From reading people’s blogs, I somehow got the impression that the normal progression of things during a Bloggers’ offline event would be (1) Event, (2) Afterparty (3) Coffeehouse (to douse off the tipsiness brought about by the booze during the afterparty). Yesterday, the natural order of things skidded off its usual route as (overflowing) coffee was served first during the first-ever Bloggers’ Kapihan Lecture Series held at the Philippine Science High School in Quezon City.


I’m practically the farthest away from the venue, living just at the outskirts of the UP Diliman campus and Philcoa. But still, I was late because I had no idea how to go to Pisay even if I knew where it was exactly. I ended up taking the SM North jeepney, then walking down Agham Road under the very scorching heat of the afternoon sun.

When I got to the venue, I was surprised because there were balloons and party poppers and stuff on the floor, with no people at all. I was stunned. Was I that late?! Was it over? In hopes that somebody’s just pulling my leg, I went around the building and found another hallway, only to end up at the exact same place. Freaky, I know.

Then I found out that the event was on the second floor, no thanks to my stupidity.

When I opened the door, practically every eye in the room pointed to my direction and instantly surveyed me. In an effort not to create too much commotion, I quickly dashed forward and looked for a vacant seat, not caring who I’d be sitting beside of. Luckily, I recognized my Adoptive Father here in the Web Kuya Ederic talking to Sir Yuga, so I guess I was a bit relieved at the sight of somebody I knew.

Bikoy, a fellow CMC student at UP, was already speaking about his take as a Student Blogger, talking from seven years of experience as a blogger from the Ateneo High School to his struggles as an Isko in UP.

What I like best about Bikoy‘s talk is that he encouraged everyone to go beyond the normal ramblings of everyday student life (like cursing your prof, musing over your crush, or crying over failed grades, which, for a time I admit I was guilty of) and go out of the classroom to explore the many realities of life which one can chronicle. This is a very potent and effective form of blogging, because, as he says, it serves as a fresh view of how things are perceived through the youth’s point of view. Step out of your boundaries and explore the world beyond your own, and for sure you’ll be an interesting blogger in no time.

Sir Abe Olandres, popularly known in the Web as Yuga, came unprepared for the forum, much to everyone’s dismay. But let’s make it clear that it wasn’t his fault, because he wasn’t reminded of his speaking engagement. In any case, he still talked about an interesting topic (ProBlogging) but veered away from the topic he was supposed to talk about (Tech Blogging). Nevertheless, people had a knack listening to his stories about how he got sued because of a comment on his forum/blog. Truly a learning experience for everyone.

Madaya si Sir Manolo. He knew how to catch everyone’s attention. Since he was to talk about Political Blogging, I somehow anticipated the much-gasgas “The Personal is Political” which implies that every blog has, in one way or another, a political vantage point. But no, he started off by saying “Everything is Political… and it all begins with sex.” After dropping the last line, the whole AV Room seemed to have woken up from a long dormant sleep and you can hear almost everyone buzzing and murmuring things to their seatmates. Naturally, I was lost after that, but he also said something very insightful about bloggers being either Exhibitionists or Voyeurs. I thought to myself, ‘Oo nga noh…’ I never looked at blogging that way before.

Participants lining up to get free coffee and donuts (Yum Yum!)

Since this is a Kapihan event, the day shouldn’t end without the free-flowing coffee and donuts for the participants. Everyone clogged themselves to getting coffee and donuts while I settled for Iced Tea and talked to some of the bloggers I recognized. I first met AJ (of, now offering free hosting! Who wants in? You’d have to use the subdomain though. LOL), who I was talking to Twitter during the event because I failed to recognize anybody. Then I met my adoptive father in the Web, Kuya Ederic, the one behind it all. I recognized Shari already but we just kept exchanging glances. I was too shy to approach the owner, the winner of this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Personal Blog category. Haha. I’m a shy-type like that, I know.

I also got the chance to talk to Sir Manolo while lining up for coffee, where we talked about the Explainer episode. Ma’am Noemi recognized me and called my name, but we didn’t have the chance to talk.

I got to meet the other bloggers after the event. There was Kuya Benj, sporting his Got Issues? shirt from the PIDC which, I think, is cool. There’s also Poyt the Tanggera and Lalon. I wasn’t able to interact with the other bloggers (the “younger” ones), but I eventually talked to them at the after-event inuman, the details of which should come in the second part of this series.

I would like to congratulate the BK Crew, especially my Web-“Dad”, for a job well done! Thanks for bringing blogging to people who are still unaware of its vast potential. I think this is a very noble advocacy, which I admit I’m willing to commit myself into. So expect me in the next installments of the BK Series, wherever that may be!

It’s very delighting to learn how some were inspired to start blogging because of the insights they learned in Bloggers’ Kapihan. Keep it up, BK Crew!

Some suggestions I think would be worthwhile to be discussed for the next installments of the series: Controversial Blogging or Controversy in the Blogosphere (Haha parang Tabloid Blogging or something), Blogging Ethics, PhotoBlogging (now this I gotta see), Blogging from the Provinces (for it’s interesting to discover how people live in far-flung areas of the Philippines), Election Blogging (I’m thinking of engaging in this one, we’ll see) and Celebrity Blogging (Hello Patty Laurel, Bianca Gonzales and Ping Medina!).

The BK Crew is composed of the following: Kuya Ederic of, Shari, Bikoy, Mong, Jhay, Vencer, Sarah and Sir Martz.

Other bloggers’ posts about the BK Event can be found here.

Sponsors for the event include:




See you at the next Bloggers’ Kapihan event! Also, watch out for the second and third installments of this series. =)

12 Responses to “Kapihan, Kwentuhan, Katarungan (First of a Three-part Series)”
  1. andianka says:

    ahahhaah! puro may part 2, 3, etc… it would’ve been nice kung nakapunta ko sa BK noh?! errr… eway, kita naman na effective yung BK. im proud to be a blogger. LOL. CONGRATS sa crew ng BK!

  2. JM says:

    HAHA the event was too significant to chronicle in just one post. Anyways I have so much to say kasi. Hehe. =P

  3. utakGAGO says:

    Oh gad, don’t tell me I look older than sixteeeeen!?! No!!! Lol.

    Will be waiting for the 2nd part but I should’ve arrived earlier at the talk. So that I can catch up with Bikoy’s talk (of course I anticipate his talk coz it’s about personal blogging? Lol)

  4. JM says:

    @utakGAGO haha we’ll see what I made of you when we get to the next part. LOL. Actually I was late too, but I managed to hear a significant part of his talk.

  5. Baklang AJ says:

    Hahaha! Hindi ko na ioopen yung free hosting! Walang magkakainteres! lol.

    I remember the Twits, parang may eyeball! hahaha

  6. Lalon says:

    nice 3-part post pala ito hehe.

    well anyway, it was really nice to meet you.. and yeah nagkausap din tayo hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. JM says:

    @Baklang AJ Hahaha why not?! Malay mo may kumuha! LOL. Hahaha onga meron pang “guy in orange sa tabi ni Shari” nyahahaha WTH?!

    @Lalon Haha thanks it was a pleasure to have met you as well! =) Wait for the next installments. =)

  8. Baklang AJ says:

    hahahah onga EB na EB! Guy in orange hahahahah! speaking of shari, have you seen here concert video yet?

  9. JM says:

    @Baklang AJ Ay onga! I saw it sa multiply mo, pero di ko pa naview. Will watch it now. LOL. Preparing myself for a laugh fest. Haha.

  10. Bloggers’ Kapihan » Post-BK Blog Entries says:

    […] Kapihan, Kwentuhan, Katarungan (First of a Three-part Series) by JM […]

  11. Poyt says:

    Kapag nga naman sex, namimintig ang mga tenga. HAHAHA. Nice meeting you by the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. JM says:

    @Poyt anu daw po? Hahaha nice meeting you as well! Sana magkita pa tayo sa susunod! =)

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