It felt like everything just swooshed by. Within a blink of an eye, everything was gone. It’s over. I can’t get it back.

I woke up with a strange heavy feeling in my head. What day is it? It’s Sunday. Mom and sis will go to church. Mom insisted I go with them, but declined because I’ve set things to do already.

Is it really true? Is it really over? I battle with the nagging thought inside my head but the resistance was futile. It’s useless. I can’t win over this.

Still, I cringe at the thought of having to face another day. Another day back at the vicious cycle of a routinary life. I feel duped. I feel cheated upon. Like I don’t deserve any of this crap at all.

One more day is all I have. One more day. And after today, everything will be–should be–back to the way things were. Back to the same old sucky crap that we all call life.

It sucks, I know. But this is what I have to do. For now.


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7 Responses to “Where have you gone?”
  1. Baklang AJ says:

    at least ikaw mahaba-habang bakasyon. kami apat na araw lang! ayoko pa rin pumasok!

  2. JM says:

    @Baklang AJ mahaba nga bakasyon ko ni hindi ko man lang naramdaman! Hahaha. Parang di rin ako nagbakasyon. Pfft. =P

  3. Dane says:

    eh putol-putol pa na ang sembreak namin, plus the fact na ako pa ang pumupunta sa mga instructors namin para kumuha ng grades. DUSA! ๐Ÿ™

  4. Marielle says:

    Maiba nga ako… I want to go back to school! Haha. Sobra ko kasing naramdaman yung break eh, and the flabs on my arms thighs and tummy are a testament to that ๐Ÿ˜› I’m also excited about my classes. Nerd, hehe.

    Pero… AYOKO PA MAG-REG. GAHD. I get so stressed just thinking about it. I need my Bio 11. This means war.

  5. Daryl says:

    I dunno, but I’m quite excited about the upcoming sem. Meeting old friends and new extraterrestrial profs can be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Donya Quixote says:

    I’m still in denial.

    Can’t believe it’s the end.

    Emo emo emo.


  7. FruityOaty says:

    Eh, it’s relative… School for me was… good times compared to the reality of “after school”. Work, bills and more responsibilities.

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