Somehow I’ve been becoming more and more lethargic each day, thanks to a mountain-load of academic and blogging backlog (I have yet to finish writing the next two parts of this series, plus my Explainer Experience post, plus a whole slew of other drafts lined up on my admin panel). Acads aren’t doing so well, what with a little over three weeks left of classes, everyone’s totally cramming to get things done, even professors.

So before I leave the blogging world for a short while to go finish the mundane and utterly impossible tasks I have to do, let me all leave you with some things that turned my mood around lately:

1. One of my best friends is getting married

bespren.jpgI received a call last Friday from one of my closest friends, Ate Tin. It’s been a while since we last communicated, and it was a very welcome gesture for her to call me. Good thing my class just ended, because she dropped quite a bomb when she told me she’s getting married. At first I couldn’t believe it and thought she was just pulling my leg, but then when it sank in I was literally throwing curses and expletives in the air for sure I’d be rated R by the MTRCB. LOL. The people I was with that time thought I was going nuts, shouting so loud while walking on the street.

In any case I’m so happy for my Ate. Finally, she’s found the love of her life, the one she’d be spending the rest of her life with.

2. Meeting VideoBlogging Celebrity Coy Caballes aka Cokskiblue


While waiting for my 11:30 CWTS class to begin last Friday, I decided to stroll around the DCS building, in search of some interesting thing to do. While scavenging the very secluded and downright confusing hallways of the building, I spotted this guy sitting on the floor with his laptop. At quick glance I thought I recognized him, although quickly I dismissed the idea. I lingered around for a while, then decided to head off outside to get some sunshine.

While walking past the ramp of the CS Building, I received a text message. It was a direct message from twitter.


I knew it. I knew I recognized that face, and that laptop. But I didn’t have enough guts to approach the guy, asking myself questions like, “What if it wasn’t him?” Nakakahiya yun! Haha. So it was Coy alright, the famous voice behind Cokskiblue.

We hung out for a while, talked about blogging, the Pinoy Blogging Community, Offline Blog Events, what to expect during Cokskiblue’s next season (can’t wait! Sounds exciting, Coy!) and the like. Oh, and by the way, by some bizarre reason, we agreed that Benj aka could pass as a very effective cyber pimp blogger manager. LOL.

It was nice meeting you Coy! Oh and before I forget, I finally managed to hear the signature “O diba…” of Coy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch his videos and find out.

3. Receiving my first-ever Photography book

When I went home yesterday, mom presented me with this HUUUGE book inside a brown envelope. To my utter shock, I opened the envelope and a huge DSLR Camera was splattered right in the cover of the said book. It was a Photography book, my first ever. I’ve been longing to have one. You don’t know how happy I was.

Then again, I’d be happier if the book came with an actual dSLR! LOL.

4. Receiving my next assignment for CodeRed

I can’t believe it’s been more than a year already since I started writing for CodeRed. Now, since I’ve been too damn lazy to finish my About page, I’d understand if you haven’t heard of CodeRed at all.

CodeRed is actually a Family and Youth magazine published by Salesiana Publications. Every issue is packed with noteworthy articles that help the youth understand their places in society, as well as guides for parents on how to properly care for their family, especially their children.

Around March last year, I sent an application to Ma’am Carol San Pedro, the mag’s EIC, along with some of my sample works (most of them past blog entries). After sending the application, I waited, hoping I’d soon receive my assignment. But I was surprised when a couple of months after that email, Ma’am Carol said that they’d be publishing one of the sample articles I submitted. That article was entitled “What to do?”, my first ever work that saw print.

So yeah, naturally, I was happy. So damn happy.

Just last night, I received my latest assignment from CodeRed, and just had to laugh the great opportunity off (no offense, I tend to laugh when I’m overjoyed). Guess what I’m writing about? Fraternities. I guess God opens doors to those willing to work for Him. So await my next article in CodeRed, okay? I’m thinking of interviewing several bloggers whom I know have, in one way or another, something to say about the topic.

By the way, some of the personalities who have written or are writing for Code Red include Ryan Cayabyab, Miriam Quiambao and The Sassy Lawyer Connie Veneracion. Yes, I am the ugly asteroid among the bright, shining stars.

5. UP Pep Squad winning the UAAP Cheerdance Competition!

Matatapang, Matatalino…

Okay, this is just plain creepy. I started writing this article last night, without any knowledge whatsoever of who will win this year’s compet (Hello, the compet was this afternoon, and unless I have Madam Auring’s accurate psychic abilities, I don’t have any way of knowing). I was thinking of five things that pleased me, and I wrote this one for the fifth. I was merely speculating, not really expecting, but I just put it there and thought I’d just edit it later when things turned otherwise.

pep.jpgBut no, things were meant to be as they were. AND WE WON!! WOOHOO!! Finally, after our rightful crown was so rudely stolen around two years ago, UP Pep Squad comes back with a vengeance served with a hot, steaming plate of mani!

Truth be told, I was quite apprehensive about UP’s victory. I actually thought USTe would nail it to the sixth, because they had a solid and clean performance although one mishap, I think, ruined it for them all (poor girl). The thing with UP is that eventhough their moves and stunts are very unique, their execution’s a bit awry compared to Gawe’s clean execution. I guess the judges got tired of USTe’s monotony that’s why they handed the trophy to its rightful owners in Diliman. =P

*Okay, I know I’ll probably spark a little debate here, but know that I am from UP so the bias is already a given. LOL.*

I received this text message around 10 times hours after the compet. If you’re from UP, I bet you’ve received this too:

BABALA: Bawal dumaan ngayon sa ESPANA at MORAYTA!

Bumabaha kasi ng LUHA! Hahaha! UNIBERSIDAD NG PILIPINAS! U!

We’re too full of ourselves, we know. In any case, Congrats UP Pep Squad!

*UP Pep Squad Logo courtesy of UP Pep Squad Online
UP Pep Squad pic courtesy of the UP Diliman Website

12 Responses to “5 Things that turned my mood around lately”
  1. yoshke says:

    ayan, pinangangatawanan ko pa rin ang pagiging top usisero. haha

    YEY! I wasn’t expecting this, either. Ahahaha. For the first time since I became an isko (and graduated and all), ngayong year lang ako hindi nanood ng LIVE sa aranto kasi nga sabe ko, hindi naman mananalo. BUT NOOOOOOOOO!!! AHLOOOOOVEEEEEEET!

    Cue Justin Timberlake: “What goes around, goes around, goes around
    Comes all the way back around…”

  2. JM says:

    @yoshke LOL. I can see you’re estatic! Haha. Sayang hindi ka nanood! I would’ve wanted to watch if not for people who hoarded all the tickets! LOL.

    Go UP Pep Squad!

  3. keina says:

    Iba talaga feeling pag nasa araneta nanood. pero the best pa rin ang feeling pag ikaw ang sumasayaw sa court. Go UP Pep!!! I’m so proud of pep, and I’m so proud to have been part of the squad. At shet, ang ganda ng routine ngayon. UP Fight!!!

  4. Baklang AJ says:

    Nakasabay ko sa elevator yung neighbor ko. Pauwi na siya, basang basa ng pawis at luha! Siya ata yung nalaglag…

  5. JM says:

    @keina hahaha onga eh sayang di ako nanood ngayon! Wah UP Pep ka pala? Haha anong year ka po?

    @Baklang AJ Hahaha akala ko kung ano! LOL. =P

  6. andianka says:

    wala nakikibasa lang… nice list. hahahha! usisero.. and.. good luck sa fraternity write up. LOL. kaya pala sabi mo hinahabol ka ah… aba after ng write up, baka literal ka ng habulin! nyahahahha! 😛

  7. keina says:

    @JM Nung 05, nagcompet ako. Yun yung year na maraming issues sa compet kaya muntik nang hindi sumali the next year. Uy yung request letter mo for the cd, asan na?

  8. yoshke says:

    @ AJ, whoever she is, pinagdadasal ko talaga (nah, i dont pray) na sana hindi sya suicidal. seriously.

  9. JM says:

    @andianka haha salamat sa comment. Up for the running ka rin sa pagiging top usisero? Haha.

    @keina shetski ate keina I’m quite busy. Will try to email it later tonight. =) OHHHH part ka pala ng “controversial” batch ng Pep! haha.

    @yoshke I’m saying the same prayers for her. Haha! =P

  10. benj says:

    bakit ka naman nastarstruck kay Coy?

  11. JM says:

    @benj haha ganun talaga. May starstruck complex ako eh. LOL. =P

  12. Marisha Łomża says:

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