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Can you imagine waking up to a stunning view like that? Well, that’s exactly what greeted me this morning as I strolled down the sands of Boracay. Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s 5am and I’m prepared already. Breakfast is not in one hour and our call time’s still at 6:45. But thanks to my relentless effort of enjoying Bora for the rest of my stay–coz I’d be going home at 3:30 later this afternoon–I made myself wake up in the wee hours of the night to prepare.

Sure, the sun may not rise on this side of the island but I know it’s still going to rise and you can say that I’m pretty much excited to see Boracay by dawn. It was already getting dark when we got to the island so I wasn’t able to see firsthand the long stretch of white sand and clear water we always see in the post cards.

I can’t believe I’m this geeky. I hope I get to have my own laptop soon so that I’d be able to chronicle things like these as they happen. (parinig parinig to some people reading this, kamonst, I know somehow tinatamaan kayo! Hehehe)

Well, I guess I sat here long enough because the place is beginning to light up! The sun is soon to shine. Haaaayy Boracay, I never thought I’d meet you alive. Here’s to hoping we bump into each other again someday. Someday… *cue Nina’s cheeziness over here*

*BTW, I would like to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to IA for lending me her laptop (which, in the short span of time that we got to spend together, I’ve grown to love. Kamonst girl benta mo na sakin ‘to!! Haha). Luvyah girl! =)

*I’ve posted Day 1 photos at my Multiply Album. Check it out!

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Can you see that very wide stretch of white sand? That very picturesque crystal clear water? The native palm trees that tell of nature’s goodness? Little dwellings for people who stayed for the night?

Well, somewhere along the outframes of that picture, I’m there.

Yes, I’m in Bora! And welcome me to yet another adventure of my life.

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There’s a meme going around Multiply where you list down 20 people in your lives and talk to them anonymously. So, let’s spruce this little meme up. In the spirit of the National Thank You Day last Oct 20, here’s 20 anonymous but very special people in my life that I’d like to thank. Don’t worry, if you know you’re special to me, you’ll know who you are. =)

So, shall we get the ball rolling?


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The country was ablaze with news of an alleged bomb going off at Glorietta 2 in Makati last Friday.

Once again Twitter proves its worth as people started delivering updates real-time. I was in school at that time and so I had no other means of getting updated with what’s happening besides my trust cellphone which receives Twitter updates real-time.

At first they said it was an LPG Tank leak that caused the explosion, then other speculations started rising minutes after.

People said the blast was so huge that it rocked the three floors of Glorietta and shattered the roof. At first I thought that was minor. I thought the roof just cracked or something until I saw these pictures (courtesy of this site):



If you’re guessing that’s a huge gaping hole at the activity center where the roof’s supposed to be, then you’re guessing right. The freaking roof FELL!

I dare say it: If an LPG tank can do that much damage, then we might as well classify these tanks under highly-dangerous materials!


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Photo from

*Please see update below… waaaay below. =)

Just a few hours ago, I turned in my last-ever requirement for the sem. It was a photo-essay plate on my joyride adventure to Old Manila aboard the Pasig River Ferry boat (which can also be found here). I had mixed feelings, even though it went by as quickly as I imagined it would. Holding the piece of delicate paper on my hand, I trudged the halls of Masscomm one last time, feeling the feeling of the floor on my feet, the dirty walls, the brightly-lit corridors… but beneath all the physical traits that will make me miss CMC sorely, I believe I’ll miss the CMC people more than the actual place.

I walked up the stairs, and the place was very quiet. It felt like Wednesday when half of the university doesn’t have classes. Masscomm is unusually silent, like somebody just turned the mute button on. It was eerie. Masscomm is never this silent. Good thing great friends IA and Elsie (along with her boyfriend Frank) greeted me as I reached the stairs’ landing, lest I cry of too much sentiments and memories of that god-forsaken place.

I opened the department’s door and the usual quiet Ate Racquel greeted me with her usual stillness and impeccable silence. I rushed to the pigeon hole and dropped my plate off as quickly as I could. There. It has ended. It felt nothing. At first. Like it’s just usual. Ordinary. Normal.

Maybe I forgot how it felt being free. Because right now, I feel like screaming… I’M FREE! SHET!! I’M REALLY REALLY FREE! I think I’m having a Cristina moment right now. I’m free. Damnit! Damnit! Oh, take this off! Get this off! I can’t breathe!


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hanson_photo1.jpgHere’s a little trivia for you: when I was waaaay younger (note: meaning a lot more innocent, a lot more naive, and a lot more vulnerable to the influences of the world, just so we’re clear), I’m a die-hard fan of Hanson. My very first album, a cassette tape, was of Hanson’s first-ever album. I memorized Mmmbop by heart and would blurt it out in our Karaoke all day long.

Also, I thought the Hanson brother on the keyboard was a girl, and until they grew up did I notice he doesn’t look like a girl at all! Haha.

In any case, my dear friend Elsie pointed me to a rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” by Hanson, which she so aptly described as “more sensual than Christina’s version.” All I can say is, I couldn’t agree more!

Hear for yourself…


*mp3 file from
*photo from

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I’m going on an adventure today! Yes, an adventure, a quest if you will. A journey towards the barren rivers of the Metro, traversing four cities and transcending all physical limitations. Can I do it? Can I take the heat? Watch this post and find out!

Haha. That was so AmazingRace-ish. In any case, I’d be going on a joyride aboard the Pasig River Ferry for my Photojournalism class. We were required to take pictures of the Environment, specifically of the Water element, and consolidate it all into a stunning photo essay.

Hmmm… anybody have an idea how much the fare for the Pasig River Ferry costs? I’m planning to start my journey in Hulo (my hometown) and end up in Quiapo then head back. Whew. Let’s just hope I won’t run into any trouble, and that the fare be darn cheap for chrissakes!

I’ll update this post later when I’ve gotten all the pics I need. See yahz later!

(UPDATE) So I just got home from my joyride and I gotta say, it’s been very tiring, both physically and emotionally (don’t ask, I’ll tell… later)


Our little sojourn to Old Manila begins at the Hulo Station of the Pasig River Ferry Lines (or something like that). It’s conveniently located at Coronado cor. E. Pantaleon St., near the Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned.


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Don’t worry, I haven’t perished yet (yes, not yet), it’s Finals Week and I’m dying. I’m out of time but still got lots of requirements to do.

Regular programming will resume in a few days… =)

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(UPDATE as of 10/13/07) So the CRS batch run results came out a few days ago. To those whining that they got only two or three subjects and most of them are majors, I tell you, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FREAKING FREAKING RIGHT TO WHINE, OKAY? Coz only people like me have the right to be upset about CRS. Why? CUZ I DIDN’T GET A FREAKING THING. ZERO UNITS. You people are lucky you even got your majors. I enlisted in three major subjects and didn’t even get a single one! So now tell me, who in this freaking world is more unfortunate?

And to those who got more than what other people expected, I have three words for you: I hate you. Do I have to sleep with somebody from CRS now? LOLz.


UP Diliman’s CRS (Computerized Registration System) has gone a major overhaul last year, following the collective registration of the entire UP-CRS Webteam over some issue which up to now has not been cleared by any of the participating parties.


To the uninitiated, yes, even if this poorly-run and poorly-funded state university has been living on scraps for decades now (soon to be for a centennial), we actually have an online registration system much like that of Ateneo’s and De La Salle’s. Hinding hindi magpapahuli, ganyan kaming mga taga-UP!

Problem with this Computerized Registration Sh*t is that it’s that–full of shit. It’s crazy and hardly efficient, which accounts for 90% of students having to line up for manual registration because they failed to get their subjects through CRS (which operates on a pre-enlistement/pre-registration timetable, meaning we enlist our subjects prior to registration day).

And even though CRS has not fully risen up from the shit pile that it’s been all these years, it is, once again, burying itself in a new pile of craptacular shitload.


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