Okay, I know somehow you guys are convinced that Gaby did give me an autographed picture, but I just have to show you this.

Tita Tinna posted in her multiply these pics that show Gaby signing her pic for me:


And this:

Click thumbnail to enlarge

Wuhoo! The feeling is surreal! Euphoric even! Hahahaha. Thanks Tita Tinna and Julian! =P

4 Responses to “For the skeptics”
  1. FruityOaty says:

    Ah, she’s very pretty. At least, you have a picture.

    My Mom got an autograph and a kiss-hug from Piolo Pascual. Recently, PP, Sam Milby and Pokwang came to Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada for a concert.

    Anyway, at the time of the kiss-hug, my digital camera battery died. My Mom was so disappointed. I still feel so guilty… weeks of guilt, now. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Remcyl says:

    ei JM, change my link and link name to remcyl viloria;, me and my bf just broke up. im back to my old name again… oh well, moving on…

  3. kayleen dela cruz says:

    swerte mO nmn..huhu..kakainggit!

  4. IA says:


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