I’ll keep this short ‘coz I’m uber sleepy na. But that’s not to say I’m not uber happy. I’m uber uber uber uber happy. Thanks for making me smile always… Thanks for every wonderful day spent with you! Tapos na Friday the 13th… 14th naman ngayon… =)

Went to school this morning to interview the execom of ecosoc for my codered article. Can somebody please say Conio? Hehe… I really don’t love to go to Econ, because I feel like I’m in Ateneo instead of UP. Don’t hate me, econ majors… it’s what I always observe when I go there, so blame your school/college-mates. Totoo… Puro laptop, conio conversations, preppy people… but that’s not to say na lahat ng tao dun ganun. Buti nga yung ininterview ko eh indi sila ganun, ang gagaling nga nila eh… Thanks Ate Anika and all the execom of Ecosoc!

Managed to grab a glimpse of the iBlog3 Summit while I was there. Andun lang ako sa likod, nakatayo. Si Marcelle Fabie pa yung nagsasalita, haha, batchmate ni Kuya na kinaaasaran niya. Pagtingin ko sa baba (nasa may ledge kasi ako) si Misteryosa pala yung andun, yung winner sa bloggies! Haha lalang, kaka-flatter. I was in the presence of winners. =P

Went to Kuya’s this afternoon to do his Spider-Man CD covers. Prior to that, we had our haircut sa Katipunan. Haha super funny thing happened. Pero di ko na lang kuwento, samin na lang ng kuya ko yun. =P

Ayun. BTW, went to Masscomm today to go grab my classcards. Haggardness, forgot that it was reg day for Summer today. Tumambay lang tuloy ako. Whenever people asked me, “JM, ano kukunin mo?” sagot ko, “Classcard.” Nyahehehe… na-badtrip sila sakin… =P

Whooo Staff Meeting na naman bukas! Excited ako na ngarag na ewan! =P Excited na mag-days pero ngarag pa rin sa dami ng work! Haaaayyyy sana may vacation getaway after this, kahit dip in the pool lang! Namehn! Summer na noh!!!

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