saved me from tons of frustrating moments these past few weeks.  Whenever I’d get stressed, a little dose of Charlie’s Buhlud really gets me up on my toes and working again.  Hehe.  Hope it does the same to you.  Happy long weekend!  =)

6 Responses to “It’s a long weekend…”
  1. beejing says:

    Yay! First to comment. Anyway, you look sooooo familiar. I think I’ve seen you somewhere. Ey. Exchange links? i’ll add you to my blogroll ayt?

  2. jod says:

    funny you tube videos almost always release all the frustrations i have.

    link ex?

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    Thanks Fidel. Do send your email address to mine ( so that I could give Sir Lanuza’s email add to you (whew). =)

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