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Due to my stupidity carelessness, I managed to produce myself a wound once again. I’m sothe_finger1.jpg childish. No wait, it’s more of like a bruise, a pasa if you may. How did I get it?

It was during bowling class. No, I didn’t accidentally drop the ball in my finger, because hello, that would be close to impossible unless I go walking around using my bare hands.

It was the gutter’s fault! Yeah, go blame something else for your stupidity, that’s real mature. And something that can’t defend itself at that! Ha!

I was about to get a ball from the gutter, to get ready for my next shot. However, I was impatient enough to not wait for all the balls to roll in. When Ball #2 arrived in the gutter, I picked it up at once. But lo and behold, Ball #3 got jealous because he wanted to be picked up first, so it quickened its pace and just when I was about to pick up Ball #2, BAM! Ball#3 squished my dear little finger right between it and Ball #2.


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