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In a rare show of unity, the UP Diliman Administration and Students condemned the merciless and senseless killing of Cris Anthony Mendez, only 20 years old, a graduating student of the National College of Public Administration and Governance. An indignation rally was held at the historic AS Steps (Palma Hall) this morning, where people wore black to signify grief over Cris’s death. Friends, Orgmates, Acquaintances and the general studentry went to show their sympathy over his death.

Everybody wore black to signify grief over the senseless murder of a fellow UP student


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*Belts out* There’s nothing I can do, the Total Eclipse of the Heaaarrrrttt…

No, no, I’m not gonna go retro or new wave on you today. Geez, I don’t even know who sang that song! Haha. Clearly wasn’t my generation.

Photo taken from

So today we anticipated the Total Lunar Eclipse that was (supposed to be) totally viewable from Manila. However, unlike other eclipses, the moon didn’t totally disappear from view but was instead painted with a red color due to some scientific stuff I couldn’t care less about.

The color cast by refracted light — which can range from bright orange to blood red to copper to dark gray — depends on the amount of volcanic gas and dust in the atmosphere blocking the Sun’s light. *Oh, so that’s why… I think I should pay more attention to my Physics10 class this sem. Hehe.*


BUT due to *cue Kuya Kim impersonation* cloudy skies and threats of rainshowers, the only red I saw in the sky when I went out just an hour ago was… the sky itself. Rain is manifesting. Clouds everywhere! Hence, no eclipse in this part of the metro. =(


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I took these shots for my J123 Photojournalism Class on a very hot Tuesday afternoon. It was a very bad day for me because (1) classes just resumed and (2) I was nursing a very stubborn cold, which made me drowsy all day. Bathing in the scorching 1pm sun wasn’t a good idea at all, but I needed the sunlight for better exposures.

So I started clicking within the Oblation Statue grounds, lugging a huge tripod with me for more stability. Seconds later, a guard approaches me.

Guard: Sir, bawal po kunan ang Oblation.
Me: Ha? Kelan pa ho naging bawal? Nung isang araw lang kumukuha ako dito ah?
Guard: Bawal ho kasi video-han yan. Baka ho kasi makasama sa imahe ng UP ‘pag ginamit sa kung saan.
Me: Aah hindi naman ho ako nagvivideo. Para sa photography class ko ho ito, eto po o *shows him my digicam* digicam lang ho yan.
Guard: Ah oh sige ho. Huwag na lang ho kayo magvideo.
Me: Eh hindi nga ho ako nagvivideo manong.
Guard: Eh wag nyo na lang ho gamitin yan (points to the tripod), mukha ho kasi kayong nagvivideo eh.

So lemme ask, what’ll mire the image of UP more? Me taking a video or me seeming to take a video of the Oblation? C’mon Kuya Guard!


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Okay, even before your brain starts to conjure some nasty images, let me straight things out a bit: IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK.

Now that that’s settled, let me say just one thing: AAAACCCCKKKK!!!

This afternoon, while happily texting this friend of mine, I suddenly ran out of load and couldn’t reply to him. It was an urgent message that needed replying to immediately, so I sought the help of my “Twitter Friends.” I was literally begging for load. I know it’s cheap, but it was really urgent, so I had no choice.


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Kuya Ederic twittered to me a few days back, offering to host me in his account. Few days later, here I am! I’m now officially hosted under, much thanks to Kuya Ederic who goes around the web “adopting” poor little kiddos like me who’s literally getting by through scraps (read: free hosting!). I gotta say, if webspace can be transmuted into land area in real life, Kuya Ederic is the Jaime Zobel de Ayala of the web. Hehe.

So with much much thanks, please send some link love down Kuya Ederic‘s way. Oh, and don’t forget to update your links to this blog, alright? It is now

He actually asked me if I’m gonna buy my own domain, so I thought real hard. But, being the extreme cheapo that I am, I decided not to push through with my initial plan to buy my own domain. At least I get to flaunt the beside my name! You don’t know how rewarding that feels. =)

So, isa na ba ako ngayong ka-Tinig? Hehe corny.

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Twitter!Twitter has fast become the convenient moblogging tool of choice. With just a few taps on the keyboard or on your cellphone keypad, your message will instantly be sent to people who are “following” you. It acts as an effective group-messaging tool, beating out Globe Unlitxt. O, san ka pa?!

Whenever someone asks me what twitter is, I always reply, “It’s like YM, but you only get to see the Statuses.” True enough, people who use Twitter answer the fundamental question “What are you doing?” With that simple a question there could be a thousand, or even infinite, answers. Such is the secret behind Twitter’s success.

But to be able to answer that question more accurately, it would have to mean that you update every now and then, wherever the heck you are. In other words, you have to “carry Twitter” around with you. How to do that? Through your mobile.

Ever since I got hooked in this “Twitter Craze” I found it amusing how people are able to post tweets using their mobile phone. Further research brought me the answer, and found out that there are numerous ways of Twittering through your mobile phone.


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If you’ve seen or known an integral part of me, you’re very well aware how addicted I am to Grey’s Anatomy. (OMG it rhymes! =P)

The Cast

(Warning: to those who haven’t finished watching Season 3, potential spoilers right ahead)


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EDIT: Ederic of has compiled/will be compiling in a writing project (aptly called Proyektong Malu Fernandez) all the posts about this journalist. Go check them out!

Once there was a little girlie pig who was alone and lost along the woods. Walking a little further, she encountered a little bottle-like object with crazy shapes painted on it like a wallpaper pattern gone wild. She played with the object with her huge snout, pushing it around and moments later, white smoke came out of the opening of the bottle at one end. The smoke then materialized into *poof! what else?* a genie!

The genie thanked the little pig for setting him free. In accordance with International Genie Freedom law, the genie was to grant the little pig three wishes.

The little pig thought real hard about what to ask of the genie, but nature and instincts acted up first.


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If you’ve been living under the rock, then you probably haven’t heard of Trinoma, the newest Ayala installment in this mall-infested mall-hungry country.

Trinoma To the uninformed, Trinoma actually means Triangle North of Manila. If you’ve been to the mall, you probably noticed the triangular structure (more like a cyclone shape) hence the name. Also, it sits comfortably by the corners of EDSA, North Avenue and West Avenue, hence the shape.

When I first heard of it, of course I asked, “Trinoma? Anu yun?!” It’s a very weird name to call a mall, don’t you agree? While Henry Sy is so fond of creating cities and continents out of his malls, Ayala, on the other hand, is very much interested in weird-sounding names to call his (Glorietta, Greenbelt, Market Market).

To be quite honest, I haven’t totally explored Trinoma yet. The first time I went there, I went up the entrance nearest to SM North Edsa (which is right smack across Trinoma; talk about competition), which is not really the best place to start the Trinoma experience.

Trinoma is a diverse mall with different offerings for different kinds of people. We got so fond of its diversity we nicknamed certain sections of the mall with names of other malls. Like, for example, there’s an alley in the ground floor lined up with sosy-totally-expensive shops which we call Rockwell. The activity center looks a lot like Market Market‘s cross-bred with Glorietta‘s, thanks to the kiddie playground. There’s an alley of mini-shops we nicknamed Marketplace, the neighborhood (read: filthy) shopping mall right across our High School. The outside atrium, which totally kicks the ass of that fake jungle at the heart of Gateway, is obviously an homage to Greenbelt. See the diversity?

Trinoma Activity Center

Just like Rockwell, Trinoma is actually a microcosm of the social ladder. The higher you go up, the more money you’re gonna need to be able to afford the things being sold in that certain floor. In the ground floor you’ll find fast foods and the activity center, where people who went there just to “stroll” linger. The second floor is where the Food Choices is housed, to those who want meals on a budget. The third floor is where the shopping action begins. The fourth floor is still to be furnished with shops, but the open ones are more for the filthy rich. At the atrium (the Greenbelt part of the mall) are restaurants for those who can afford.

We set up shop at the beautiful, beautiful Starbucks located at the top and heart of the center atrium. I’m telling you, this is the most beautiful Starbucks I’ve been to so far! It pales in comparison with Corinthian Gardens’ Starbucks branch. The view is breathtaking. The sounds of the waterfalls and fountains all around are very much soothing. A great place to sit back and relax and read a good book, or study for the exams. If it hasn’t been raining incessantly this afternoon, I believe the sun could’ve added to that magnificent experience.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the Starbucks because I left my digicam at the boarding house. I’m telling you, my trusty camera phone won’t do justice to the beauty of that place, so I just took pictures of other things instead. (Click the thumbnails to view larger photos)

See the fog?  It was the coolest thing!This is one of the fountains in the 5th floorChicken Pesto @ A Venetto
What looks special about this wall art?It's actually an interactive ad by Coke where the ice crystals move around when you go near them!It’s Putanessca for dinner @ A Vennetto

A few hours while we were talking outside Starbucks, it started to fog! Though not literally, because some smoke machine was turned on near the fountains, which created the illusion of mist around the tree-filled area. I’m telling you it’s the coolest thing! You should go hang out in there some time.

If you’re planning to go to Trinoma, do bring a jacket. The aircon kills, man. As in. It was so damn cold my black jacket wasn’t enough to keep me comfortable. It was like being in Baguio, though I haven’t really gone up there. Hehe.

Lounge outside and witness the different fountain contraptions they’ve thought up. Zafra disapproves of the idea of the atrium (because we all need aircon daw, that’s why we go to the mall), but I just think it’s real great.

Here’s the clincher: Cinema costs a whopping 170pesos! What the heck?! Totally, TOTALLY avoid watching movies here. It won’t be any different than watching it from SM North Edsa (which only costs 130pesos). I mean, what gives? It’s too much for a movie, really. For added cushioned sofa and carpeted floor? I don’t think it’s a good deal.

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It pains me that they had to cancel classes yet again. Yes, you read that right. It PAINS me! And no, no aliens have abducted me and turned me into an anti-social freak who refuses to get along with the crowd.


This is where typhoon Egay is right now. I am thisclose to kicking him in the arse, straight out of the Philippine Islands!

While other people are jumping in jubjub jubilation because classes were cancelled thereby turning this week into a 6-day weekend, I sit here and mope because I sorely miss school. Yes, I’m part of the 1% of the student population who actually loves to go to school. But not because I’m GC or diligent or whatever. It’s because nowadays no classes translate to more schoolwork therefore more effort therefore more energy *wasted*. Haha. I hope you get my analogy.

Oh well, I guess I’m spending the whole day sprucing up this blog yet again. How’s abouts you? Do you scream “WALANG PASOOOOK!” like the Nescafe ad when classes get suspended when you were still a student?

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That’s it. Just like Friendster 4 years back, I got hooked. And the funny thing is, on both instances, I told myself I’d never EVER use these tools. But I am now!

Twitter! After much deliberation (with myself no less, o diba kaawayin daw ang sarili? Hehe.) I finally gave in. I created an account, “followed” some friends, downloaded this MadTwitter app from Benj‘s site, plugged the twitter box in my sidebar, and voila! I’m twittin’. I’m officially a twitter. (I get confused. What’s the difference between Twit and Tweet? Is Twit a verb and Tweet a noun? Somebody give me a lesson on Twitting 101 please!)

What’s really cool about this ‘twittin’ is that it partly acts as Instant Messenger, SMS, Friendster and Sideblog all in one! And you only need one app for all that–MadTwitter no less!

It’s also a great tool for posting quick updates on the site, as well as some short messages that don’t merit a blog post. What’s cute is that it’s soooo cute! Little, what I mean. It even converts long URLs into TINYURLs! Who would’ve thought?!

Let’s see how this thing will work for me.

Oh, I have a question. How come some of the people I “follow” can post tweets via their cellphones? Are they texting internationally or just using WAP to access messenger on their cellphones? Enlightenment please!

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Whew. I just came back from a very long hiatus and this is what I’m greeted with: issues, issues, issues.

It seems that no matter where I go I’m met with the politics of the “organization.” Well, to be politically correct, the politicking in the organization.

The Pinoy Blogosphere–as it is most fondly called–could’ve made front page news of the Inquirer for the past two weeks of controversies.

The first one involving a kid blogger who has been accused of having a dad for a ghostwriter, clashing with the so-called “ethics” of blogging.

Second is the “misrepresentation” of the Pinoy Blogosphere by a blogger who allegedly talked for personal merit.

Question: Who the heck owns the “Pinoy Blogosphere”?
Answer: Nobody.

It is a social construct promulgated by the now-so-called “powers-that-be” of Pinoy blogging. Strictly speaking the label only emerged when they got people organized–in events, in blogging awards, in blogger meet-ups. There’s bound to be a certain amount of clashes when you “organize” bloggers, who are so used to their personal space, into a more public spectrum where in they are forced to be under the scrutiny of the powers-that-be, or any other blogger for that matter.

It’s safe to say that clashes and controversies such as these are bound to happen. What would you expect when people who were once lords and gods over their respective blogs suddenly become subjugated to certain “social classes” in the so-called “sphere,” which are, unfortunately, oftentimes determined by their blogging age and influence (or is it affluence?).

I am not at all an influential blogger. Heck, I’ve been blogging for a little more than six years but you can count my influence units (if there is such a thing) by the fingers in your hands. What I’m trying to arrive at is that nobody lords–or should lord–over what people say or do in their blogs, or even outside of it. We chose to participate in these events because we want to make connections with people who more or less think the same way we do.

Heck, I’m just a tiny voice in the “Pinoy Blogosphere” but I refuse to accept the fact that I have no influence at all. We are all bloggers and we were all endowed with the power to influence. Nobody, by any point of stature, age, wisdom, or influence, can tell us what or what not to do. That’s the essence of blogging when it first came about. Now it is being mired by controversies because it is slowly being organized.

All I wanna say is, bahala kayo diyan! I’m gonna blog and I’m gonna talk about whatever I want. Of course some sense of ethics will apply, but that’s a whole different matter to talk about.

P.S.: This makes me feel more apprehensive about attending these so-called “blogger meet-ups.” Not that I’m playing snob or whatever. I just sort-of refuse to “join the club.” Sure I’m missing out on a few thousand hits to this blog, but what the hey, if I want to meet people online, I’d go to friendster or myspace or whatever! I won’t blog at all!

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Three months have come and passed and now we’re approaching the middle of the semester. It’s definitely time for exams and requirements once again as professors battle it out with the typhoon and cancellation of classes in raining down their students with unreasonable tasks of gigantic proportions.

To be quite honest I am not loving this sem. I have 21 units to carry plus a CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service?) and a PE (Duckpin Bowling) to top it all off. My schedule’s always crazy as hell, with free time almost always occupied still by school work.

Let’s deconstruct this awful, awful semester subject-by-subject.


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It’s 2:45 in the morning and hell, it’s raining.

I carefully listened as I heard raindrops start to fall from the sky and hit the ground.

Elsie and I were kidding about this this afternoon.

It’s freakin’ raining. Egay is here?

I hope classes will get suspended (Okay, now that’s just a shitload of wishful thinking!) *Wow, I actually used the word shitload. Been wanting to use that for the longest time* *Ignore me, I love asterisks and parenthetical statements*

I have an exam mamaya eh! Waaaah! >_<

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I’m drooling right now. As in Literally.


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