Thousands of Comic fans trooped to the UP Bahay ng Alumni last Saturday as Comic–or should I say Komik–enthusiasts staged the 3rd serving of Komik Kon, the Philippine Komik Convention.


Now I’m not really a hardcore comics fan, having only such influences as Pol Medina Jr. of the Pugad Baboy fame and UP’s very own Manix Abrera, father of the Kikomachine Komik Strip published daily at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

When we entered the convention, warm, humid air greeted our faces instantly. The place was jampacked! Lots of comic fans were trooping the booths of their favorite Pinoy Komiks. I saw some Marvel and DC comic stands as well, but there were only a few of them. Free WiFi was also available for all courtesy of PLDT MyDSL (too bad I don’t have a laptop to utilize this one).

While comic fans were noisily huddling around the booths, a program was simultaneously being held on the stage. When we got there, the Wikipilipinas team was presenting their online archive of komiks collection. I also saw a booth selling cheap Moleskines for just Php400 a piece. I would’ve wanted to get one but I didn’t bring any money that day.

What could’ve been great would’ve been a booth offering free tattoo designs in henna portraying comic characters, but we didn’t find one.

21.jpgThe entrance fee was Php50 and at first I thought it was a bit too expensive for a convention fee (yes I’m a cheapo, don’t ask). But when I manage to grab one of my favorite komik artists’ autograph, I said to myself, “Hey, that 50 pesos was more than worth it!” Haha. And yes again, I’m a cheapo like that. =P

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  1. tonyo says:

    sayang at hindi ko alam ito. sana maaga akong nagpunta sa UP para naka-attend. nabigyan pa kita tiyak ng ubuntu CD.

    I used to collect comic books, mostly titles from image comics and dc’s vertigo. kumpleto yung first 30 issues ko ng spawn! saka first issues ng union, wildCATS, etc. i stopped nung marealize kong ang mahal pala ng hobby ko. hehehe.

  2. JM says:

    @Tonyo Hahaha I have a friend who’s an avid comic collector as well. From what I can recall from his stories, sobrang pinapagalitan siya ng parents niya dahil dun napupunta lagi baon niya. So he sneaked most of his comics into his room, at ngayon may library na sya ng mga spider-man comics. Hehehe =P

  3. Poyt says:

    Haha I was there too. Kaso mga 4PM na ko nakarating. Bilis mo magpost about the convention ah. Hehe. Pol Medina’s beside the Beerkada table, right?

  4. JM says:

    @Poyt haha I didn’t know where the Beerkada table was, pero malapit si Pol sa stage. =P

  5. Ederic says:

    Hmmm, dapat pupunta ako. Di ako natuloy.

  6. Shaquita Castanio says:

    Thanks for the great info, I will definitely be back!

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