If you remember that line from a PLDT TV Commercial way, way back, then you’re probably from my generation or a generation older.


The infamous “Kung sa’n ka masaya te suportahan taka” (which loosely translates to “Wherever you’re happy I’ll support you”) line caught up so good that it rapidly spread around the country like a virus. Ever since then, whenever we want to say we support somebody, we would utter this oh-so-famous line.

This is also the commercial that jumpstarted Christian Vasquez’s career (correct me if I’m wrong), as he played the distressed son who wants to follow his own dreams of becoming an artist, so he informs his dad that he’ll be shifting to Fine Arts.

It’s just so ironic that the line “suportahan taka” became so famous but the character who said it didn’t even make the mark. It’s also ironic that Christian Vasquez is the one who will be most remembered for this video, and not the Doctor Father who said the famous line.

Well I’ll have you know that the father in the TVC is none other than my Communication Theory professor last sem, Professor Alfonso Deza. It would be quite surprising to know that a man like him who does film projects once in a while can still manage to teach a very difficult course in UP CMC.

If you haven’t seen any of his traces yet, he also appeared in Kubrador alongside Gina Pareño, in the indie film Haw-Ang, and recently in Super Inggo. He also starred in several stage plays in the metro. Prof Deza’s charm doesn’t only come from his looks that don’t need New York City botox treatments at all–it also comes from his stunning personality and mastery of his talent. Sir Deza isn’t ashamed to perform any kind of role that he even agreed to do a gayish painter in Lloyd of All Trades, and pulled it off wonderfully!  He even won Best Supporting Actor for the short stint!

Okay, so sometimes he can be such a bore in class but having a celebrity professor is something that I can really brag about. Hehe.

7 Responses to “Suportahan Taka”
  1. Remcyl says:

    wow! i know how you feel (maybe not as grand though hehe)… my teacher in science technology and society (STS) was once the head of PAMET and he starred in one of the commercials for safeguard…

    one time, when we individually reported about diseases and medical technologies, he told the whole class how disappointed he was that no one was a good advocate. then he pointed to me and said, except for Mr. Viloria who did the best job.

    To be complimented and praised by someone from PAMET truly is fulfilling… Hay! hehe

  2. Dane says:

    Alam mo, ung linyang “suportahan taka” maari mo na gawing tagline para sa “Send Me Some Love” project mo. 🙂

  3. IA says:

    HAHAHA! Nakaka-starstruck si Sir Deza. BWAHAHAHAHA!

    But wait, ambaba nga pala ng binigay nyang grade.

    Kainis. 😛

    Pero sige na nga, nakakabilib parin. HAHA!

  4. JM says:

    @Remcyl I don’t feel the same way for Sir Deza, hehehe. Kasi ang stature lang naman nya eh brought by fame mostly, hehehe =P

    @Dane haha pwede rin, pero ok na yan… =)

    @IA WAHAHAHAHA Bitter pa rin ba sa grades?! Natawa nga ako nung nakita ko ulit yan… naalala ko yung… “Bakeeeet?” na line ni sir. Wahhahahaha! =P

  5. Jaypee says:

    Christian Vazquez was my schoolmate in Lasalle Bacolod. Wala lang, share ko lang. Hehe 😀

  6. JM says:

    Haha talaga? Ayus! =P

  7. paris turf says:

    Awesome news indeed. My mother has been waiting for this information.

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