I know 2007 is nearing its end and soon we’ll be ushering in a new year but this post isn’t about the year-end or the New Year at all.

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Moments of lull and silence make one think real hard. Moments of Reflection are moments of Introspection. Silence offers us a solace to look deep within and examine what’s been happening to our lives.

I’ve had the luxury of having such moments of solitude lately, especially now that I have to walk a mile from our new apartment just to get a ride to school (but no one’s complaining). These leisurely albeit strenuous walks offer moments of silence for me to talk to myself and examine my life as a whole. Yes, I’m a melancholic if you’re wondering, and I’m a tad too sentimental as well. That’s why foot trips like that get me on a very dejected mood.

So what’s with all the emo-ness anyway? Nothing… it’s just that… I feel like everything’s happening so fast lately. Like I haven’t got time to breathe and take in all the air. One thing’s happening over the other. And I didn’t anticipate Christmas to come this soon, quite honestly.

You know you’re getting older when you type blog posts like these. And somehow your notion of getting older is reinforced by the many realities you have to deal with everyday.

These days, me and my friends’ conversations don’t revolve under the latest gimiks or the hottest trends or the coolest gadgets anymore. More often than not, we talk about thesis topics, thesis work, GWA, laude standings, employment and the like.

On one very particular occasion I got stuck in a conversation with two friends about choosing between having a thesis partner or not. I mean, that’s still a sem away yet we’re all worrying about it. There’s still an internship to tackle. For crying out loud a whole three months of second sem is still ahead of us!



And then comes the graduation pictures, which suddenly pops out in a conversation once in a while. We need to get our acts together and slim down! That picture will make or break one’s entire College life. It’s the last pic to be taken for one’s entire school life, so it’s got to nail it in or else… it’s a bad photograph which will be enshrined in a frame forever. (thoughts of getting very bad grad pics come to mind, which always happens to me because I’m not photogenic like that. Camwhore, yes, but definitely not photogenic.)

On one occasion a friend asked me if I’ll be taking post-graduate studies after finishing my undergraduate program. For a moment I grappled for an answer and uttered the most logical answer that came to mind: yes. But I retracted after a while and said that I’ll take one maybe after a few years or so of employment. After all, work experience is required for taking these post-graduate courses.

It’s hard because it’s always been like this. Somehow the required years of education is more of a security rather than torture to me, unlike to some who can’t wait to get out of school and work their own bucks. School for me at least gives me something which I’m sure I have to do. But lately I’ve been thinking to myself… I’m only three semesters short of saying goodbye to this final stage of my schooling life. After this, everything’s come what may, for all I know. Sure, a promise of a steady job and a healthy career pops up in my mind once in a while, but at the back of my mind I still don’t know if that’s what I want to do my entire life.

Somehow my favorite adage gets me going through this very uncertain stage (and everyone knows how much I hate uncertainties): Let’s Cross The Bridge When We Get There (something I got from the great Kuya Luis, no less). Sure I see the value of making plans for my future but strictly speaking, I really wouldn’t know what I’ll do once I get to the point when I really have to know.

For now, I guess I’m too young to be thinking about these things, no? Pa-slide-slide na lang muna…

Do await my year-end post, chronicling the months of blogging and non-blogging, of victories of defeat, of principles and trivialities. I actually can’t wait to post it, but I’m still waiting for something. Please do return in time to read them, or subscribe to my feeds so that you’ll be notified once it’s online! =)

*Pardon to my very unwilling victims Dan, Annie, Rachel and Bikoy whose grad pics I stole from their multiply sites because they willingly posted them there for all the world to see. Hehe.

9 Responses to “It’s all coming down so fast”
  1. Dane says:

    You’re absolutely right there. Whether we like it or not, we only get older. Yet, we get wiser.

    The feeling of Christmas is not totally sinking in me as well. Too much school work makes me forget, yet practices make me. Ang LABO!

    When you mentioned that college is more of security rather than torture, I learned to appreciate college even more.

    I know you will graduate after the three semesters. I can see that you’re being a good student, from walking a mile just to hail a jeepney, to the everyday experiences that you share.

    God bless and Happy holidays! (Sorry for the bloggish-length reply.)

  2. JM says:

    Ei thanks so much Dane. Even if school is hard to come by sometimes treasure it! I sure am going to miss it.

    Merry Christmas na rin, kahit di pa nating ramdam masyado. Hehehe.

  3. Dane says:

    You’re welcome. Don’t worry, mararamdaman din natin ung Christmas, pagkatapos ng week na ‘to. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Tee says:

    This is my first time reading your blog and I really enjoyed myself. Great writing style.

    I really identify a lot with what you wrote, even though our lives are completely different. I’m an American mother of 2 boys. I didn’t go to university (yet).

    Still, I understand the emotions you’re feeling because I often feel them as well. When I graduated high school it was with quite a mix of emotions. One of my favorite bands at the time was a Canadian rock band called RUSH. There is one song called “Time Stand Still” that I listened to a lot at the time, because the lyrics really reflected how I was feeling.

    I like your adage. Mine is “go with the flow”…

  5. JM says:

    @Tee thanks for dropping by! That was really nice of you to leave a comment. =)

  6. IA says:

    Maryosep, next sem na ba yang Grad Pic na yan? Shoooot, let’s get emo. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. JM says:

    OO IA Next Sem na sya! TIME CHECK TIME CHECK! Hahaha. =P

  8. remcyl says:

    I’ve wanted to read this article for weeks already and I regret not to have read it sooner. this is another, yet again, one of your many great posts…

    Things these days do happen so fast and taking it all in can sometimes be difficult if the moment is asking for it too quickly. But the great thing is, at the end of the day, we can always reflect and relive the moments worth treasuring.

    I too can’t seem to feel the Christmas spirit. But one day as I was walking home, I realized that no matter how much the spirit is missing, let us not forget what we truly are celebrating.

    yes, let’s cross the bridge when we get there. this holds much truth into it. Though at times, we must prepare ourselves for the worst possible scenario. with this, we could learn how to make the best possible result, with the worst given input.

    Have faith JM! ๐Ÿ™‚

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