Today, July 30, marks my first day as a nineteen year old. Gawd I can already feel the pressure! Haha. But not really.Kumi said last night that nineteen is the most exciting age of all. I asked why? She said it’s because you’re between 18 (when you just jumped into this adult bandwagon) and 20 (when you finally leave the teenage world). I totally agree! Isn’t it exciting? I’m not a girl not yet a woman for real! Haha!

Truth be told, I dread being nineteen. It only ushers in a lot of sentiments, and being the sentimental person that I am, I know it’s gonna be hard to let go of The Teenage Years. Last I felt like this was when I turned 12, when I said goodbye to pre-puberty years and looked forward to being a teenager. Tama na, I’m so senti, I know.


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