Subtitled “What blogging got me into.” LOL.

So, in the spirit of Sir Yuga’s welcome post to people who watched his interview via Mel&Joey, I’d like to welcome those who were able to catch me make a little fool of my self with my so many backles and tongue twisters in Manolo Quezon‘s ANC show The Explainer.

To those looking, here is the article–the main culprit–that led me to become the Explainee of this evening’s episode. And you’ll find here my article condemning Frat-Related violence in UP. Also, Arbet makes a very comprehensive list of the Pinoy Blogosphere’s reaction to Cris Mendez’s senseless death.

Let’s all push further to seek justice for CA. Every move counts. END FRAT-RELATED VIOLENCE NOW!

Will (have to) make a more well-thought-out article about the whole experience in a later post. Right now I’m still trying to breathe in the experience. Haha.

Here’s a little preview:

I have a very bad case of scolio. But I just don’t know it yet. LOL.

I’ll upload the video once I get my hands on my copy of the episode so other people can watch (and laugh at all my mistakes. LOL).

To those who weren’t able to catch this episode about Fraternities, there will still be a replay on Saturday, September 15, at 10 o’ clock in the morning.

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