Okay, even before your brain starts to conjure some nasty images, let me straight things out a bit: IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK.

Now that that’s settled, let me say just one thing: AAAACCCCKKKK!!!

This afternoon, while happily texting this friend of mine, I suddenly ran out of load and couldn’t reply to him. It was an urgent message that needed replying to immediately, so I sought the help of my “Twitter Friends.” I was literally begging for load. I know it’s cheap, but it was really urgent, so I had no choice.

I waited for a long time to no avail, until time came when I was able to buy load on my own. While walking to my next class, I received a peculiar Twitter notification, which up to this moment had me really, really dumbfounded shocked flabbergasted awestruck speechless gaaah! There is now word that could amount to whatever it is I felt!


Believe me, I almost died right there, while walking. Only THE Manolo Quezon III, THE famous INQUIRER Columnist, THE infamous Filipino Blogger, THE prominent grandson of THE Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon, offering to send some load-love my way. And, get this, he was THE ONLY ONE who replied. My Gad. If it were you, how would you describe this encounter?

In my shock I speculated on THE Conrado de Quiros having his own Twitter account as well. I mean, what are the odds, right? Their columns are side-by-side in the Inquirer, so…


Which sent some of my Twitter Friends going gaga over the idea.

DQ on Twitter?  Hmmmm…

Haha. I was only imagining it. They rode on. Hehe.

Twitter. Connecting People. with THE People. Wow.

Plugs: Thanks to Andrea for “willingly” offering load, had she been awake at that time she said she would’ve sent some load-love my way. Awww. Salamats! =) Because of that you get some link love from this dude over here.

15 Responses to “From Manolo with Love”
  1. mlq3 says:
  2. JM says:

    OMG not here tooo!!!! =)) *laughs hysterically*

  3. Kuya Ederic says:

    Aliw. 🙂

    Nakuryente mo pa kami kay DQ. :p

  4. yoshke says:

    JM, looks like you got a fan, hehehe. Kidding. I always watch “The Explainer” but I really dont get to read his blog.

    You really are in love with twitter arent ya?

  5. JM says:

    @yoshke I dunno, though. Why does it feel like somebody’s pulling my leg? Or maybe I’m really just paranoid these days. Hehe. =P

  6. yoshke says:

    i think you’re just paranoid. althought someone just making a fool out of you is not really impossible. hehe. but i think you’re just being paranoid.

  7. benj says:

    Ok… Di ka naman masyado starstruck kay Manolo, ano? hehe

  8. JM says:

    Haha onga eh. I’m always like this. Starstruck na lang palagi sa mga prominent people. I’ll never be a good journalist if I’m like this! Hehe.

  9. JM says:

    @yoshke paranoid all right! Yes… paranoid. Paranoid. These days. Soooo paranoid. As in.

  10. yoshke says:

    hmm. any ‘special’ reason? haha

  11. JM says:

    Hmmmm let’s just say… I’m paranoid. Haha I don’t wanna elaborate. No this is not love life, though it concerns “waiting” for something. Haynaku. >_<

  12. yoshke says:

    kumusta naman na ginawa na nating chatroom tong blog mo, haha.

  13. JM says:

    Haha onga eh. Magtwitter ka na kasi! LOL. =P

  14. yoshke says:

    meron naman akong twitter account. nakakatamad lang gamitin. ahaha.

    meron talagang lecheng “Stack overflow at line” something everytime I access your blog. Kahit anong PC gamitin ko. Hmm. Mozilla ka siguro kaya hindi lumalabas sayo.

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