Enough of the hustles and bustles of city life. Enough of the noise made by people around us. Enough of the worries, enough of the problems. Enough.

If this isn’t emo enough for you, honestly, I don’t know what is

Sometimes, everything takes its toll on you. You take in everything, and suddenly you break loose. Like a walis ting-ting suddenly freed from its captor string. One moment it was bound, the next thing you know everything falls apart.

What is it with people and feelings? It’s as if it’s something we can easily disregard. Like banana peel thrown in the garbage bin. Am I still making sense here?

Life has been a whole slew of feelings lately. One moment, I found myself just staring into empty space. Trying to channel my thoughts? No, I was trying to feel what I’m feeling. Getting a feel of how to feel what I feel. Yeah, I’m probably confusing you.

Some people. Why is it so easy for them to look past other people’s feelings?

The stare. I don’t like that stare.

Honestly? I really don’t have a point. It’s just that I’ve been feeling so emo lately. I guess some feelings can’t be put to words, like some thoughts can’t be put to action.

One thing I know is, I’m not giving up no matter what. If a show of feelings is a sign of weakness to some, then let it be known that to me, it is the calm before the storm.

Prepare your umbrella.

5 Responses to “This time, with feelings”
  1. yoshke says:

    been listening to a lot of emo songs lately? Ehehehe.

    Kumusta naman, napatingin ako sa kanang bahagi ng blog mo at nakita kong ako ay #1 usisero. ahaha.

  2. JM says:

    Haha inde ES, marami lang talagang dapat ipag-EMO lately.

    LOL, onga top usisero ka. That means something. LOL. You should get a prize. or something. Hehehe =P

  3. yoshke says:

    I shall defend my throne. Kaya ko-comment ulit ako.

    Prize. Hmmm. Damien Rice’s album, “O.” Haha. JOKE LANG.

  4. Bambam says:

    what if I contest ES? hehe. anyway, di ba mas dramatic imbis na walis ting-ting metaphor e pick-up sticks? kidding :p

  5. JM says:

    @Bambam haha, the top usisero spot is yours for the taking. =P At talagang kinuwestyon ang walis-tingting? Haha. Bawal kuwestyonin ang ka-emohan! Parang artistic license lang yan eh. That’s EMO license, whatever shit. hehe.

    Thanks for dropping by! =)

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