For the first time in Pinoy Big Brother history, I shed a tear for a housemate who went out of the house. (Then I hid quickly behind the pillows before somebody notices that I’m crying because of freaking Gaby dela Merced)


It’s very rare that I get to like a certain housemate. Sure, for almost all of the seasons of PBB I manage to guess who’s gonna win even just two weeks into the show (and mind you, I guessed correctly each time), but I never get to really like someone inside the house. Until Gaby came.

Before PBB I only knew of a Gaby dela Merced who’s a race car driver. My friends would endlessly talk about her, but some would say that she’s not that likeable.

When I saw her in the PBB house, I fell in love at once. (Well, not that kind of falling in love) Here’s a racer chick who kicks major ass who went out of her comfort zone (she’s already made a name in the racing industry) just to get her life back on track (pun not intended). Cool, for me, would exaggeratingly be an understatement.

When faced with the dilemma between choosing to stay inside the house or going out to pursue her dreams, I almost believed she would choose to stay inside the house. I was so sure she’d pick the house instead of going to the States because the PBB experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was so sure she’d pick the house (and secretly prayed she did) because I was so selfish I wanted to see her even more. She’s strong, but can get broken at times. She’s tough, but always there’s a soft spot. She stands by her principles, but willingly obeys if the need arises. I adore her. I idolize her.

And so I was semi-crushed when she made the decision to leave. I thought it was a bad decision, that she let down thousands (or even millions!) of her new fans.

But I neglected the fact that Gaby didn’t want fame for herself, she wanted fame for the country. She dreamed of racing internationally to trumpet the Filipino pride around the world. She wanted to pursue fame not for herself, but for others. Selfless. I’m left in awe.

So to Gaby, even if I knew you wouldn’t win anyway but still wanted you to stay, thanks for a little over a month’s worth of inspiring people. May you continue to be strong as you always have! Reach for the stars, make us proud! =)

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23 Responses to “Goodbye, Gaby dela Merced”
  1. aajao says:

    lol, john mark. that’s obsession. 😛

  2. JM says:

    Haha di naman. Masyado namang mabigat na term ang obsession. =P

  3. tonyo says:

    PBB fan ka pala. Nasa minority ka pala ng TV viewing public who are mostly watching the shows on the other channel. Hehehe.

    Actually, bilib ako dyan kay Gabby kasi hindi siya nagpadaig kay Kuya. I am sure she thought that doing what she likes/does best is many times better and more fulfilling than all the “tasks” Kuya gives them inside his house.

  4. JM says:

    @tonyo Haha I’ve been a Kapamilya since birth. =P

    And about Gabby, totoo yan! Kaya nga hanga ako dyan. Naalala ko pa nga inaway nyan si Kuya eh. Hahaha.

  5. Dane says:

    Tonyo: Sa Mega Manila lang naman daig ang shows ng rival network. Pagdating na sa mga provinces, ABS-CBN reigns supreme in the ratings game.

    JM: Hindi ka nag-iisa. Kahit ako, gusto nang “magluksa” sa paglabas niya. But believe me, she just made the right decision.

  6. JM says:

    @Dane yep, right decision indeed. Who knows what might’ve become of her had she stayed longer.

  7. Dane says:

    Oo nga eh. May punto ka diyan.

    Sayang nga lang, kasi ‘di ko nakita ang concert tsaka ung pag-alis niya. (YouTube here I come!)

  8. JM says:

    @Dane haha makulit yung concert, at naiyak talaga ako pag-alis nya. Although she looked happy naman to have left. =)

  9. Dane says:

    I also noticed that she looked happy to have left. I saw the pictures.

    Wait, wala bang nabalitang papasok as replacement ni Gaby?

  10. JM says:

    @Dane Hmmmm, so far wala namang nababalita. It’d be exciting to see a new housemate, though.

  11. Dane says:

    Sana nga meron. It would be exciting.

  12. IA says:


    Iniyakan mo pala si Gaby. HAHAHA!

    Ako din, actually.

    Sayang, isa pa naman siya sa nagpapanatili ng sanity inside the house. Hehe.

  13. jocelyn says:

    what can u say about gabys plight now that she stays in a kural with the piglets?

  14. andy says:

    @jocelyn: san yan? sa big brother? no way!

  15. jocelyn says:

    yes! as a punishment, gaby stayed in a kural together with dony coz he pitied her thus as a sympathy, he joined her in the kural and they slept together with the piglets. it happened due to her lapel issue that fell together with her in the pool which is a big cime in the pbb contest. she just saved her beloved piglet named porchop who playfully ran around and fell in the pool that made the latter rescued her but gaby forgot her lapel was still in her body.

  16. jocelyn says:

    what a heart breaking scene seeing gaby sitting with the piglets around her in the corner of a kural….. a punishment she couldnt forget. i pity her coz i love this lady. there were lots of punishment to be chosen but gaby chose the hardest one. but knowing this girl she can endure.

  17. jocelyn says:

    kudos to you gaby!

  18. joyzskie says:

    ganda talaga ni gaby…hehehe..astig pro kikiay2 talaga..da best

  19. ena says:

    i love gaby too. sana kung papasok sha sa showbiz ung mga pang sports tulad ng Sports Unlimited bagay sha dun. Gaby rocks

  20. pia 07 says:
  21. mel says:

    i’m glad u like my cousin..hehe=)

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