Ma’am Rachel Khan posted our J102 grades the other day.

Today, she posted our final papers online via a wiki. Andaya ni ma’am! Sabi nya walang byline… haynaku! Malalaman tuloy na ako ang gumawa ng kalokohang article na yun! Hehehe…

They’ll squeeze you. What was I thinking?!

Okay eto magmamayabang na’ko. Yep, unbelievably, I got an uno in that paper. (Whoo batuhan na ng kamatis) Nakakagulat kasi walang ka-flow-flow yung paper na yun tsaka parang hodgepodge of details lang, talagang walang structure… parang stream of consciousness lang. Hehe… I even rushed that paper para umabot sa deadline… Haha, the miracles of cramming.

Ayun… if you’re a registered voter, do visit the wiki to be informed. I was the one who wrote the profile of Navy Lt./Sg Antonio Trillanes. Thanks to Kuya for the suggestion! =)

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