Waaahhh blag. Missed you. ‘sbeen so long since I last updated. So many things happened (cliche). So many things I want to talk about (cliche). So many pressing matters on top of the other (cliche). Thanks, I’m a walking cliche, I know.

Drama-rant up ahead.

Okay, so people are teasing me for (supposedly) being a PDI (Philippine Daily Inquirer) Scholar. No, I haven’t got the scholarship yet, I’m still in the “screening” process, if that be the word. However, news travels fast where news is made, duh. So practically the whole journalism department knew about it, even Ate Penny, a senior! Gaadd. That was what I wanted to avoid. I’m not keen on being on the spotlight so much. I’m more of a ‘behind-the-scenes’ guy.

I have no problem with the teasing. Some are even darn hilarious whenever they tease me (take Kumi for example, even coining the ‘Daddy Yammy Yambot’ name for Inquirer’s publisher). I mean, I totally understand how I’d suddenly become the center of attention and, on some rare occasions, the butt of jokes.

(here’s the drama part) What I can’t take is the pressure, the expectation. By being a PDI Scholar I’m forever labeled to be someone ‘great’ or ‘good’ with writing. Imagine the stigma, imaging the feeling. Once again I’m forced to live up to some expectation I didn’t even solicit. If I fail, it’s for shame. I’m not even half as good as some journ students in our college. I mean, there are a lot more people deserving of the scholarship (like Dana and Kath and Tine, I’m not kidding or humoring you). The question is, why me?

It’s a curse, I tell you. And it gets worse.

But then again that’s just me. Just my two cents. ^__^ Let’s still thank God for this opportunity. Thank God for this blessing. =) And work hard to make it work. =D

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