I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s been a video circulating around the web alleging noontime show host Willie Revillame of supposed rigging of a new segment of his show.

Here’s the clip of the video for all of you to see:


The first time I saw the video, I immediately concluded that, yes, there was some form of cheating that happened here. Judging by what happened, it looks like something went wrong and a cover-up took place.

Since it gained so much popularity over the Internet, the mainstream media decided to pick it up. Joey de Leon, on his part, issued a 10-minute statement about the issue. Here’s how he wanted the controversy to be dealt with:


At one point, Joey de Leon was right in taking up the issue. Many people–poor ones at that who continue to patronize these kinds of shows–are involved and the issue needs to be dealt with in a mature and rational manner. The people are craving for answers, much like how they want Kris Aquino to explain her ways or Ruffa Gutierrez to elaborate on her obvious mental state.

But at another point, by taking up the issue, Joey couldn’t deny the fact that there’s some semblance of wanting to insult on his part. He could’ve presented his “speech” short and objective, sans the side-comments who he passes around as jokes. But the derogatory statements were aimed at fanning the fire to heat up the issue, then he went on to vow that it doesn’t end there.

Willie’s response is more than what I expected of him. Again, thanks to Dr. Tess, it’s clearly reverse-elitism at play:


By placing himself as the “aggrieved” party, the one offended by Joey’s insults, Willie wanted to gain the sympathy of the viewers. Quite frankly, I guess Willie can take a lesson or two from the midget in Malacañang regarding proper acting in front of the camera.

He said he need not explain what happened because in his conscience, he did nothing wrong. I dare say, if you did nothing wrong, prove it! Clear our consciences as well.

Joey was right on two levels: (1) explain before you complain. To stop the controversy, once and for all, explain what happened. And (2) Learn how to cry the right way. Hehe.

But then again, by riding up on the issue, Joey’s statements are more self-serving rather than contributing.

For my part, by assessing the video clip very carefully, it’s really obvious that Willie committed no crime. How come? Well, it’s because there are two film strips in that wheel. The first one was used to cover what’s inside, the second one containing the number “2”. This is the design flaw that they’re all talking about, because for mere convenience, they have a separate film for “2”, “1” and “House and Lot” which they transfer to different-colored wheels everyday. It’s for practicality nga naman. It just so happened that Willie pulled the two film strips at once, revealing the zero underneath, which, obviously, was a permanent part of the wheel. He should’ve pulled the first layer only, but by God-knows-what happened, the second layer got pulled out as well.

All Willie’s got to do is to explain. I don’t see what’s so hard with that? I guess he’ll be the better man if he steps up to the occasion. Instead of diverting the issue to other topics, why don’t he just explain the matter at hand? I think he’ll do everyone a favor–even himself–if he steps up and claims responsibility for the incident.

Geez, why am I talking about Wowowee here?! I guess I just got so irritated upon hearing the news that some mongrel up there in the Senate wants to “probe in” on the controversy. I mean, what gives?! Sen. Mar Roxas isn’t good enough to take on issues more relevant to the nation, issues that are expected of him as a senator? Where was he during the last three years of his term? Why is he speaking up now? I’ve never heard from him before, besides the occasional reference to his non-existent relationship with Korina Sanchez.

It’s not even his expertise, so why be at the forefront of the investigation? Senators can’t put their hands on the President so they whip other people instead? This is just plain pathetic. Downright disgusting for a Senator of his stature.

Geez, disturbing. Politicians: they’ll do everything they can to retain their posts. Pathetic, selfish little bastards! May Malu bring you to your own private hell!!! (Okay, I gotta stop doing that. LOL. I can’t help it)

5 Responses to “Media Frenzy once again”
  1. yoshke says:

    Last night, the two sides of my brain were having a heated discussion over whether I should blog about it or not. Then I said, “nah, someone in my circle’s gonna blog about it soon anyway.” Jaran, jaran. There you are. Hahahaha.

    Honestly, I really believe it’s an honest mistake. And Joey de Leon being my most hated TV personality shouldve just shut the fuck up. The problem with that blabbermouth is that he keeps on talking and badmouthing, so when something bad happens (say, Wowowee stampede), even when he didnt say a single word about the issue, people assume that he did.

    And senators, puh-lease. There’s war in Mindanao. Joma Sison has just been arrested. Why the eff are you trying to make sawsaw to this issue. Argh. Pag may ambisyon ka nga namang maging presidente o. Tsk tsk.

    Ayan tama na. Haba na ng comment ko. Hehehehe.

  2. JM says:

    Haha may psychic powers ka rin pala. LOL. Well ganun naman sila eh. Sasakyan na lahat nang masasakyan para lang sumikat. Kesho showbiz personality pa yan o pulitiko, pareho lang ang storya. Nakakasuka.

  3. hazel says:

    Actually, si willie revillame yung unang “nag-react” about the issue. joey de leon responded the next day since willie’s remarks were very personal na. feeling ko nga kung hindi na nag-react itong si willie, mamamatay na lang ng kusa yung issue kaso ayun… lalong lumaki.
    I don’t believe that television is really the right avenue for the word wars but since nandyan na yan, I have to say that if I need to pick sides, kay Joey ako (hehe)! He says what he wants to say when he wants to say it regardless of what other people might think. That’s just the way he is. Willie, on the other hand, strikes me as pretentious. But that’s just me…
    And yes, I also raised my eyebrows at the idea that the senate is butting in. Although I agree that cheating in game shows (na aminin man natin o hindi ay inaasahan ng maraming naghihikahos na pinoy) is an important issue, there are far more important and relevant issues that need their attention.

    by the way, I like your posts. You’ve been linked. 🙂

  4. JM says:

    Hi hazel, thanks for dropping by.

    I really had no intention of gracing light on the issue, but the Senate probe thingy I read on the papers really called for it. Shame on Mar Roxas.

    I’m past the stage of noontime shows. They’ve reduced entertainment to idiotizing their audiences. It’s a growing media problem that needs to be addressed.

    Uy thanks for reading! =) I’ll link you up as well. =)

  5. yoshke says:

    but of course, when i said that JDL should have just shut up, i wasnt referring to his 10-minute monologue but his constant “patama.”

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