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So yeah, I practically lost my sense of time.  And with it goes my sense of date, of moment, of anything remotely close to any temporal concept ever known to man.  Good thing my sense of space is still intact, otherwise I’d be traveling through time and back and may just end up somewhere in the World History I wouldn’t wanna be in.

Blah, I tend to blabber, I know.  Anyways, I’m just posting a quick update to let you all know I’m still alive.  I’m currently undergoing on the job training over at Philippine Daily Inquirer right now, and the internship blog I’ve set up for it is the one that’s more updated (or, come to think of it, it’s somehow updated.  LOLz).

So what else are the highlights of recent weeks?  Gawrsh, April’s flying by the window already, and sooner than we think, May’s happily waiting by the door with all its happy, shiny teeth full of newly-blossomed flowers.  Gah.  Time flies by so fast, that’s why I have any concept of time anymore.  Been sleeping 4-hour nights lately, waking up at the most ungodly of hours, aggravated by the fact that it’s freaking summer and I’m not getting that much sleep.  So on weekends I try to get back on my sleep (or uber lack of it), which basically makes my body clock go haywire and by Monday I end up experiencing major backlashes again.  SO YEAH, DEATH TO THIS ROUTINE.  Good thing I’d soon be finishing.

So, that’d be all for now.  I’m getting hooked on American Idol lately, some musicals from outer space, Counter-Strike and Grand Theft Auto, and I just can’t let this summer pass without touching a grain of sand, feeling the sun on my skin and breathing in fresh, cold, flowery air.  So yeah, just guess where I’m headed.  Hopefully every plan this summer will push through.

How’s your summer so far?

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…and somehow, I don’t give a damn. Haha. That’s how it is when you’re on vacation mode. Non-working holidays are irrelevant. I didn’t even know it was a long weekend until yesterday!

Anyhow… since we’ve got a little bit more time in our hands, why don’t we view this series of funny clips from YouTube? Now, now, this ain’t your typical home video we always see on YouTube, later you’ll understand why.

The first video is entitled ‘Buhlud’.  It’s about a baby’s encounter with–guess what–blood, that turns a little bit too comical (notice how the father can’t hold his laughter, hence the camera shaking).  Boy, this baby’s too serious.  Any sight of blood is definitely not a funny thing.

Charlie bit me
The second video in this series is called ‘Charlie bit me’.  Now I know there’s nothing really special about this video except these two kids who are oh-so-cute! I especially like Charlie’s “Ak!” expression towards the end.  Watch out for it.  Gotta love British kids!  =D

Well, that’d be all for now.  These two videos saved me from tons of frustrating moments these past few weeks.  Whenever I’d get stressed, a little dose of Charlie’s Buhlud really gets me up on my toes and working again.  Hehe.  Hope it does the same to you.  Happy long weekend!  =)

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In the university where I study, the mere mention of a certain brand of coffee chain will instantaneously put a big “burgis” mark on your forehead.  Yeah, like a once-in-a-blue-moon trip to this specialty store will define your whole life.  Some people can get a little bit too simplistic about things.  They forget the human value of life (wahoo hooray for humanism).

These past few weeks of work and stress, the normal 3-in-1 coffee that used to define caffeine for me just won’t work anymore.  I tend to become more drowsy instead of getting that much-needed jolt for work.  That’s why in a spur-of-the-moment knack for coffee, I ordered something out of the usual from said coffee chain.  I sifted through the menu and picked something I haven’t remotely heard of before.  It has a weird name, and I always have a lot of fun pronouncing it the burgis way.  Tall Caramel Macchiato please.  Hot.  To go.

I sound so conio, I know.  Kidding aside, this delectable cup of coffee did just the trick for me.  And I’ve been addicted ever since.  Now if you know me well enough, it’s a given that I’m such a sleepyhead that I could sleep anywhere I could given any strange circumstance.  But just a cup of Macchiato from Starbucks stirs my senses (ehem, ehem, pahiram, Figaro) and keeps me up ’til the wee hours of dawn–even until the sun rises to greet me good morning.  It’s that effective.

However, just like any other “burgis-burgisan” out there, I soon ran out of money to buy my much-loved Macchiato from Starbucks.  So what do I do?  It’s back to classic 3-in-1, no less.  But let’s give it a little twist.  Starbucks tumbler?  Check!  Sachet of 3-in-1?  Check!  Cowhead Milk?  Check!  Ice cubes?  Check!  Mix everything and anything in one happy tumbler and voila!  You’ve got yourself something that’ll jolt you back to awake-land.  Trust me, being sosyal is never about the money, it’s all about the mindset.  Haha.

So I shall leave you now while I sip caffeine from this made-up reality of mine.  Ciao.

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The customary sem-ender assessment post should’ve been at hand, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to analyze the entire sem that transpired. It’s just so major to be put down into words which, I think, will not suffice for the intensity of the past semester. One word fits, however, and that’s the title of my previous post: Haggard.

I believe I haven’t been that stressed in my entire life. I haven’t had two-hour shuteyes either. I haven’t downed three cups-full of coffee in just one night. I haven’t been so mad. I haven’t been so disappointed. I haven’t been so frustrated. Frankly, I do have mixed feelings about this sem.

That’s why I want to put it to a close. Leave it behind. Give closure to things and move on to broader horizons. I don’t want to look back at the sem that just passed anymore, because it only evokes a lot of feelings and emotions that I don’t want to linger for long. So this is why the customary post-semester post won’t be a reality this time. Instead, let’s all look forward… and beyond.

Kumi was right. This’ll be our last summer as carefree students without a care in the world. Next summer, it’ll be all about the real world (not unless we don’t graduate on time, which shouldn’t happen to me AT ALL COSTS). So to commemorate this last summer in our student lives, we’ll be starting PROJECT SUMMER. Details shall follow soon. Watch this space. 😉

This has been my wallpaper for the sem

I also want to be as productive as possible this summer. Aside from my internship at Philippine Daily Inquirer (150 hours of Police Beat Haggardness–everybody now: “Stress!”), I want to do things that’ll enrich me personally. I want to experience new things, and these are some of the things that are lined up for me this summer:

  • PROJECT SUMMER with friends, whatever and wherever that may lead us
  • Learn how to do a WordPress theme, courtesy of Shari‘s prodding
  • Go to Baguio for the FIRST TIME EVER (Haggard, I hope it pushes through…)
  • Participate in The Blog Awards Challenge to get back my writing groove
  • Ask to contribute to another magazine (a prof of mine is asking me to write for this new street magazine)
  • Go places! Road Trips! Hikings! Vacationing! Anything that can help me relax and reclaim the life stolen by the past semester

Those are the things I could think of right now. I really want this to be a very productive summer for me, this being the last fun summer I can ever have.

Hope you’ll have a fun summer ahead of you! Right now, I’m just glad that the past sem’s off my back. It just dragged on and on and on that it’s such a relief that it’s finally over. Honestly speaking, it hasn’t sank into me yet. I hope it does soon, for I only have a week’s worth of vacation ’til I start internship.

Oh well. The next few entries, I hope, will be more insightful. I plan on posting my misadventures during internship at the risk of creeping my readers out. You’ll see. Watch out for it. :evil laughter:

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I think I used this term thousands of times this semester. Nothing beats uttering the word Haggard with emphasis on the H, the G and the D part which somehow resembles a tone of defeat and an expression of exasperation. This sem has been just that–Haggard. Come to think of it, every sem has been. And it’s very consuming, really.

In any case, this isn’t the usual sem-ender post just yet. I’ve yet to pass one final requirement so in about two to three hours or so, I can finally scream aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh nope, not just yet. Still have to wait.

In any case, for the first time in my WordPress history, I upgraded the core files so my blog’s a huuuuggee, huge mess right now. Pardon this one. I’m still having relapse from having tons of work to do to nothing to do at all. Hehe. I hope I get back the blogging vibe soon. I’m also considering moving to my domain (finally), which is slowly gathering cobwebs. Hehe.

That’s all for now. See you all soon, hopefully. I should be back with more (and interesting) stories to share.

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