(UPDATE as of 10/13/07) So the CRS batch run results came out a few days ago. To those whining that they got only two or three subjects and most of them are majors, I tell you, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FREAKING FREAKING RIGHT TO WHINE, OKAY? Coz only people like me have the right to be upset about CRS. Why? CUZ I DIDN’T GET A FREAKING THING. ZERO UNITS. You people are lucky you even got your majors. I enlisted in three major subjects and didn’t even get a single one! So now tell me, who in this freaking world is more unfortunate?

And to those who got more than what other people expected, I have three words for you: I hate you. Do I have to sleep with somebody from CRS now? LOLz.


UP Diliman’s CRS (Computerized Registration System) has gone a major overhaul last year, following the collective registration of the entire UP-CRS Webteam over some issue which up to now has not been cleared by any of the participating parties.


To the uninitiated, yes, even if this poorly-run and poorly-funded state university has been living on scraps for decades now (soon to be for a centennial), we actually have an online registration system much like that of Ateneo’s and De La Salle’s. Hinding hindi magpapahuli, ganyan kaming mga taga-UP!

Problem with this Computerized Registration Sh*t is that it’s that–full of shit. It’s crazy and hardly efficient, which accounts for 90% of students having to line up for manual registration because they failed to get their subjects through CRS (which operates on a pre-enlistement/pre-registration timetable, meaning we enlist our subjects prior to registration day).

And even though CRS has not fully risen up from the shit pile that it’s been all these years, it is, once again, burying itself in a new pile of craptacular shitload.

Just this summer, they test-run a new system so aptly called “Real Time Enlistment” which, obviously, takes care of the registration system in “real time.” Meaning, on reg day, students line up in front of PC’s to pick their subjects. If they were able to enlist, then they successfully get that subject unlike before when they do batch processing runs during pre-enlistment and you’d have to wait at the end of the week to know if you manage to get a class at all.

Problem with the new system is that it’s highly flawed because DilNet (the network of UP Diliman) is very much unstable and highly unreliable. So what happens when around 2,000 students login at the weak system all at the same time? BOOM. It crashes. I don’t know what happened to DilNet at that time but from all the stories I’ve heard, not so many people were happy about the change. Imagine having to virtually wait for two days just to be able to enlist in a 6-unit subject? I don’t think anyone would be that happy.

Next semester, they’d be introducing yet another system which will, as they so proudly say it, rid the whole registration system (and students as well) of manual registration also known as manual pila enlistment. The new system, which as I’ve said shall take effect next sem, will have students “register” or enlist online during registration week.

Okay, something’s just so awfully wrong with that system.

#1. DilNet is still unstable, unreliable and uber slow. Just this afternoon, we tried logging into CRS but only managed to land on the announcement page. Pages after that load after ten years of waiting (if we wait, and we don’t wait, we’re journalists for crying out loud!! we’re an impatient bunch of people!!).

#2. They’re taking Manual Registration and Teacher’s Prerogative out of the real world and putting it online. Which means, they’d be doing daily batch processing runs during registration week, and those who wasn’t able to enlist can sort-of create a “petition” online to substitute for Teacher’s Prerogative (which accounts to around 75% of successful subjects enlisted for UPD students).

#3. They’re doing batch processing runs, which classifies students based on their student numbers. Yes, there is a priority system going on but that is just so biased because students will only be able to enlist for one day and after that, they’d have to wait for all the batches to be processed before they can ask for prerog.

This system just poses a lot of questions which I hope will be answered come registration time. Problem is, even up to now, only a month after the new system will be implemented, information dissemination about it is still not that aggressive, much less “informative”. Many still have questions running in their minds regarding how the registration will go next sem.

My personal take on the matter is this: screw this online registration crap. Manual enlistment is better because you have total control of your time and your resources. With online reg, you just put all your cards down and hope against luck that you get all the subjects you’ve tried to enlist in. Frankly speaking, I don’t like putting my fate in the hands of luck because I get pretty jittery with all the uncertainty. If I’m not going to get this subject right now then fine, I’ll leave it and look for another. Yes, it’s convenient (to some) because they won’t have to line up in queues only to find out when it’s their turn that the class is already full, but to people who want to decide on their own, it’s really all up to tough luck.

Yes, yes, I’m ranting here. CRS won’t let me login even if I’ve supplied the correct password. And it’s uber slow even inside UP DilNet. Yes, my facts may not be correct and some may be purely assumptions. And yes, I’m spewing out grammatical errors here and there, and yes, I’m aware of it, because that’s how people rant, people, they blabber and never edit their mistakes.

I hope against hope that come registration time, nothing of the ruckus that happened last summer will take place. Still, I like manual registration better.

*Feel free to rebut my claims or correct my inaccuracies. Again, I’m ranting here.
*I am not even going to link you to CRS because even the fastest computer in the world will take time extricating data from their servers! Geeesh!

To UP students, what’s your take on this issue? To UP Alumni, kwento naman kayo ng manual enlistment experiences nyo. Hehehe. To non-UP students, how’s your online registration system (if your school has one)?

9 Responses to “[UPDATED] UP CRS: Crazy Registration Shit”
  1. Dane says:

    I think Manual Enlistment is way better. The online thing may be quite crappy, especially if the servers are ─ like what I said ─ CRAPPY. I think UP needs to have a test-run for this just before they implement this thing. The clock is ticking.

    I cannot really consider it as “online”. Besides, it was my first time to enroll in college for the first semester. And enrollment is quite hassle-free for a nursing student, since we get the subjects right away. (Block System, as what they call it.)

  2. Loren says:

    I agree with you JM! BIG TIME. Damn. The freakin’ CRS is super kaduper slow. I had to stay up until 1 am just to ‘enlist’ myself in subjects wherein I’m not even sure if I will be ‘enlisted’. Argh. I was harassing my PC last Monday [Oct. 1] because the CRS was ‘uber kupad’.

    I [too] think that MANUAL ENLISTMENT is waaay better. Though it’s EXHAUSTING it’s still better and more efficient. I think that UP should have a lots and lots of test runs before they use the system. Haha. Honestly, I feel like guinea pig for this online thingy. Harhar.

    A big heavy load of crap.

  3. utakGAGO says:

    UPLB got System-One, which is basically an online registration.

    When I logged in – my sched’s complete. It was fascinating to know that I’m one of the lucky students who got a complete sched. Or maybe that’s because they prioritize the freshmen for paying higher tuition fees (I have no idea) or simply out of luck?

    Though sometimes the server’s down. Or the page won’t load. But that rarely happens (accdg. to my experience).

  4. atomicgirl says:

    CRS loved me for only two semesters when I got all my subjects. For the rest of my CRS life, I was so unlucky I had to wake up early just to fall in line and get those subjects I wanted. And yeah. Did I mention that once, I could not find my Form5A in CommRes? It turned out to be quite a hunt and before the day ended, I finally found my lost Form5A over at the BC department. I dont’ know how but CRS changed my course from CommRes to BC.

  5. Witness Statement says:

    I always don’t get all my subjects. I’m always about 6 units short or something. I’m a pre-RGEP student so some GE subjects are really hard to get into such as Soc Sci II. I got into that class by sheer luck because they get your ID and they draw it out of a pile. I know the 50 other students that were in the room hated me because I got the last slot. πŸ˜›

    Is it just me or the schedules for the 2nd semester classes are still down?

  6. Loren says:

    Tokwa. I got enlisted in 2, just 2 subjects.
    Take note, major ko pa yung isa.

    How happy.

  7. atomicgirl says:

    Should I start saying my condolences now? :p

  8. Dane says:

    i’m so sorry about your zero units thing. eeffffoorrtt!

    ulitin na lang kaya ang manual enlistment.

    and you don’t need to sleep with someone from CRS. they are not worth your majors. LOL! πŸ™‚ (or should that be laughed at?)

  9. JM says:

    and you don’t need to sleep with someone from CRS. they are not worth your majors. LOL! πŸ™‚ (or should that be laughed at?)

    Oh boy, if this goes on I’m betting it’ll be worth everything! Hahahaha.

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