It’s kind of ironic and fortunate at the same time that it comes raining down quite heavily right after Christmas Day.  But somehow it showed and reinforced how gloomy the atmosphere is.  Then again it’s the perfect atmosphere for me to write this Christmas post while sipping a hot Swiss Miss Choco sitting comfortably here at our dinner table, with “Ever Ever After” by Carrie Underwood playing in the background.  Somehow I’m imagining sitting in one of the couches and Starbucks, trying best as I could to drown out the noise and let the world hear my fingers speak.


So, popping the big question this time around, How did my Christmas go?  Surely it beats the other Christmases I’ve experienced, and for a number of reasons.  But I’d have to note that I really didn’t feel Christmas until a few hours before the clock struck twelve, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post.  There was not a deluge of text messages greeting me Merry Christmas unlike the previous years, but then I guess that’s an after-effect of the cruel system Globe imposes on its subscribers during this peak season.

But I’d also like to note how some other people didn’t feel the Christmas “spirit” as well.  I’ve been to several blogs saying the same things and asking the same questions I did.  Multiply blog posts consisted of people saying they didn’t feel the Christmas that much this year.  Is it the world?  Is it the Philippines?  Or is it just us getting older by the day, forgetting to “feel” Christmas because of all the realities we’ve come to deal with?  Quite honestly I grapple for an answer but couldn’t find one, so I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

Tuazon Family Noche Buena I’d have to say Christmas was extra special this year, but I can’t explain why.  Is it because it’s the first time we’ve exchanged gifts here in our compound?  Is it because all of us shared over a sumptuous Noche Buena that everybody helped out to prepare? (oops, not everybody.  I didn’t do that much cooking at all.  Haha)  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but looking back that night of the Eve, I had nothing but a huge smile on my face, and now I realized it’s because I spent it with people I sorely missed all the while, even if they live just next door.  I spent it with my cousins, and it’s only now that I’ve come to realize that save for my parents, we, the young ones, spent Christmas Eve together.  One of our aunts flew to Ireland already, our other uncle has a clan all his own, and the “Real” Tuazon Clan is now only composed of us, the younger ones.  Gone were our aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers who would happily prepare us for Christmas.  It was us taking charge this year, and I think there was just something to that that made Christmas a little bit more special.  Geez, we are indeed getting older.  Two of us have sons and daughters already, and the youngest in the bunch is 5 years old.  I missed the days when Grandma was still alive and we would sleepover here for most nights and do all the craziest things in life.  I missed my cousins, and somehow they made my Christmas very, very special.

Tuazon Family Noche Buena (10)Tuazon Family Noche Buena (12)Tuazon Family Noche Buena (15)Tuazon Family Noche Buena (14)Tuazon Family Noche Buena (17)

Like I said we exchanged gifts this year, the first time for that to ever happen.  As in the plain old bunutan exchange gift where we buy something for the person we picked.  I picked my younger sister Ninay and had the biggest trouble of thinking of what to give her.  Good thing I asked mom what she fancied, sand she told me that she’s been lusting over a memory card for her new phone (an LGKU250 no less, a 3G phone which enables one to surf the net wirelessly anytime, anywhere.  This boy is envious!).  So memory card it is.  I scoured the halls of Greenhills and managed to find a very sweet deal, so I got her a 1GB MicroSD Card for a very affordable price.  I threw in a Card Reader as well, coz I know she’s gonna need it.  I hope she loved it.

Tuazon Family Noche Buena (5)

Just a funny segue: since my gift was a microSD (and boy, was it really micro in proportion), I thought of a good prank.  I didn’t wrap the whole microSD box to give her, instead I just tore a small piece of gift wrap and wrapped the card itself with it.  When I handed the very minute gift to her (it was really small!  Barely the size of my pinky), we just had to laugh so hard because she thought I was kidding.  But when she opened the thing she was surprised to see that it was a memory card.  Hehe.

Tuazon Family Noche Buena (24)

Speaking of buying gifts, I bought something for every special person in my life this year.  And boy, was Christmas shopping tough, because I had to sort out my funds and make sure it fit for all the ones I’m giving gifts to.  Suffice to say I think I accomplished my goals this year, and made sure everyone special in my life had something that came from me.  Last time I did this was two years ago, and I don’t do it often because I don’t always get that much money before Christmas.  This year, thanks to a few rackets left and right (which doesn’t involve tennis at all; nge korni :P), I managed to pull some strings and come up with just the right amount of money to buy gifts.

Giving is such a soothing feeling.  Ironic because you give something to someone yet you feel you received something as well.  It’s such a very consoling act which can certainly put a smile or pinch the heart of anyone who’s doing it.  I get so much knack out of it why not do it every year, right?

Besides the giving, of course, I also received some stuff from people.  And here they are:

(1)  New Nike Shoes from Kuya Luis

– he noticed my current rubbers shoes were soiled and broken in every part already, so he thought of giving me shoes for Christmas.  Thanks Kuya!  You’re the best! =)

(2)  Lacoste Polo Shirt from Kuya Don

– I was quite surprised to receive a gift for him, especially that we just met each other about a month ago.  Kuya Don is one of my two housemates who’s a law student (the other one being Kuya Luis).  Srsly, just the sense of security I get from having two law-student-housemates is enough of a Chr istmas gift already, hehe.  Kaya sa mga aaway sa’kin diyan, may legal counsel na’ko.  Hehe.

(3)  Bible Promises for Students book from Annalou

– I received this as part of the said exchange gift.  Thanks Alou!  =)

(4)  Cash from Ninong Ben (it’s an occasional tradition already)

I think that’s about it.  I’ve yet to receive gifts from IA and Elsie (parinig, parinig!  Hehehe) but I know we’ll be exchanging pleasantries next year.  I won’t blog about my mom’s gift until later because it’s all that exciting and it deserves a post all its own.  =P

Short list huh?  I guess people had a hard time reaching me, or thinking about what to give me because I didn’t post a wishlist unlike what I did two birthdays ago, so they decided to not just give me anything.  Hehe.  Well, you still have a chance to add things to that list!  LOL.  The Paypal Donate Button is just right in the Sidebar (looky, looky!)  plus you can send gifts by courier as well.  Just ask nicely for my address and I’ll willingly give it to you.  Hehe.

In any case I thinkg it’s safe to conclude that I’m uber happy this Christmas because I got to spend it with the people I love the most.  And that’s about the best gift that one can ever receive, I believe.  =)

How about you?  How did you spend Christmas Day?  If you’re not a Christian, did you still celebrate it?  If not, then, what did you do?  Am I asking a lot of questions?  Do I?  Should I apologize?  LOL.  =P

2 Responses to “A Very Special Christmas”
  1. IA says:

    JM, thanks for the gift. I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yung gift ko, nakalimutan ko lang. Promise, first thing sa Monday, bibigay ko na. HAHAHAHA! Shet yan. ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Norine Mork says:

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