The whole country is abuzz with news lately, especially that of the recent bombing at the House of Representatives. Again, lives have been claimed and national security has been threatened. The culprits have yet to be identified and the motive behind the bombing remains to be seen.

What’s quite ironic is that we haven’t much recovered from the recent tragedy that has befallen us and yet here’s another one that we didn’t see coming. Of all places, how come the House of Representatives became the target of such a terroristic act? Suddenly nobody feels so safe anywhere, anymore.

A neophyte congressman died. Three more House staff followed suit. A few were injured. A friend of mine told me that one congressman, Rep. Teves, had his whole face injured that it looked black all over; surely something in need of an operation like one from the Arizona cosmetic surgery center.

Many questions have been raised when the Glorietta tragedy happened. Sadly, not even one speculation has been categorically answered. And now our country is faced with more questions, and once again we are tasked with the daunting impossibility of seeking out the answers which seem to be hiding under the covers of the great manipulators. Those great spin doctors that cover up the truth in order to save their asses from being ousted, as it has twice been done before. Suddenly, for the first time, being cynical is a requirement for being a Filipino.

But the more important question is, will we be able to get the answers to all our questions? And if we manage to do so after all the verbal assaults and psywar, how far will it be from the truth?

I’m afraid only time can tell..

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  1. Remcyl says:

    being cynical? I think this trait is but ordinary to all those living below the poverty line. For all the promises the government (not only the current, but past as well) has made, it seems as if no one is feeling any development at all. Are we even headed to progress or just continuously go down the drain?

    The truth is what hinders us from doing so. Truth, which could be ugly as hell, is sugar-coated by the government just so they could live in their pedestals and enjoy what everyone should be enjoying.

    Maybe we’ll never know the answers to our questions, and such a shame for the government that more often than not, we ourselves find ways to answer them. Maybe that’s why some questions are left unanswered by the admin, because with their system, the answer lies in us and no one else. and by now, we should have our heads up in being able to do such bow-worthy trait.

  2. Neil says:

    Our administration continues to overlap all the truthful claims of their illegalities that some of our good citizens observed and divulged to the media. Because of their persistence to speak out that everything is still normal (which obviously is 101% SUBnormal), it’s either: 1. people are getting more and more courageous to blatantly express their disgust to our legislature by detonating a bomb and kill anyone unfortunate to have landed nearest to it or 2. to overlap the proceedings of the so-many-to-mention, they need another diversion so people would blame everything to someone and then declare a pseudo-Martial Law and then the domino effect comes.

    Pweh! :p

  3. JM says:

    Well the worst case scenario is still the administration using these “bombings” to justify a martial, authoritarian or emergency rule. They can deny all they want but ultimately the possibility of leading to that is huge.

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