Three months have come and passed and now we’re approaching the middle of the semester. It’s definitely time for exams and requirements once again as professors battle it out with the typhoon and cancellation of classes in raining down their students with unreasonable tasks of gigantic proportions.

To be quite honest I am not loving this sem. I have 21 units to carry plus a CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service?) and a PE (Duckpin Bowling) to top it all off. My schedule’s always crazy as hell, with free time almost always occupied still by school work.

Let’s deconstruct this awful, awful semester subject-by-subject.

Journalism 121: The Newsroom
Professor Yvonne Chua

This is my top priority for this sem. This has got to be the most demanding, taxing, and albeit frustrating subject I’ve ever taken. Ma’am Chua is a very good journalist, which translates to we’re not at all up to par with what she expects from us. It’s really a demanding subject because it’s a skills class, which means you should double the effort to learn the skills lest you get left behind. The only comfort we have in this class is the fact that we’re all on equal footing: we’re all journalism juniors, all inexperienced, all “young and restless.” Hehe. Which also means we’re all failing each and every time. But then again at least we learn.

Journalism 117: Online Journalism
Professor Rachel Khan

This one subject, I like. I’ve always been wanting to have something related to the two things I’m most interested in: writing and computers. It’s a mixture of both so everybody wins! Hehe. So far this subject’s been going smoothly, with Photoshop tutorials and all. But what I’m really hating is that we’re compelled to use Dreamweaver, which I have no knowledge of AT ALL. It would’ve been easier if we’re using FrontPage but Ma’am Khan, I believe, is more adept with Dreamweaver. Just a note: Dreamweaver sucks. So hard to manipulate that thing!

Journalism 151: Advertising
Professor Teresa Jazmines

Ma’am Tessa is the most animated, comedic professor there is. She mixes theory with well-versed antics and application to real-life situations (she’s a practicing advertising agent). I’ve already taken her up in J151 (Public Relations) and, I got to say, she really gives high grades.

Journalism 123: Photojournalism
Tata Gil Nartea

This is a cool subject, sad to say it isn’t taught very well. Tata Gil focuses mainly on SLR photography, which leaves almost 95% of the class out of the discussion (because most of us use compact digital cameras only). How’s this for a nutcracker: we paid a 400peso lab fee for this class, then we found out it was for the FILM that we’re gonna have to use to shoot. Ummm, I don’t believe film cartridges fit in the back of my digicam, right? Hehe.

Comm 140: Communication Theory
Professor Alfonso Deza

This has got to be the most boring subject I’ve taken EVER. The only reason I fought tooth and nail for a slot in Sir Deza’s class is because he’s widely known around the college to give very high grades. And very high grades is definitely what I need right now. Sir Deza doesn’t teach well at all, because he’s merely presenting topics without even making sense or connections or relevance of them. Sometimes he just ends up reading handouts for us to take notes of. How’s that for a class in UP? But for higher grades, something else must be sacrificed… Sigh.

Communication 120: Media Law
Professor Mina Francisco

One word: nosebleed. Law and Mass Comm students don’t really mix very well. Readings are complicated and somewhat hard to understand, but hey, that’s law. And this is Mass Comm. No no. Hehe. But, we learn something new each session that’ll surely aid us as we step forth into the real world of media. I just hope Ma’am Mina reconciles with herself so that she won’t end up confusing us when explaining a certain law.

Physics 10: Physics for Pedestrians
Dr. Earl Juanico

This is one cool class. We get to learn the physics behind everyday things we tend to overlook, like why the sky is blue, the rainbow multi-colored, or the sunset red. It’s an easy because it’s a GE (General Education) subject. Not much of the computations like the Physics we used to know back in High School. Plus, Dr Juanico teaches very well, complete with videos and visual aids pa.

CWTS1: Engineering Computer Science
Miss Chris Clarin

I took this up because I’d like to take at least one computer subject before I leave the university. Good thing we’re teaching kids! I’d love to teach kids how to use the computer. However, the 1st part of the CWTS is very hard because it involves lesson planning and courseware making. How’s two ultra-powered PowerPoint presentations a week for a surefire stress ingestion? Good to know we’re done with the hard parts. Pa-easy-easy na lang ngayon. Hehe.

PE2: Duckpin Bowling
This is the most fun PE I’ve had so far. Every meeting we just have to play 10 frames and that’s it! Plus it’s fun bowling at the UP Bowling Alley because of all the grooves, mountains and valleys along the alley. Makes every shot more unpredictable, therefore more exciting. Highest I got so far? 88! No one in our group has beaten that yet. Hehe. I hope I manage to get up to 100 even just once.

With that I conclude with my choices for next semester. I pre-enlisted yesterday through Sir Danny Arao, and geez, he’s really looking into my checklist, checking every detail he might’ve missed. Scary. I don’t know why I’m so afraid of him.


2 Responses to “Academics Mid-Semester Assessment”
  1. Donya Quixote says:

    I have to say that this sem is one of the best I’ve had… [which actually isn’t saying much, since my last sems just plain SUCKED]. Dreamweaver is good, kaya! Pag Dreamweaver-literate ka na, hindi ka na babalik sa Frontpage, pramis [not that I’ve ever used Frontpage – nainis lang ako sa kaniya kasi Dreamweaver baby ako noon pa]. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. JM says:

    Hahaha.. Dreamweaver is fine, but I’m having a hard time doing tables (which is, like, the backbone of all my HTML-goodness! Haha!).

    21 units isn’t fun. Besides, I believe you’re swimming in all your free electives, no? I was confined to take up core Journ subjects kasi, that’s why it’s so… mindbottling! Ha ha ha! =P

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