Happy Easter everyone! Christ has died but the good news is he fulfilled his promise and rose again! Easter is probably the most important Christian (or Catholic) feast of all because it is in Christ’s resurrection where we base our belief and faith that God fulfills his promise and that He will save us from all our sins.

Practically spent the Week at Cainta with Kuya. Joined the Holy Wednesday Procession for Ate Tin. Joined the Alay-Lakad to Antipolo with friends (and lots of Students of Bro. Juvs). Veneration of the Cross. Easter Vigil. Holy Week is really a time to reflect. A time to recollect the role of Kuya Jess in our lives, the part He played, and His significant involvement in all the events of our lives.

It’s also been a reality check for me. A check of myself–my current self. The self that I’ve been for so long. It was hard to face the mirror and see the face in it full of dirt, scratches and grime. I’m so imperfect. Full of immaturities that have seem to to stick like silicone clothing. It’s hard. And what’s harder is the fact that I hurt people because of my immaturities. It happened once, twice, many times. And each and every time I hurt someone.

I cried.

I didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. I don’t want to hurt them anymore. Especially the ones I love… I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want me anymore.

Please take me out of the Dark Oh Lord… Please help me…

Sorry… Sorry sa mga ginawa ko…

*I still thank God that DWTL 16 is pushing through… I’m going to give it my all this time. Everything I can do to prove to Him that I’m doing everything for Him. Thanks to all the dayzers for the support. Leaves no room for doubt about the success of this endeavor. It’s wonderful how simple things like this afternoon’s gathering puts a smile on my face. All the support is overwhelming. I hope that in DWTL 17 they’re all still there… this time, for me. B.I.L.+

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