Twitter!Twitter has fast become the convenient moblogging tool of choice. With just a few taps on the keyboard or on your cellphone keypad, your message will instantly be sent to people who are “following” you. It acts as an effective group-messaging tool, beating out Globe Unlitxt. O, san ka pa?!

Whenever someone asks me what twitter is, I always reply, “It’s like YM, but you only get to see the Statuses.” True enough, people who use Twitter answer the fundamental question “What are you doing?” With that simple a question there could be a thousand, or even infinite, answers. Such is the secret behind Twitter’s success.

But to be able to answer that question more accurately, it would have to mean that you update every now and then, wherever the heck you are. In other words, you have to “carry Twitter” around with you. How to do that? Through your mobile.

Ever since I got hooked in this “Twitter Craze” I found it amusing how people are able to post tweets using their mobile phone. Further research brought me the answer, and found out that there are numerous ways of Twittering through your mobile phone.

The first means is through Twitter itself. You need to verify your cellphone number by sending a certain keyword you can find in your Account Settings page. The upside to this is that by verification, you’ll be given the option to receive notifications of tweets posted by your friends. A warning though, this habit can really drain your battery if you’re following a lot of people.

Once you’re registered, any message you send to the cellphone number will automatically be posted to your Twitter profile. The downside to this method is that the cellphone number is a UK number, which means they’ll charge you Php15.00 per tweet. How’s that for expensive? You’d have to be as rich as Malu Fernandez to be able to afford this one. Hehe.

But verifying your phone number has its perks, because you’ll be able to receive notifications of new tweets for a one-time fee ofPhp15.00 (both for Globe and Smart subscribers). If you’re a lonely mobile phone user like me who doesn’t receive that much text messages from friends (oh what a sad life!), this one-time registration will surely be worth the Php15.00. =)

The second option is by accessing the mobile twitter page at By using this page you’ll be able to see your latest friends’ tweets plus you’ll be able to post a tweet of your own. It’s practically easy plus the interface is very convenient. The downside is that the first time I used this to post a tweet, it cost me at least Php5.00. Definitely not for poor people like me who thrives only on allowance.

Still not happy about any option yet? Don’t fuss. There’s more! =)

The third way is by using a third party tool known as TwitterMail. This is the most convenient option for mobile kuripot prepaid subscribers like me who are so addicted to Twitting.

By registering with TwitterMail, you just need to send a message to a certain e-mail address they’ll specially assign to you (or you can supply your own hard-to-guess email address. It should be hard to guess because you should be the only one who knows it and is able to post through it). The body of your email will be the one posted to your Twitter profile.

Philippine Twitter Addicts have two options:

(1) For Smart subscribers, Ederic and Mark have extensively elaborated on the procedures. For those who are lazy to click links, here’re some excerpts:


Get a TwitterMail address
Go to and login with your Twitter username and password. You will be given your own TwitterMail e-mail address. Take note of this address as all messages sent to it will be posted as Tweets.

Use Smart’s Text-to-Email Feature
Compose a new message on your mobile phone in this format:
i.e. My first mobile tweet!
Send this to 200.

You will receive an SMS saying that your message has been received. Save the sender’s number as this will be unique to that address. The next time you tweet, just compose your message without the e-mail address and send it to that number. Each message sent will cost only 2.50 pesos. Pretty cool, right?


Idagdag ko lang na pagkatapos mong maipadala ang unang message mo sa Twittermail, may darating na SMS mesage na ganito: “Message will be sent to 200xxxxxxxxx (….” Isubi lamang sa iyong address book ang numerong nasa sender (nagsisimula sa 200). Sa susunod na pagtu-twit mo, dito mo na lang diretsong ipadala ang message mo–papasok na iyon sa Twittermail at mapo-post sa Twitter.

Mas mura ito dahil P2.50 per send lang. Kung gagamit kasi ako ng GPRS sa Treo 650 ko, mas mahal dahil P10 bawat connect. (Actually, P10 daw pero 30 minutes, pero pag pinutol mo ang connection bago mag-30 minutes, kakainin na ng system ang lahat ng P10 mo.)

from Ederic

(2) For Globe subscribers, there is no available web resource, so I experimented on my own.

I tried my Multimedia Messaging service to post using my Twittermail address. I’ve used this service before to post mobile entries with the help of Flickr, but Flickr deals with images and Twitter doesn’t, so there’s a ton of difference.

First, I tested if it will work if I’m going to send a message to an email address. I composed a multimedia message and sent it to my mom and my best friend’s email address, telling them to reply to my phone if they received the message. In the middle of my Physics class, I received a message from my mom telling me she received the message. Wipee! And it didn’t cost me anything at all! Try it!

So, is it a go for Twittering via your phone’s MMS service? Unfortunately, no. Sending through my MMS phone (N3650) converts the body of the message into a text attachment which neither Twittermail nor Twitter consider as the body of the message, the one they’re going to post to your profile. So it’s a no-go for the MMS service.

I tried using my phone’s Email client but that busted thing won’t work. If you have a dial-up ISP which provides you with a free Webmail account, Globe has a walkthrough for using your phone’s email client. Maybe you can try it out and see the results.

The last option I have is accessing an email client through my phone’s GPRS browser. I first tried accessing GMail through my mobile but it just won’t work. And it’s charging me Php2.00 even if I haven’t downloaded anything!

And so I tried using Yahoo. I clicked on Yahoo’s link on the MyGlobe homepage on my phone’s browser and it worked. I logged in, composed a mail, sent it to my TwitterMail address and, voila! It worked! Guess how much it cost me? On the first try, it deducted around Php1.00 from my load because I had to go through a lot of links to get to the Compose page (MyGlobe, Yahoo, Y!Mail Inbox, then Compose). What I did is I bookmarked the Compose page so the next time I decide to Twitter, I’ll just click that link and it’ll lead me directly to the Compose page! It’s really convenient you really oughta try it.

Guess how much that trick cost me? I tested it a while ago and it costs… nothing! Yes, I myself couldn’t believe that my Php1.07 load wasn’t deducted anything!

This method is not advisable for Smart subscribers because Smart charges Php10.00 per 30 minutes of GPRS browsing, even if you don’t fully consume the 30-minute period. Globe, however, charges a mere Php0.075/kb downloaded so it wouldn’t cost you that much to Twitter.

There. I hope I helped.

Do you know of other ways to Twitter through your mobile? Maybe you can share it with us! =)

P.S. Any idea how to go around with this through Sun Cellular?

Next adventure: WordPress blogging through your mobile.

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  1. andianka says:

    ahhhh! very nice… me likey! i’ll do this globe style since globe ako. hmmm… masaya ‘to para kahit nasa labas ka pwede magtwit. weeeeh! ganda! hehehheh…

  2. JM says:

    Hehe yep, it even added to the addiction. Grabe! Dami na nagtetext sakin!! Wo0t! 😛

  3. Kuya Ederic says:

    O, nakalipat ka na ata. Congrats! 🙂

  4. Karlo.PinoyBlogero says:

    Wow! You are a good help to all those kuripots out there! Mas lalo na sa akin! I’ll try out the globe part and I would see if it really does work! Thanks a lot!

  5. JM says:

    @pinoyblogero glad to be of help! =)

  6. Bobbie Berg says:

    good luck

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