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New Year. New Home.
New Me? We’ll see.
Just you wait.


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It’s kind of ironic and fortunate at the same time that it comes raining down quite heavily right after Christmas Day.  But somehow it showed and reinforced how gloomy the atmosphere is.  Then again it’s the perfect atmosphere for me to write this Christmas post while sipping a hot Swiss Miss Choco sitting comfortably here at our dinner table, with “Ever Ever After” by Carrie Underwood playing in the background.  Somehow I’m imagining sitting in one of the couches and Starbucks, trying best as I could to drown out the noise and let the world hear my fingers speak.


So, popping the big question this time around, How did my Christmas go?  Surely it beats the other Christmases I’ve experienced, and for a number of reasons.  But I’d have to note that I really didn’t feel Christmas until a few hours before the clock struck twelve, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post.  There was not a deluge of text messages greeting me Merry Christmas unlike the previous years, but then I guess that’s an after-effect of the cruel system Globe imposes on its subscribers during this peak season.

But I’d also like to note how some other people didn’t feel the Christmas “spirit” as well.  I’ve been to several blogs saying the same things and asking the same questions I did.  Multiply blog posts consisted of people saying they didn’t feel the Christmas that much this year.  Is it the world?  Is it the Philippines?  Or is it just us getting older by the day, forgetting to “feel” Christmas because of all the realities we’ve come to deal with?  Quite honestly I grapple for an answer but couldn’t find one, so I guess I’ll just leave it at that.


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Merry Christmas to all!  I’ve got no time to make a decent blog post yet so suffice to say I guess this should be enough for now.  I’d be updating this post tomorrow or when I have time to tell you of how my Christmas went, even if I didn’t feel it ’til a few hours before the actual day itself.

Hope you’re having a grand time in your place!  Merry Christmas to all!  =)

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It was a bright albeit chilly Wednesday morning when we trooped to the misty hills of Antipolo to discover a secret garden known only to some as… The Crescent Moon Cafe!


It wasn’t just an ordinary and impulsive trip to the high mountains, because this little sojourn is a part of our requirement in Feature Writing where we need to review the restaurant. Now if only all school requirements are like these, I wouldn’t mind getting buried under tons of Academic work at all!

Before we proceed, let’s meet our tour guide for the day (who’s up and just about ready to give out precious info and facts about the Crescent Moon Cafe), the alluring… seductive… funny… gorgeous… the one… the only… Kumiko! (Haha, let’s all hope she doesn’t stumble upon this blog).


kumi_host.jpgKumiko: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Crescent Moon Cafe. Our place is more than ready to serve you, please leave your coats and close the door behind you.


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I know 2007 is nearing its end and soon we’ll be ushering in a new year but this post isn’t about the year-end or the New Year at all.

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Moments of lull and silence make one think real hard. Moments of Reflection are moments of Introspection. Silence offers us a solace to look deep within and examine what’s been happening to our lives.

I’ve had the luxury of having such moments of solitude lately, especially now that I have to walk a mile from our new apartment just to get a ride to school (but no one’s complaining). These leisurely albeit strenuous walks offer moments of silence for me to talk to myself and examine my life as a whole. Yes, I’m a melancholic if you’re wondering, and I’m a tad too sentimental as well. That’s why foot trips like that get me on a very dejected mood.

So what’s with all the emo-ness anyway? (more…)

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It’s got to be one of the most suspenseful trailers I’ve seen which left me craving for more. I can’t wait to see this movie in January and find out what it’s all about. Spread the word!

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For all it’s worth it’s practically useless to still babble about an issue that has already dissipated. In the tradition of the Malu Fernandez and Desperate Housewives issue, an act of such nature can only be dubbed as “fanning the flames that had already died.”

But as a discerning journalism student and, hopefully, a future media practitioner, I can’t help but reflect and assess the situation which has been devoted much media attention. I tried not to talk about it extensively when the issue was at its peak because the apparent bias will be, well, very apparent on me. In fact, I burst out in anger and frustration the moment I learned about it and made a blog entry that can possibly be labeled seditious if anyone attempts to file a case against me.

And so now that somehow the anger isn’t there anymore (or at least has decreased in intensity), I can now clearly give my two cents’ worth about the issue devoid of any bias and prejudices. But then again, as a disclaimer, I’m a Journalism student and, hopefully, a future media practitioner so that pretty much speaks for itself on where I stand on this issue.

Okay, let’s proceed with dissecting this one bit by bit.


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Aside from the puto-bungbong, bibingka, holiday cheers and christmas gifts that we anticipate each year, there’s one distinct Christmas tradition that only the privileged few–what people call the burgis or the upper class culture–are fortunate to indulge in. Know what I’m talking about? Read ahead.

76592158_c794a62363_m.jpgThe Starbucks Planner has indeed become a part of the Christmas Culture of Pinoys who can afford. Aside from the fact that you get a nifty little planner for free after buying 24 drinks from Starbucks (which places this most-sought-after tradition at around 2,700 to 3,000 pesos), it has fast become a status symbol for the typical Pinoy Social Climber. After all, what could be more “cool” and “suave” than having the limited-edition super-exclusive cutesy-bitsy planner from Starbucks–the epitome of capitalist and commercial brouhaha–right?!

But then again just like the Mac, the iPod and the iPhone, it’s just all about the hype. People are bragging their planners because, well, they can. I know dozens of people who get the planner every year just for the sake of it–they don’t really use it to its full extent. Sure, there is the fact that you get to donate a portion of the amount you got the planner for to Starbucks’ SparkHope program, but then again, how much of it really goes there?

Okay, I just sounded soooo bitter about not having one, don’t I?


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The past few days have been quite hectic, what with the many reports and requirements that are slowly creeping their way into my schedule and eating up most of my time. But during my free time I still manage to go online but sad to say I didn’t know what to write or didn’t have much energy (or should I say willingness) to blog.


In any case, Tricia brought Kimy, her two year old daughter, to CMC this morning and she was just the cutest of things! The little girl would scream and run around the lobby ordering her mom around to do things for her. Hehe. But no matter how cute babies ought to be, I still don’t think I want one. LOL.


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