Due to my stupidity carelessness, I managed to produce myself a wound once again. I’m sothe_finger1.jpg childish. No wait, it’s more of like a bruise, a pasa if you may. How did I get it?

It was during bowling class. No, I didn’t accidentally drop the ball in my finger, because hello, that would be close to impossible unless I go walking around using my bare hands.

It was the gutter’s fault! Yeah, go blame something else for your stupidity, that’s real mature. And something that can’t defend itself at that! Ha!

I was about to get a ball from the gutter, to get ready for my next shot. However, I was impatient enough to not wait for all the balls to roll in. When Ball #2 arrived in the gutter, I picked it up at once. But lo and behold, Ball #3 got jealous because he wanted to be picked up first, so it quickened its pace and just when I was about to pick up Ball #2, BAM! Ball#3 squished my dear little finger right between it and Ball #2.

At first I thought it wasn’t gonna hurt. It was a duckpin bowling ball, for crying out loud! But when I started to see some internal hemorrhage in the injured finger (poor finger… where is the finger hospital when you need one?!), I started to panic because it started to hurt REAL BAD. It felt like a combination of a tough bruise and a gaping would. It stung and throbbed at the same time. Not a pretty feeling. IT HURTSSS SO MUCH!

Good thing I was on my last frame when it happened. I had a hard time gripping the ball, so I pretty much gave that last frame away to the gutters.

Sigh… yes, people. I’m a victim of hazing. By two bowling balls whom I love so much, I so hate them right now!!!

In other news, I bet I’d be the envy of most students when they find out that…


Yep, you read that right. Best exam in the world! Haha. But too much pressure. The prof said she expected us to perfect the exam. Oh boy. Good thing I didn’t study for that one! Haha. I had an instinctive feeling it would happen. Or not. I’m just lucky. LOL. 🙂

10 Responses to “Of The Finger and The Crrraaazy Exam”
  1. ianne says:

    haha… im also guilty of blaming other things for my own stupidity.. ;p

    join the club.

  2. JM says:

    I guess it’s the normal teenager way of logically solving mishaps. LOL.

    Thanks for dropping by ianne! =)

  3. ianne says:

    as for me… im really just a blooper magnet… hahah

  4. JM says:

    Of course, we all have our blooper moments. Hehe. Nobody’s innocent of that. LOL.

  5. dimaks says:

    hindi naman nangitim ang kuko mo? lol sakit nyan.

  6. JM says:

    @dimaks kaya nga eh. Uber sakit. Ngayon nangingitim na sya, may blood clot. Waaah wag naman sana mamatay kuko ko. >_<

  7. nrlbhbn says:

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  8. Hollie Powell says:

    bowling balls are dangerous on the foot if you mishandle it.-;-

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