As promised, Malu Fernandez returns to her usual column, “Divalicious”, in Manila Standard Today, err… today. =P

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I was quite frustrated to see yet another article about elitist lifestyle. Somehow somewhere I expected a tinge of a statement about the issue, but there were none.

Here it is in true divalicious fashion:


Unseen evil on your dressing table


There are two kinds of people who react to bacteria and germs, some are from the germaphobes—or the people who are obsessed about cleanliness —others are just plain filthy. We have all seen those programs on one of the lifestyle channels (such as Clean House and the other one, whose title escapes me, is about the two British ladies who come in and show you how much bacteria you have in an unclean house). But many women I know who keep a decent clean home or are obsessive about cleanliness often forget about cleaning their makeup tables and medicine cabinets. There is a lot of unseen evil lurking on your dressing table and medicine cabinet. And by evil I mean bacteria and germs!

The woman who wears minimum makeup usually keeps her stuff in the medicine cabinet on top of the sink. A more high-maintenance woman will have her own makeup table complete with lights or a lighted mirror. The problem is, most women don’t know when to throw away their makeup. As you all know women in general shop for makeup like they shop for shoes. When a shoe gets worn out or is out of season you can easily see it and throw it away. But how do we know when it’s time to get rid of our makeup?

Makeup has a shelf life and expiration dates on some brands because as we use them every day we expose them to bacteria that can give us rashes, eye infections and other allergic reactions. For instance:

• Mascara has a shelf life of two to three months. Never share your mascara with anyone else because its chemicals are highly prone to bacteria and germs which can give you a serious eye infection.

• Eye shadows and blush have a shelf life of two years if in powder form and one year if in liquid or crème form.

• Eyeliners or pencils last up to one year but, personally I think they can last longer as long as you sharpen them before each use. Just make sure you throw them away if you get any eye infections even if they are new.

• Lipstick, gloss and liquid foundations last one year.

The general rule is that any makeup that is creamy or in liquid form lasts one year because the chemicals break down quicker than the powder forms, which last two years. A lot of you may be asking isn’t it expensive to keep throwing the stuff away even if it hasn’t been all used up. It can be, if you let it.

A few years ago I got involved in developing a makeup line and I found out that all these expensive brands and cheap brands get their chemicals and formulations from just three giant laboratories around the world. No matter what brand you’re wearing, a lipstick only costs 50 cents to a dollar to make. The packaging is usually more expensive. Add the marketing costs and you have the rationale for why a branded lipstick can cost anywhere between $15 to $25.

But don’t be a label whore when it comes to makeup because as I said all the chemicals are basically the same. Don’t be afraid to try out cheap drugstore brands. You may find some things that you actually like. And for those of you on a budget don’t feel bad if you’re buying a cheaper brand than the one you really want. They just differ in packaging anyway, it’s all the same. The one important thing to remember is not to buy any fake branded makeup items because you have no assurance of the chemical make-up in the item. A lot of them may not have been regulated and probably manufactured under unsanitary conditions. Buy your items from a reputable drugstore, department store or duty free shops.

Also, remember to clean out your makeup brushes with alcohol or plain soap and water because they can harbor bacteria as well. Wash your sponges or buy a bag of disposable synthetic ones that you can throw away with each use. Store your makeup and makeup brushes in a sanitary manner keeping all your tools clean. By doing this practice you can avoid eye infections sties, lip sores or herpes sores and other unsightly infections that can lead you to the dermatologist or ophthalmologist.

from Manila Standard Today

Looks like MST is really keen on keeping her. However, it’s not confirmed whether this article is a canned article (or it has been written previously), which means Malu hasn’t really “returned” to her column just yet. I don’t know, I’m merely speculating. My guess is as good as yours.

This post is not at all intended at resurrecting the dying issue about Malu. I just tend to look at the possibilities and implications of Malu’s return to MST, despite her resignation. It just goes to show how greedy and selfish the owners of MST are, because, in my opinion, they are out to milk Malu of the fame her controversy had created.

After all, negative publicity is still publicity, right? I have to admit I had myself going over several newsstands looking for today’s issue of MST, just to read what she’ll say.

But that’s it. The boycott really starts right now. It’s up to you if you’d want to put up with this treachery.

How about you?
How do you make of this divalicious “return”?

P.S. The video of the Media in Focus episode discussing the Malu Fernandez controversy can be found here. Let’s all be enlightened and let’s super move on. Now na, okay?

7 Responses to “The Divalicious Returned, alright”
  1. percybhem says:

    malu fernandez.. who is she anyway.. para sakin isa xang babeng walang magawa ang utak.. hinde nia muna tignan ang sarili nia bago nanghusga ng kapwa.. haaay… keber ko sa knya! haha ah ewan yoko magbasa ng column nia.. tama lng iboycott..

  2. JM says:

    Hi percybhem! Thanks for dropping by.

    The issue’s done and over with. Let’s lay it to rest, shall we? Apparently, by the looks of her writing, she’s super-moved on. Let’s super-move on na rin, no?

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    대신 가습기를 틀어 집에 습기를 더한다.

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