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Last Saturday I attended iBlog Mini: Blogging and the 2010 elections where it was discussed how the blogging community can effectively help in the reportage of the next Presidential election.

pondopuhunan.jpgThe next election (if it is to take place) is a pivotal point in Philippine history as it marks the end of the road for the tyranny of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. That is to say, however, if an election takes place. The threat of Charter Change still looms beneath the shadows of Mickey Mouse and his rodent allies, so be prepared for a No-El scenario.

Reading through the pages of the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Wednesday, I chanced upon a two-page full-spread ad of the Nacionalista Party, sporting images of its viable elected officials juxtaposed with the images of Laurel, Quezon, Marcos and other members of the party who became President of this country. The message is a no-brainer as the ad even sported Manny Villiar’s ever-popular adage which has been used and abused since he ran for the Senate in 2001.

Weeks before, a new President to the Liberal Party was sworn in. With Drilon’s wing recognized as the legitimate party, GMA’s cohorts in LP lost their bid in landing a Presidential candidate. Mar Roxas takes the place of Drilon as Party President and erstwhile official Presidential candidate of LP in 2010.


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…it is also stupid, STUPID STUPID!!!

What’s the business of the government arresting members of the media for allegedly abetting rebellion during the Manila Peninsula standoff this afternoon?! The government has no RIGHT arresting members of the press for DOING THEIR JOBS.

A GMA News team, including reporter Sandra Aguinaldo and the network’s systems engineer Allan Gutierrez, were seized by police and loaded onto a police bus. Aside from the GMA News team, police also arrested Malaya columnist Ellen Tordesillas.

It was not clear why the Aguinaldo, her crewmen and Tordesillas were being held by police.

Aguinaldo is among reporters who covered the unfolding crisis that began in the morning when Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim walked out of their coup hearing at a Makati regional trial court.

Police did not bind the hands of the reporters unlike those who have earlier arrested.

Authorities earlier loaded some reporters and photojournalists onto a separate police bus after they failed to convince police they are members of media organizations, radio DZBB reported.

From GMANews.TV

Alright, provided some media people went overboard with their coverage (some even went to the point of disobeying orders of the military), it is just inappropriate to go about arresting any random reporter or crew just because our government is paranoid that they could be carrying guns or helping out the personalities involved. Do these people even have a clue how the press operates?! It’s their FREAKING JOB to cover the stand-off! You cannot blame them for being in the middle of the action because THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE HERE FOR, YOU FOOLS!

This is, as many have said, a clear violation of the Freedom of the Press. Provided there was no direct attack on the media, this incident clearly sends a chilling effect and serves as a warning shot for media people who would cover future events such as these. They would begin to ask themselves now if they’re crossing any boundaries even if they’re not. The paranoia has been planted.

I won’t begin talking about the stand-off today because I’m just so freaking frustrated. Not just with the government, but with Trillanes’ camp as well. They shouldn’t have made bold proclamations they couldn’t stand for ’til the end. ‘Nuff said.

[UPDATED to ADD] The curfew isn’t and can never be justified. What is this, an onslaught of Martial Law?! No matter how the government tries to sugarcoat the imposition of a curfew as a means of protecting the public, it will always be interpreted as a means to impose authoritarian rule. What next? Yet another Proclamation? PP1017 and the February 2005 Fort Bonifacio stand-off easily comes to mind. Let’s see what hideous measure this government will come up next.

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Right after I deleted around 200 messages in my cellphone, new text messages started pouring in. First one, then two, then five, then it all went wild!

Apparently an earthquake struck some parts of the metro a few minutes ago, and bloggers have been actually twitting about it. I was wailing in frustration for not having felt the earthquake (which would be my first major one, if ever) and how come people from ABS and GMA, which is just so near from here, felt it and I didn’t.

Then again, I recalled feeling as if someone was kicking my chair several minutes back. When I took a look around, no one in the vicinity was rocking their feet or even remotely close to kicking my chair. So I therefore conclude that yay! I indeed experienced the said earthquake!

What’s funny is how, again, Citizen Journalism is seen at work. Twitterers said the quake was a bit strong, placing it around intensity 4 or 5. People wailing caution, screaming their reactions from what just transpired. The ever-present “pakana na naman to ng gobyerno!” was said, although in a joking and sarcastic manner (by no less than Benj himself). Some people felt it, some people didn’t. It’s just so cool to receive live updates like these, whenever it’s most necessary.

And oh, a last-ditch comment from Lauren:


Can I just say, I’ve just been devirginized! Hahahahaha =P

[UPDATE] lagged 11 minutes behind as GMANews.TV was the first one to report about the said earthquake. Kamonst, get your acts up!

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Aaahhh, there’s nothing like reading another person’s blog and getting the inspiration you need to blog on your own. I’ve been hovering for a few hours already, keeping this WordPress window open, staring at it blankly, thinking intently what to write and trying to drown out all the noise around me. Suddenly I can’t perform with that much noise around anymore. But I try.

Class this morning was interestingly significant. I’m taking Sociology of Religion under Prof. Gerry Lanuza this sem. If you’re a UP student and you have no idea who in the wolrd Sir Lanuza is, then go give up your slot and transfer to another school because this guy’s reputation is more popular than himself!

But for the sake of the uninitiated who still want to get to know Sir Lanuza (and also to those who know a zilch about UP and its distinct culture), he’s a Sociology professor well-known for his notoriety and tactlessness. Several years ago he may be popular for being an atheist, albeit being a former seminarian and devout catholic. He was known for challenging students’ beliefs and religion and debating them about the existence of God.

But that was then. Now, Sir Lanuza is a believer of the Catholic faith, of Jesus Christ. It’s interesting to note how he’s been converted. He’s convinced now, he says. As to exactly why he shifted beliefs (and convictions and principles, for that matter), I’m not in the know. I hope you guys who know him could enlighten me.


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I wasn’t watching Uber yesterday when a friend texted me something that made me jump off of my feet and wail in excitement: Gaby’s back in the house!!!

From the Pinoy Big Brother website:

“I got kidnapped!” Gaby first told the two housemates as they got in the house. Gaby returned from her seminar in the US just this afternoon and the PBB staff surprised Gaby right at the airport and offered her a chance to return to the Big Brother house and continue being a celebrity housemate. Being used to stepping up to any challenge, the renowned car racer agreed to come back. From there, she was immediately driven straight to the PBB house.

Apparently she had no idea she would be given the opportunity to go back inside the house. With Mcoy and Ethel’s voluntary exit last week, I suddenly lost interest in watching the show. But now with Gaby back in the house, I guess I’m gluing my eyes to the TV every 930pm once again!

Notice how she looked so fresh and pretty in the pictures? Sigh… I just can’t get enough of Gaby. This time, I hope she wins.

*Photo from The Official Pinoy Big Brother Website

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Out of the many Filipino delicacies there is there’s only one that’s been my favorite–and that’s adobo.

adobo1.jpgI don’t like Sinigang (that much). I don’t like Mechado (that much either). And I don’t like Laing (at all). I only like Adobo.

Mom had a penchant for cooking Adobo and experimenting with the ingredients. Now I’m not out to lash out at my mom because I love her so much, but let’s just say she’s not the perfect cook out there. Once she cooked Adobo that was so dry it tasted like Fried Chicken (hehe). Then she learned that we didn’t like dry Adobo, so she peppered her next serving with lots of Soy Sauce and Vinegar, and it actually tasted better.


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Kids these days. (And yeah, I’m talking as if I’m not a kid anymore. Huzzah!)

First there was rugby or solvent. Then there was shabu, also known as metamphetamine hydrochloride. Then the more”hip and cool” ecstasy came into the scene. And now what? Jenkem?!

To the uninitiated, Jenkem is actually a new substance that can allegedly get you “high”. But how does it work? I’ll let kevjumba do the talking:


Okay, that. is just. gross. tothepointofnoreturn. (more…)

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If you remember that line from a PLDT TV Commercial way, way back, then you’re probably from my generation or a generation older.


The infamous “Kung sa’n ka masaya te suportahan taka” (which loosely translates to “Wherever you’re happy I’ll support you”) line caught up so good that it rapidly spread around the country like a virus. Ever since then, whenever we want to say we support somebody, we would utter this oh-so-famous line.


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Thousands of Comic fans trooped to the UP Bahay ng Alumni last Saturday as Comic–or should I say Komik–enthusiasts staged the 3rd serving of Komik Kon, the Philippine Komik Convention.


Now I’m not really a hardcore comics fan, having only such influences as Pol Medina Jr. of the Pugad Baboy fame and UP’s very own Manix Abrera, father of the Kikomachine Komik Strip published daily at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


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I’m a very sentimental person. It’s hard for me to let go of special things in my life, even if it may appear superficial to others. From time to time I read my blog archives and reflect on the person that I’ve been and the man I’m becoming. That’s how senti I am. Cheezy, I know, but that’s me!


In any case, I just had a momentary lapse of nostalgia when last Saturday, during CommRes class, one of my classmates was holding a magazine with Will & Grace as the cover. Suddenly I was jolted back to the past and remembered all those times when I’d laugh so hard in front of the TV and everybody would just give me an intriguing look and I won’t mind them.


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Stumbled upon this while surfing Kuya Tonyo’s blog:

ASUS EEE PC will come in black starting December 2007.

According to my source in Hong Kong, Asustek will roll out the black, 8GB edition of the EEE PC sometime in December 2007.

My source adds that it will have a HK$4,990 price tag.


It doesn’t come cheap. HK$4,990 roughly converts to about 27-28,000 pesos. Reminds me of a Black Macbook (also called MacBlack) which costs higher than the white one. I wonder if the specs are higher for the Black EEE PC than the white one?

I saw an EEE PC in Robinson’s Galleria yesterday and it was just the cutest thing! Its screen was so small, barely larger than a PSP or a Gameboy Advance screen, and the keyboard is barely the size of my whole hand! I bet it’s hard to type in that thing. But the overall look and feel was really cute.

The display model came in white, and makes me wonder if the black one will be as cute as the white one or will be more “rugged” for more masculine appeal. Haha.

Now if I’m just as rich as George Lindemann, I’d buy both of them! Haha.

*Photo from

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beowulf_poster.jpgBacktrack to 3rd year English and the setting is an old High School classroom with Ma’am Cylie, our English teacher, is talking about an Old English literature that has managed to survive the test of time.

The story tells of a local hero who fought the ghastly beast called Grendel, and how he fathered the son of Grendel’s mother, thereby unearthing a new monster which he needed to defeat in the end.

The hero is Beowulf, and fast forward to 2007 where he is digitally mastered into the silver screen.


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Okay, I know somehow you guys are convinced that Gaby did give me an autographed picture, but I just have to show you this.

Tita Tinna posted in her multiply these pics that show Gaby signing her pic for me:


And this: (more…)

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Update on Gaby dela Merced: IA’s friend Julian, who works with ABS-CBN Publishing, told us that last November 14, Gaby flew to Phoenix, Arizona to attend her driving seminar. Before she flew to the US a press conference was held so that she can say a few words to the press.

Now Julian said that IA happened to mention to him that I adore Gaby, and so he got me one of these:


And not only that, it came with this: (more…)

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Okay, I know this is going to sound cheesy to some but this is far by one of my most favorite guilty pleasures of all time.

Yesterday, friends and I watched “One More Chance,” a Star Cinema film starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.


But wait!!! Before you close this tab and browse other websites out of sheer disappointment, let me explain. Haha. One More Chance is a good film, especially because I can relate to it so much (okay, that’s too personal). In any case, John Lloyd and Bea, I admit, are two of my most favorite Filipino actors to date. They’re young, they know their craft, and not to mention they look good together.


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