thailand1011.jpgMarking his return to the Philippine Blogging scene with a fresh domain, a brand-spanking new layout and a whooping crossover to the WordPress side of things (Mwahahaha welcome, welcome!), Coy comes back with a bang unleashing one of the coolest advocacy writing projects to date–uBlog, iVlog.

If you don’t know Coy, then you probably missed half of your blogging life. (Haha) Without much pretense (and with much bravado), I’d say Coy is the mainland Philippines equivalent of HappySlip when it comes to Video Blogging (oha, oha, major pimping na ‘to!! Sponsored post? Haha). Though he’s not on the acting side of things (you very rarely see him acting for his vlogs), he can make kick-ass videos which he nicknamed as “pictovlogs.” Where he got the idea for the name is beyond me. Haha.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out any of his videos I recommend this vlog (entitled Found) about Philippine Independence Day (which, for me, is his best as of late) and this vlog (entitled Paglipas) about a chick with a dangerously ascerbic wit which got featured in ANC’s Media in Focus (unfortunately for Coy, he didn’t get the credit that is due him).

Now that you’ve seen his videos, participate in his campaign to get more people into Vlogging here in the Philippines:


Now, in the spirit of celebrating the birth of my new home (thanks BratyFly!), I have whipped up a mini-blogging project for everyone – open for all interested bloggers. This aims to spread the word about the magic of the growing craft of vlogging (video blogging) in the Philippines and to encourage pinoy bloggers to try it out.

And come to think of it, there has not been much about Pinoy Vlogging when you search it in Google. Hope this will be a good start.


Now honestly, after I’ve heard of this little campaign of his, I tried (with much, much effort) my hands on Video Blogging but I guess I’m not really cut out for it. My editing skills are going rusty and I was growing too impatient with the long hours of having to create one video (ha! I didn’t even manage to get past 10 seconds! Hahahaha). So let’s just let vlogging to the experts for now, shall we? If I get more patience in the future, maybe I will. Hehe.

Anyhow, go hop on in to Coy’s campaign to spread Video Blogging here in the Philippines and you might just win a promotional video for your blog (guys, this is COY, he can make your blog look and sound kick-ass even if it’s hosted in livejournal or multiply! Haha) OR a 100MB hosting courtesy of (woopee! You’ll be a ka-Tinig just like me as well!).

I can’t wait for Coy’s new season! Here’s to new and exciting episodes! =)

13 Responses to “VLOG This”
  1. Coy says:

    Woah! Major thanks JM! Ibang level yung intro mo ah! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

    Well, you don’t have to VLOG to join. You can write about it. 😀 I’m curious how TRYING to Vlog for the first time felt and went for you. You can share that, instead. 🙂

    Well, thanks again, JM. Will be adding this to my links.

  2. JM says:

    No biggie, Coy. =P

  3. Pinoy Vlogging | ederic@cyberspace says:

    […] Vlog this ni JM Tuazon […]

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