The past few days have been quite hectic, what with the many reports and requirements that are slowly creeping their way into my schedule and eating up most of my time. But during my free time I still manage to go online but sad to say I didn’t know what to write or didn’t have much energy (or should I say willingness) to blog.


In any case, Tricia brought Kimy, her two year old daughter, to CMC this morning and she was just the cutest of things! The little girl would scream and run around the lobby ordering her mom around to do things for her. Hehe. But no matter how cute babies ought to be, I still don’t think I want one. LOL.

Christmas is around the corner but sad to say I don’t feel it’s Christmas yet. I don’t know… even if the crisp, cold air is filled with the smell of Christmas, I just… don’t… feel it. At all. Maybe when the day nears, I’d be able to at least get a feel of it.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s time to look for gifts once again to give to the special people in my life. Sad to say I don’t have that much funds to splurge on fabulous and lavish gifts but I know I just had to find a way. Hehe… this year has been special for me, in more ways than I could’ve possibly imagined.

f52buo7bi53a6a8mbweyh5stlgj0aux.jpgAnd speaking of Christmas gifts, the other day, when my J111 Feature Writing class went to Antipolo to review a batchmate’s restaurant (more on this on a later post), I managed to borrow (more like, steal) a dSLR from Janina. And, can I just say–sorry to all who’re having their lunch, dinner or breakfast out there–that it was orgasmic! Holding the cam through its lens, peering through the viewfinder, pressing the shutter release button, hearing the shutter click, and seeing the image in the LCD—it was really music to my ears. I know this may sound quite pathetic to some but to me, who aspires to be a photography hobbyist someday, it’s magical. The feeling was incomparable, like getting kilig from seeing your crush, or getting a high grade, or kissing the one you love the most… it’s a different feeling I can’t explain.

And then, when it was time to return the camera to its rightful owner, the feeling shifted. From magic became tragedy, from high heavens became fiery hell… it really broke my heart. But then it pushed and motivated me to chase after yet another star (oh what a materialistic generation I’m in)… Sigh… I shall continue wishing.

Then again you could always fulfill my wish. Hehehehe.

(I just noticed: geez, this’ll be the first post for December! Haha.)

*dSLR Photo from

3 Responses to “Eksmas”
  1. IA says:

    Ang cutie galore naman ni Kimmy! 😛

    Sinama rin ni Trish yan samin sa J151, napunta ang spotlight sakanya. Ang cuuuuute! 😛

  2. Tricia says:

    AT napagtanto kong nasa blog mo raw si Kimi. 😛

    Ang hindi ko lang talaga maintindihan ay kung bakit tila nagugulat pa kayo na CUTE si Kimi, samantalang obvious naman kung kanino siya nagmana. (haha)

    To IA: My God, I can’t believe Ma’am Jaz said she looked like DJ Mo Twister. Tawa nalang ako. :))

  3. JM says:

    Come to think of it Trish may hawig nga sya kay DJ Mo (ohnoes!) Hahahaha.

    Kamonst Trish ang ka-cute-an ay minsan hindi genetic, ito ay acquired. At sa mga bata, inherent na ang ka-cute-an kaya fallacious yang logic mo. Wahahahahaha =P

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