Haaay… I’m almost about to give up on this house… you just can’t get what you really really want in here…

Yes, not even your most treasured eight hours of sleep. No wonder people always notice I’m that antukin. It’s because in this house, everything is sure to wake me up in the unholiest of hours.

Imagine watching a movie with skipping parts or disappearing voices. Spice it up with your seatmate talking through a megaphone, and you get to experience how I’m able to experience sleep in this house.

Short. Bitin. Fragmented. Asar. Tapos magtataka sila kung bakit wala ako lagi dito sa bahay (well, besides sa Days), eh sana alam nila pinaggagagawa nila. Haaayy, onti na lang, JM, onti na lang…

Great. It’s a long day ahead. I don’t have the energy for this long day… Kuya Jess help me… Kala ko po ba kahapon ang Friday the 13th? 14th na ah…

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  1. Reba says:

    Absolutely pent content , Really enjoyed reading !

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