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So yeah, I realize I’ve been posting on 4-day intervals when I told myself I should be posting everyday. So I guess this is a customary post to break all the monotony that’s been sweeping my blog of late. LOL.

clipland4.jpgI’m listening to some Dashboard Confessional songs right now (and get this: I’m listening via Youtube). EMO, I know. But I’m not EMO. At least not right now. Haha. I don’t know why I’m like this. I’ve mentioned quite a number of times before that I’m a post-post person; I take on a penchant for something long after its popularity had waned. And I call myself a fan of pop culture. Yeah, something’s definitely wrong with that.

In any case, congratulations to Ateneo Blue Eagles for beating the De La Salle Green Archers just a while ago! 1 point, wow. You really gotta give it to Ateneo and La Salle (or is it VLSALLE? LOL) because they really put up a pretty good fight whenever they face off with each other. Not everything’s done for, though, because La Salle, unfortunately, has twice-to-beat advantage so they would have to face off again soon. Oh whoever it is who earns from this UAAP games must be really, really happy by now.


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Here’s something to expect next year: a photo of a nude man overprinted on the Philippine 100-peso bill.


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I had two girlfriends in tow. And yes, amazingly, they weren’t out to slap each other to death to see who gets to take me home as a prize. We boarded the MRT together, ate together, rode the cab together, and went through our afternoon schedule together.


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Somehow I’ve been becoming more and more lethargic each day, thanks to a mountain-load of academic and blogging backlog (I have yet to finish writing the next two parts of this series, plus my Explainer Experience post, plus a whole slew of other drafts lined up on my admin panel). Acads aren’t doing so well, what with a little over three weeks left of classes, everyone’s totally cramming to get things done, even professors.

So before I leave the blogging world for a short while to go finish the mundane and utterly impossible tasks I have to do, let me all leave you with some things that turned my mood around lately:

1. One of my best friends is getting married

bespren.jpgI received a call last Friday from one of my closest friends, Ate Tin. It’s been a while since we last communicated, and it was a very welcome gesture for her to call me. Good thing my class just ended, because she dropped quite a bomb when she told me she’s getting married. At first I couldn’t believe it and thought she was just pulling my leg, but then when it sank in I was literally throwing curses and expletives in the air for sure I’d be rated R by the MTRCB. LOL. The people I was with that time thought I was going nuts, shouting so loud while walking on the street.

In any case I’m so happy for my Ate. Finally, she’s found the love of her life, the one she’d be spending the rest of her life with.


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I happen to know a friend who’s very fond of ketchup. In fact, he’s so fond of the thing he hates eating it.


Nah, just kidding. This friend of mine actually gets the creeps at the mere sight of ketchup. We’d make fun of him by putting ketchup in his lunch food so he won’t be able to eat it. To us, hating ketchup is absurd. Who doesn’t wanna eat ketchup anyway? Everyone eats ketchup.


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So now it comes to a close. History has been written. Former President Joseph Estrada has been proven guilty of plunder, but got acquitted for perjury.

I’ll leave the political and legal analysis to the experts and lawyers, but here’s what I have to say. I don’t feel vindicated by Erap’s conviction. No, not at all. Why? Because it didn’t feel like we triumphed over evil at all. Yes, we ousted a President who has been proven a plunderer, but unfortunately for we have replaced him with someone even worse.

Erap’s conviction, for me, was all just a ceremony 6 years in the making. Had this present administration proven its worth, I would have been entirely happy of kicking Erap’s ass out of the palace.

And while the media was all hush-hush about this recent development, I appear to be too indifferent to care. As a matter of fact, I slept through the entire coverage.


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From reading people’s blogs, I somehow got the impression that the normal progression of things during a Bloggers’ offline event would be (1) Event, (2) Afterparty (3) Coffeehouse (to douse off the tipsiness brought about by the booze during the afterparty). Yesterday, the natural order of things skidded off its usual route as (overflowing) coffee was served first during the first-ever Bloggers’ Kapihan Lecture Series held at the Philippine Science High School in Quezon City.



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Subtitled “What blogging got me into.” LOL.

So, in the spirit of Sir Yuga’s welcome post to people who watched his interview via Mel&Joey, I’d like to welcome those who were able to catch me make a little fool of my self with my so many backles and tongue twisters in Manolo Quezon‘s ANC show The Explainer.

To those looking, here is the article–the main culprit–that led me to become the Explainee of this evening’s episode. And you’ll find here my article condemning Frat-Related violence in UP. Also, Arbet makes a very comprehensive list of the Pinoy Blogosphere’s reaction to Cris Mendez’s senseless death.

Let’s all push further to seek justice for CA. Every move counts. END FRAT-RELATED VIOLENCE NOW!

Will (have to) make a more well-thought-out article about the whole experience in a later post. Right now I’m still trying to breathe in the experience. Haha.

Here’s a little preview:

I have a very bad case of scolio. But I just don’t know it yet. LOL.

I’ll upload the video once I get my hands on my copy of the episode so other people can watch (and laugh at all my mistakes. LOL).

To those who weren’t able to catch this episode about Fraternities, there will still be a replay on Saturday, September 15, at 10 o’ clock in the morning.

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Dr. Optics using his sharp, vicious eyes to… uh… rapel?

Guys, meet Dr. Optics. No, he isn’t a relative of Dr. Octopus from the Spider-Man series although he may very well be as much of a genius himself. Right here we see Dr. Optics inching his way down a rappelling cord. How that’s related to Optics and his profession is beyond me, so don’t ask.


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Okay, my emo phase has already lapsed. *Yay* And while I really should be working on our PowerPoint presentation for our Advertising Proposal in about 6-or-so hours, I decided to while away my time in the Web and scavenged this vast and diverse sea of everything and stumbled upon several nutcrackers along the way.

When you’ve nothing to do (or when you have something to do but you really don’t want to do it at the moment), watching YouTube videos is really therapeutic. Here, take a look at some:


The gang of Saturday Night Live makes the funniest sketches! Miraka is a parody of Dora the Explorer, that Spanish-speaking kid responds even when nobody answers. LOL.


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Enough of the hustles and bustles of city life. Enough of the noise made by people around us. Enough of the worries, enough of the problems. Enough.

If this isn’t emo enough for you, honestly, I don’t know what is

Sometimes, everything takes its toll on you. You take in everything, and suddenly you break loose. Like a walis ting-ting suddenly freed from its captor string. One moment it was bound, the next thing you know everything falls apart.


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The last thing the UP Community needs right now is a thoughtless, hasty generalization. And today, it comes in the form of an editorial cartoon:

Photo taken from
(The New Oblation: UP’s Culture of Violence)

Sure, some of you will say we deserve it. Some of you will even say it’s true. And fine, I agree with you. Our culture of violence has really defined our university. The endless hazing, frat wars and deaths in UP has risen in gigantic proportions.


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Presenting… CELEBRITY DUETS! Subtitled: jobs for the jobless celebrities.

SERIOUSLY. Seriously. Seriously?!! Please tell me you’re kidding me. Please. Tell. Me.

Fine. May I remind that I am not to be kidded around with. But this has got to be one of the most, uh, what’s the word? Pathetic? Digusting? Ambitious? For the second time I’m at a loss for words. Nothing can do justice to this madness!

Maybe Tessa Prieto counts as an appropriate description? Gaahh! Just watch.

It’s a show with an apparent Identity Crisis. Is it a talent search? A performance show? Or a comedy sitcom? Looks like it’s all rolled into one…big pile of mess!

I’ve heard of balladeers. I’ve heard of divas (not of the Malu kind). I’ve heard of rock stars. But I have not heard of a Tessa Prieto-Valdez. No, not at all.

I was actually expecting her to give a wonderful performance that night, but the moment she opened her mouth, I skidded around the sofa looking for the damn remote control, already panicking because I couldn’t bear to hear the shrill tone of her voice determined to kill a koala a gazillion miles away.

Without waiting for the other contestants to do their thing on stage, I switched to another channel. Brrr. Gave me the creeps.

Note to self: NEVER watch that show again. EVER.

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As promised, Malu Fernandez returns to her usual column, “Divalicious”, in Manila Standard Today, err… today. =P

Photo taken from

I was quite frustrated to see yet another article about elitist lifestyle. Somehow somewhere I expected a tinge of a statement about the issue, but there were none.

Here it is in true divalicious fashion:


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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s been a video circulating around the web alleging noontime show host Willie Revillame of supposed rigging of a new segment of his show.

Here’s the clip of the video for all of you to see:


The first time I saw the video, I immediately concluded that, yes, there was some form of cheating that happened here. Judging by what happened, it looks like something went wrong and a cover-up took place.


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