Aaahhh, there’s nothing like reading another person’s blog and getting the inspiration you need to blog on your own. I’ve been hovering for a few hours already, keeping this WordPress window open, staring at it blankly, thinking intently what to write and trying to drown out all the noise around me. Suddenly I can’t perform with that much noise around anymore. But I try.

Class this morning was interestingly significant. I’m taking Sociology of Religion under Prof. Gerry Lanuza this sem. If you’re a UP student and you have no idea who in the wolrd Sir Lanuza is, then go give up your slot and transfer to another school because this guy’s reputation is more popular than himself!

But for the sake of the uninitiated who still want to get to know Sir Lanuza (and also to those who know a zilch about UP and its distinct culture), he’s a Sociology professor well-known for his notoriety and tactlessness. Several years ago he may be popular for being an atheist, albeit being a former seminarian and devout catholic. He was known for challenging students’ beliefs and religion and debating them about the existence of God.

But that was then. Now, Sir Lanuza is a believer of the Catholic faith, of Jesus Christ. It’s interesting to note how he’s been converted. He’s convinced now, he says. As to exactly why he shifted beliefs (and convictions and principles, for that matter), I’m not in the know. I hope you guys who know him could enlighten me.

In any case, Sir Lanuza’s lecture about rationalization and mysticism of the Gospel really got me all wired up. It got me thinking about myself, about my belief, about how I’ve been a bit “disconnected” for the past few months.

Last Saturday I got the chance to speak before the participants of WWJ-Days With The Lord. I missed the Days. Jav, a good friend of mine, was the Rector (Congrats on being a great Rector, btw) and he invited me to speak. It was such a great opportunity to pass up on, and even though I didn’t know much about my topic I still struggled (yes, struggled) to come up with something that I could share.

After I gave my talk, I felt nostalgic. My very own Days Community, Busko Days, currently lies in shambles and division brought about by a lot of misunderstandings, issues and controversies. The past several months have been very tiring, what with all the individual and collective battles we had to fight to keep the community alive.

I’m the seating Rector and I can’t do much about what happened and what’s currently happening. And somehow it’s heart-breaking. No wait, it’s totally heart-breaking. I miss being able to serve Kuya Jess and my very own community. I miss the sleepless nights and the hours of debating and bonding and working with each other. Sigh… I miss my community. I do hope everything gets ironed out soon. Change must happen, and I hope the “powers-that-be” heed the call for such change.

Last week has been a revelation. And of the many things I need to be thankful for, I’m most thankful to Him for sparing someone’s life from utmost danger. I couldn’t have been more relieved. Thank You.

3 Responses to “Demythologizing the Myth”
  1. Mark says:

    Kaninong “wordpress window” ito?
    BTW, Sir Lanuza is the greatest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. JM says:

    Mark, it’s MY wordpress window. Hehe. And yeah, Sir Lanuza rules!!! =P

  3. Jumil says:

    Sir Gerry Lauza is a very good and best teacher. He is simple and humble despite of his achievements in life.

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