Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 has got to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. A twisted set of housemates, twisted set of rules and a whole lot of twisted set of twists, if you know what I mean.


This is the first season ever that a surprise house guest has been introduced into the Pinoy Big Brother prison house. We all loved how Mariel looked when she got the shock of her life that she was to become one of the housemates. How she knew it all along. How she hyperventilated. How her manager Boy Abunda consoled her. In the end, she accepted the fact and blended with the housemates.

Not more than a week ago, yet another house guest was introduced into the house, this time in the person of PBB Primetime host Toni Gonzaga. Her reaction to her imprisonment entrance into the PBB house pales in comparison with Mariel’s, but we all love Toni and she proved to be a valuable addition to the crazy set of housemates until the time she finally bid goodbye.

House guests are not housemates in themselves, rather mere onlookers who act as “spies” for Kuya. They are not fully integrated into the household but they share the same tasks as the normal housemates. They maintain a certain distance and detachment from the housemates because, in reality, they really are not part of the household.

week031102mariel.jpgThis new setup creates quite a problem which I’d like to call the Super Mariel Complex (wow, I sound like someone from Grey’s Anatomy, hahaha). Well, obviously it’s derived from Mariel Rodriguez, the first house guest, and her behavior inside the Big Brother House.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Mariel and I think she’s funny. But the way she’s behaving inside the house is very, very disturbing.

Take for example this week’s weekly task. They were trying to decide if they’re going to bet a hundred percent of their budget or not. The question is can the housemates take the challenge of sleeping for only 25 hours (collectively) for the entire week? Mariel wasn’t that confident at first so she didn’t want to bet the whole 100%. But in a short span of time she changed her mind (I remember her being challenged by another housemate that’s why she swung her vote) and even made a remark that those who would sleep in advantage over the others should be ashamed of themselves, saying “Mamatay na matutulog!“. This, she says, would give them enough motivation to perform the daunting task.

week031029mariel.jpgBut Victor didn’t like the remark and told everyone not to start the task with a negative reinforcement as a motivation but instead think about something else to keep them awake. This infuriated Mariel which led her to say that she was merely suggesting. The two ended up apologizing for their mistakes but one can clearly see how insincere Mariel’s apology was.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that was the first ever argument to transpire in the house (then again I wasn’t watching that much PBB after this so I’m guessing I’m probably wrong).

In any case, try to notice Mariel’s behavior when it comes to arguments and discussions. I’d like to believe that this is not really Mariel’s personality but a mere manifestation of the Super Mariel Complex. Since Mariel is immune from being nominated (because she’ll have to go out eventually, sooner or later) she had the gall of acting lord over all the housemates, thus giving her permission to be bitchy without having to pay for it.

1102_bad-news.jpgAny other housemate would think twice before running into an argument with another housemate at the risk of being nominated, but Mariel, with this seeming invincibility, tackles anyone head-on. Is this Mariel’s true personality? I hope not. However, seeing Riza’s behavior (who, for this week, is the Head of Household, meaning she’s immune from nomination), can I conclude that it’s really Mariel’s personality because Riza isn’t acting as bitchy at all? We’ll see.

Many have criticized the show for creating an artificial environment where people become guinea pigs. The Super Mariel Complex is just another product of this fish-in-the-aquarium mentality.

Okay, so it’s either I’m watching too much TV or I’m over-analyzing things. Whichever way, I’m serious about Mariel. This has got to change.

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35 Responses to “Pinoy Big Brother and the Super Mariel Complex”
  1. Dane says:

    JM, the Mariel-Victor argument was not the first one. Correct me if I am wrong, but Marylaine and Jen had a lot of arguments (despite their status as 2-in-1 housemates) just before they were evicted from the famous Yellow House.

    I believe this can be Mariel’s real attitude inside the house. After all, the house and the show brings out the real personality of most of the housemates, or houseguests. There are just other housemates who are introvert and reserved, that they do not open up. Or maybe they haven’t bloomed yet. Or maybe they don’t want to show their bad side, considering the 42 cameras that record their every behavior, and the fact that this is shown on international (Phils. + TFC) tv.

    And I believe this season will be as controversial as Season 2.

    (Sorry for the bloggish-length reply. At gusto mo rin pala ang PBB?)

  2. JM says:

    Shetz. IF that’s the real Mariel then I don’t like her anymore. Even if she has a point there are always nicer ways of dealing with things.

  3. Dane says:

    Siguro nga. Only the people close to her know. We cannot really judge her right away.

    But you know what, it’s better if he housemates show their real personality as early as now, or as they set foot in the house, rather than in the outside world where only few people are more aware.

  4. Dane says:

    Just curious, who are/were your favorite housemates?

  5. JM says:

    That’d have to come in a later post, Dane. Haha. Thanks for commenting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Dane says:

    Nagiging spoiler na yata ako dito. :)) Sige sige, I’ll wait for that. And, sure thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. andianka says:

    wow.. this not only makes me feel so left out in the cyberworld, im also feeling lost in what’s happening with the philippine tv scenes. hahaha! basta ako nasa episode 5 na ng season 4 ng house. weeeeeeh! eways, nagpaparamdam lang.. i miss the blogging community but im still too preoccupied right now. oh well.. ciao!

  8. JM says:

    @Dane haha sige sige antayin natin ang pagbabalik ng aking writing muse. =P

    @andianka andrea!!! Tagal mo nawala ah. Lalo na sa twitter. Shetz. Haha. Sana magbalik ka na! Hehe.

  9. andianka says:

    hahaha! at talagang sa twitter ako inaabangan. ano ko ibon? oh yan.. gawin bang chatroom itong comment board mo? harhar! sana nga makabalik na… eways, keep the posts coming… i’ll be around parin naman. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. arpeelazaro says:

    i heard from the grapevine that mariel is doing her best to attract zanjo to be her beau. nga lang, ayaw ni zanjo sa kanya kasi ang gusto nya si toni, who dumped him for paul soriano at the behest of her manager, angeli pangilinan, gary’s wife. bakit ayaw sa kanya ni zanjo, sample lang yang nakita ninyo. hehehe

  11. JM says:

    Wow sir Arpee, hindi ka lang pala food critique, showbiz rapporteur ka rin! Hahaha. Thanks for the info. Little by little I’m beginning to dislike Mariel. Haha ang crazy pala ng love angles nila noh?! =P

  12. Joyce says:

    i think mariel is super misunderstood lang.. kc if she acts mahinhin sasabihin maarte..pag tahimik wallfower.. cguro lang super EMOTIONAL cya sa mga task kaya ganun & watching her in 24/7 she not O.A. masyado lang focus sakanya pag sa PBB primetime !!! with regards naman yung pumasok si Toni na d cya ng Hyperventilate kc she was assured by Big Brother na after doing HER TASK alis na cya & alam nya na rin reaction ng mga tao kaya SUPER MAINGAT cya sa kilos nya..

  13. Abbie says:

    Hey, JM!

    I agree with your Super Mariel Complex theory. I bet that she’s really THAT loud and insensitive in real life but the other celebrities cannot go head-on with her because they are afraid of nominations/evictions. Unlike Mariel who is immune to etertiny kaya baka part of the complex is exaggeration din.

    I am just wondering if she knows that she’s not a bonafide HM. I know that she’s spying for Kuya but I dunno if she’s aware that she’s just a guest.

  14. JM says:

    @Joyce well that’s another element to be factored in: exposure. Kung masyadong naeexpose si Mariel and people are seeing the way she’s behaving then maybe the staff can do something about it. Kasi truth be told she’s not making a good impression on people.

    @Abbie I believe she knows she’s a houseguest, diba nagcomment nga sya kay Toni na finally she has someone to talk to about stuff? Plus she knows rin na she can’t be nominated and that she would leave the house sooner or later… =)

    Thanks for commenting!

  15. Mel says:

    Hi Poh….lahat naman cguro tayo ay may mga reserved behavior…….and just like mariel may mga ugali din tayong ganyan…kaya lang cguro hindi as garapal as her. Kasi try to notice other housemates….they listened….thinked…planned…and moved…..hindi puro daldal and comment na nakakasakit na pala……and im sure its her TRUE COLORS….alangan naman na turo ni BIGBROTHER mga lumalabas sa bibig nya…….

  16. Mel says:

    And the BIG PROBLEM is ……hindi kaya e BOOOO si Mariel paglabas …..kawawa naman …BIGBROTHER should not make that happen…sana naman pangaralan nya si Mariel about whats happening outside…..bago cya lumabas….

  17. JM says:

    No, I don’t think Mariel will be boo-ed when she gets out of the house. For what it’s worth her stay was worthwhile both for her and the viewers. It’s just so sad that after all these years of knowing a charming, funny Mariel in PBB Uplate we get to see her like this, if this be her true self. I’m quite disappointed, actually, not entirely blaming Mariel but PBB in general as well.

  18. IA says:

    OH NOOOOOOO… I love Mariel. ๐Ÿ™

  19. JM says:

    @IA I know! But this is not good, really.

    P.S. Gurl email mo na yung journey.doc! Hahaha =P

  20. Isagani Rx says:

    Hindi ko alam kung paano ko itong natapos. LOL

    Ngayon lang ako nakisali sa kwentong pang PBB.

    Pero like ko si Mariel sa Wowowee lang. Ewan ko na ang PBB ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. JM says:

    @Isagani RX Haha I’d like to believe that Mariel, by herself, is likable. Then again there are always two sides of the coin so I guess slowly Mariel is revealing her other side. Could it be her “true” side? After all, that’s showbiz.

  22. Dane says:

    update: mariel’s opinions are quite worse now, especially with regard to the chandelier incedent in the boy’s bedroom (to think it was ethel’s sort-of fault).

    oo nga pala, marami-rami ka pang hindi nalalaman regarding these reality shows. if you only know, mas malala pa ang mga nangyayari behind the scenes.

  23. shani says:

    i think she has the right to express herself kasi dba dapat mgpakatotoo? a lot of people i know who watch PBB know that almost all of the housemates have their own disguises, masks, tactics, etc. If she shows her “true” self, as with any other housemates, then its their choice. and with that, we dont have the right to judge her and influence others to think how BAD she is. i mean, come on, i dont think even the best people have no negative sides. i mean, nobody’s perfect.

    just a fact about mariel, is that she is more comfortable with the PBB scenario so she’s more at ease to show who she really is. and if she’s maarte and all that, then let her be. there are some people who love her that way anyway. just as your parents or your friends luv u for being just u.

    its so easy to find fault but lets RESPECT the different personalities we encounter. poeple could find faults in you too, but not to the point as labelling you as totally unlikable.

    peace! just a piece if my mind…

  24. JM says:

    @Dane haha I’m really confused about how i feel about Mariel right now.

    @shani thanks for the comment! But I would like to think that given the context and the environment that Mariel is currently in, she is, in and by itself, subject to such judgments. First she’s in the show business. TO make matters worse, she’s inside the Big Brother House. I mean, I totally agree with you that being inside the PBB house will really show you a person’s true colors. But just like what I’ve said, if this is the “real”her (and that is IF, I’m not concluding that’s really her), then I don’t like her anymore. I don’t agree that when people find faults they don’t go to the point of labeling someone as totally unlikable. Many people have done that to me, believe me.

    Remember Wendy from PBB Season 2? Yeah, I think she’s the best example. =)

  25. Dane says:

    Wendy is the best example. She may be hated, but she showed her true self during her stay (and she actually said the right stuff). For others, it may not be worthwhile, but for others she just did the right thing. I go with the latter.

  26. Dane says:

    (Wala akong twitter, kaya dito ko na lang sasabihin sa ‘yo)

    Ang sayang naman ni Gaby! She’s one housemate to watch out for, pero she opted to leave. But I still admire her for her love for racing. Hindi naman siguro madali ang ipaglaban ang love mo (in Gaby’s case).

    Another insight: It’s so fun to watch people in a reality show, but it’s hard to be in it.

  27. nina says:

    im not a fan of pbb and havent seen a single episode of it. i may not be entitled to say anything about this show but somehow it makes me cringe especially when i see the commercials/pbb news updates on tv of the people who seem to have scripted reactions inside the house. ive always wanted to watch this show but whenever i see (dati pa to yung edition nila rustom etc) keana reeves and wendy and some people i dont know na OA, hay naku, wag na.

    pero that aside, i think that abs is using the pbb formula too much. i mean, do they have to do so much of everyhting wearing those stupid costumes? everytime i see them its like their in a dressup party or something. gosh. can they do something else?

  28. yoshke says:

    ito ang first season ng PBB na hindi ko nasubaybayan.

    E kasi, work eh, ang late na ng show. aga ko na natutulog.

  29. Remcyl says:

    Wow! I enjoyed this post a lot. very well-thought and constructed. Not bias at all. I do like Mariel’s behavior in its entertaining aspect, but the fact that this might be her “realness”, is scary. If I was inside the house (which I always pray for), I’d rather spend quality time with Ethel.

  30. enidan says:

    well said… if she’s really like that in real life, then, i don’t like her forever… \n/

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