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Yours truly is blogging live inside Pizza Hut Bistro in Galleria via Kuya’s macbook. Grabe, ganto pala feeling ng wi-fi. I feel so corporate and sozy (which doesn’t suit me, may I add).Camwhored. Nuff said. =P


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Whenever someone asks me the one thing that I’m most passionate about, I would always utter the same answer: serving (with) my fellow youth. Through time and time again, I have proved to myself that I belong to this kind of vocation, to this kind of endeavor. No, I don’t plan to be a Salesian Priest who would be ordained to serve the youth. But in my own little way, I know my life has been patterned for that kind of service.I find fulfillment whenever I serve (with) my fellow youth. The young ones bring me energy and motivation. Whenever I’d serve (with/for) them, they never fail to paint a smile on my face after the session. Whether it’s a retreat, a workshop, a seminar or a simple get-together these kids never fail to take my feet off the ground and take me for a flight to never land where people don’t grow old (but certainly they do grow up, right?) and everyone remains a child forever.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I don’t want to grow old. Growing up… well, that’s an entirely different matter. What I’m trying to say is I want to be young forever. I don’t want to be in a rush to be an adult (which I already am, by legal standards). I want to enjoy my childhood (what’s left of it) as much as I can. In 3 months I’ll be turning nineteen, and I’d be closing a chapter in my life soon after that. Work will start pouring in, and I’d be poring my eyes over certain responsibilities I’d have to attend to as an adult. The adult’s life is complicated, ei?

If only I could prevent myself from stepping onto the next level of life, I would. But there are certain realities that I just have to accept. I don’t know how to keep myself young despite all the “adultness” I’d have to battle with. Is there a solution for it? Dear Lord, please help me keep my heart young…

Darn, I’m being too sentimental already! Here are the pics for today. Had a very busy day preparing for our retreat next week. Wish us all of God’s blessings! Being a Vice-Rector is really a tiring task, but, just like what I’ve said to Kuya, I want to give it my all this time. After all, I only get to be Vice-Rector once…

Tama na muna senti! Pic time naman! (Photos after the jump!)


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Just got home from a Days Practice Session this afternoon. I wasn’t really supposed to be there because I have no part in it but as Vice-Rector I wanted to as much as possible see first-hand the progress of my staff. Good thing they were all good kiddies, so I think they’re going to go great.What’s really striking with what happened this afternoon is that I, for the first time, am the oldest person in the group. Gawd am I that old already?! Gawrsh… it was just like yesterday when I’m always the youngest and now I’m the oldest one. Not really a rewarding thought to remember…

However, it feels quite good to be the eldest. Yes, it means I’m responsible to whatever will happen to all of them but somehow within that grave responsibility there is a rewarding thought in the fact that I’m able to be with the people I’m really passionate serving and doing sercive with: my fellow youth. I do hope I could have at least done even the smallest teeny bit for them that would have changed their life forever. I guess that’s what’ll make my life really worth living.

In other news, don’t you think Pacquiao is so overrated?! Bleh. Honestly speaking, I wished for his defeat during his recent bout. Too bad it was a mismatch. That darn congressman-wannabe needs a little taste of humble pie.

And what’s worse about his “victory” are the politicians who, as always, have been flying around like flies and mosquitoes riding on Pacquiao’s fame hoping to get showered with a little publicity for the elections. Mga trapo!!! Matalo sana kayo lahat!!!

Hay naku, nakakapang-init ng ulo.

In any case, here are the kiddos (complete with playing in the McDo playground pa, hehe):

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Anna’s Back View


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New blog once again! Hopefully this’ll be up for quite a long time…

Anyway I don’t have anything much to say right now so here, feast yourself on some pictures from recent happenings: (more photos after the jump)

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The gang at the Makati Science High School Graduation


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Ma’am Rachel Khan posted our J102 grades the other day.

Today, she posted our final papers online via a wiki. Andaya ni ma’am! Sabi nya walang byline… haynaku! Malalaman tuloy na ako ang gumawa ng kalokohang article na yun! Hehehe…

They’ll squeeze you. What was I thinking?!

Okay eto magmamayabang na’ko. Yep, unbelievably, I got an uno in that paper. (Whoo batuhan na ng kamatis) Nakakagulat kasi walang ka-flow-flow yung paper na yun tsaka parang hodgepodge of details lang, talagang walang structure… parang stream of consciousness lang. Hehe… I even rushed that paper para umabot sa deadline… Haha, the miracles of cramming.

Ayun… if you’re a registered voter, do visit the wiki to be informed. I was the one who wrote the profile of Navy Lt./Sg Antonio Trillanes. Thanks to Kuya for the suggestion! =)

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Since I have nothing better to do until 1pm comes in time for our meeting, let’s talk about… people.Okay, I don’t usually do this but the moment really just calls for it.

Let’s talk about people. Nyay chismis! Haha… specifically, let’s talk about Masscomm people (and altogether pray they don’t find out who these people are… and kill me).


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Haaay… I’m almost about to give up on this house… you just can’t get what you really really want in here…

Yes, not even your most treasured eight hours of sleep. No wonder people always notice I’m that antukin. It’s because in this house, everything is sure to wake me up in the unholiest of hours.

Imagine watching a movie with skipping parts or disappearing voices. Spice it up with your seatmate talking through a megaphone, and you get to experience how I’m able to experience sleep in this house.

Short. Bitin. Fragmented. Asar. Tapos magtataka sila kung bakit wala ako lagi dito sa bahay (well, besides sa Days), eh sana alam nila pinaggagagawa nila. Haaayy, onti na lang, JM, onti na lang…

Great. It’s a long day ahead. I don’t have the energy for this long day… Kuya Jess help me… Kala ko po ba kahapon ang Friday the 13th? 14th na ah…

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I’ll keep this short ‘coz I’m uber sleepy na. But that’s not to say I’m not uber happy. I’m uber uber uber uber happy. Thanks for making me smile always… Thanks for every wonderful day spent with you! Tapos na Friday the 13th… 14th naman ngayon… =)

Went to school this morning to interview the execom of ecosoc for my codered article. Can somebody please say Conio? Hehe… I really don’t love to go to Econ, because I feel like I’m in Ateneo instead of UP. Don’t hate me, econ majors… it’s what I always observe when I go there, so blame your school/college-mates. Totoo… Puro laptop, conio conversations, preppy people… but that’s not to say na lahat ng tao dun ganun. Buti nga yung ininterview ko eh indi sila ganun, ang gagaling nga nila eh… Thanks Ate Anika and all the execom of Ecosoc!

Managed to grab a glimpse of the iBlog3 Summit while I was there. Andun lang ako sa likod, nakatayo. Si Marcelle Fabie pa yung nagsasalita, haha, batchmate ni Kuya na kinaaasaran niya. Pagtingin ko sa baba (nasa may ledge kasi ako) si Misteryosa pala yung andun, yung winner sa bloggies! Haha lalang, kaka-flatter. I was in the presence of winners. =P

Went to Kuya’s this afternoon to do his Spider-Man CD covers. Prior to that, we had our haircut sa Katipunan. Haha super funny thing happened. Pero di ko na lang kuwento, samin na lang ng kuya ko yun. =P

Ayun. BTW, went to Masscomm today to go grab my classcards. Haggardness, forgot that it was reg day for Summer today. Tumambay lang tuloy ako. Whenever people asked me, “JM, ano kukunin mo?” sagot ko, “Classcard.” Nyahehehe… na-badtrip sila sakin… =P

Whooo Staff Meeting na naman bukas! Excited ako na ngarag na ewan! =P Excited na mag-days pero ngarag pa rin sa dami ng work! Haaaayyyy sana may vacation getaway after this, kahit dip in the pool lang! Namehn! Summer na noh!!!

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My haggard days are over… not!

As a matter of fact, it only just begun.

Grabe… ang hirap talagang maging vice-rector. Ang hirap na, ang mahal pa. Ubusan sa load kaka-text sa mga staff mo to follow-up their duties. Nakakangarag rin when you have a kinda-OC na rector who wants everything fine, but then again who doesn’t want everything to be perfect diba? Lahat naman ‘to para kay Kuya Jess eh, kaya yung thought na lang na yun ang talagang nagmomotivate sa’kin. Hehe… pero sa totoo lang naeexcite naman talaga ako sa Days namin, ‘di nga lang maiwasan mangarag dahil sa dami ng work at sa sikip ng schedule.

Grabe bukas nga I still have to go to UP to interview Mico’s org (Ecosoc) para sa CodeRed article ko due on Sunday. Kamusta naman? Good thing Execom na yung si Mico at medyo rubbing elbows na sa ibang execom, at least medyo casual na ang magiging interview. Though I still have to formulate questions. Kailangan um-appear na journalist talaga kaya kelangan level-up ang preparation! Hehe…

Haggard pa ulet, kagagaling ko lang graduation ng Maksci. Grabe napapagod talaga ako pag kasama ko mga batang yun, ang taas kasi ng energy! Grabe nakakahawa! Kaya eto ako ngayon latang-lata galing sa kakatawa ng sobrang lakas with them. Congrats maksci babies! Welcome to the real world! Nyahehehe… buti na lang most of you mapupunta sa UP, di ko kayo mamimiss! Hehehe…

In other news, two weeks to prepare na lang for the days. Dami problema with our staffers, personal or otherwise. May nakaamba pang Rector’s Meeting on Saturday, sana lang talaga makapagsalita kaming mga “minority”. Hehe… hope things will go well, and may we all be inspired by Kuya Jess. Para sa community naman yun…

Kuya Jess, salamat sa blessings of today. You made me happy… =)

…and YOU made me very happy as well. Haaayyy kakamiss… =) Dibale, dibale… ^__^

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Happy Easter everyone! Christ has died but the good news is he fulfilled his promise and rose again! Easter is probably the most important Christian (or Catholic) feast of all because it is in Christ’s resurrection where we base our belief and faith that God fulfills his promise and that He will save us from all our sins.

Practically spent the Week at Cainta with Kuya. Joined the Holy Wednesday Procession for Ate Tin. Joined the Alay-Lakad to Antipolo with friends (and lots of Students of Bro. Juvs). Veneration of the Cross. Easter Vigil. Holy Week is really a time to reflect. A time to recollect the role of Kuya Jess in our lives, the part He played, and His significant involvement in all the events of our lives.

It’s also been a reality check for me. A check of myself–my current self. The self that I’ve been for so long. It was hard to face the mirror and see the face in it full of dirt, scratches and grime. I’m so imperfect. Full of immaturities that have seem to to stick like silicone clothing. It’s hard. And what’s harder is the fact that I hurt people because of my immaturities. It happened once, twice, many times. And each and every time I hurt someone.

I cried.

I didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. I don’t want to hurt them anymore. Especially the ones I love… I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want me anymore.

Please take me out of the Dark Oh Lord… Please help me…

Sorry… Sorry sa mga ginawa ko…

*I still thank God that DWTL 16 is pushing through… I’m going to give it my all this time. Everything I can do to prove to Him that I’m doing everything for Him. Thanks to all the dayzers for the support. Leaves no room for doubt about the success of this endeavor. It’s wonderful how simple things like this afternoon’s gathering puts a smile on my face. All the support is overwhelming. I hope that in DWTL 17 they’re all still there… this time, for me. B.I.L.+

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Everybody now: HAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyYYYYYY…!!! Finally, a deep, heavy, loud sigh to cap off this semester! Hehe…

After all the bangag nights, the ngarag moments, the haggard days and the sleepy class meetings, finally, the semester is done done done DONE!

And what better way to end this semester than fun time with the people you love? After our staff meeting for BuskoDays16 last Saturday, Kuya Luis, Leo, Jesser and I went malling and eventually headed off to KopiRoti for some coco and the most-awaited Kopi Bun! Haaaaa sarap! What a way to end classes and kick off the summer!

Sigh… I sure am going to miss this semester. This is the first sem that I’ve spend most times in masscomm. This is the first sem that I’ve been most haggard and bangag. I believe this is the first sem that I’ve worked real conscientiously to up my grades… haha, inspired? hmmm… maybe! =) (uuy issue) I don’t know… I just felt the greater need to focus on my studies this time. Reality Check siguro, hehe.

I’m never gonna forget this semester, especially the people I’ve been involved with. The fun yet crazy field trip in J102… the bangag days and nights preparing for our PR plan (which we aced, take note!)… the asar moments every group work on Hum1… the extre effort given for every meeting of Film100 (too bad Ma’am Ellen’s retiring already)… haaayy, all of them, I’ll never forget them all… how I love my College so much! Aja! Next sem naman!!! Hehe…

To my J102 class… Gelene, Denise, Froi, Mark Ching, Mommy Trish, Dyan, Mikas, Mimi, Jeff, Marj, Jem, Rachel, Dreo, Missy and Kuya Chris… thanks for giving color to our class. For that we are the most colorful personalities in masscomm, straight from Ma’am Rachel’s mouth. Thanks for the laughs during discussions and the laugh trips and crazy antics during the field trips… I’ve never thought Journ could be this interesting had it not for all the colorful personalities in you… Thank You!

To my Hum1 groupmates… Rea Jean, Anne Lucille, Paula Jean, Fanshen Angelik and Cathy… thanks for all the help in our group works. Most promising minds of UP! Naks! I feel so old when I’m with all of you (with the exclusion of Fanshen of course). Have fun in UP okay?

To my Eng11 classmates… you are the class I never got to know. Dr. Dalisay was great, nevertheless! =P

To my Comm100 classmates… I never got to know all of you, but in the limited time we were able to know each other, you put a smile in my face, seriously! Walang stir ‘to… let’s go future media practitioners! =)

To my Film100 classmates… we suffered under Ma’am ellen… she barraged us with schoolwork and tons of readings… but we were able to make it through, unscathed at that! We lost quite a few, but we remained together ’til the end… Thanks for the inspiration to study harder… and thanks for the times we’re able to laugh at all our hardships. Aja! Bye Ma’am Ellen…!!!

To my J152 classmates and groupmates… YOU’RE. SO. GREAT! Grabe the sem that was… I enjoyed most parts of it, especially the Pasig River Volunteer work we did! =) That was really swell, I had fun with all of you! And to my groupmates, thanks sa pagtitiis sa akin, hehe, munting marginalized sector. And congrats to us on winning the PR Plan competition! Wuhoo! We beat THEM! Nyahahaha I’m so mean, but really, I’m really happy we beat the other group (you know, yung kinakatakutan natin). Thanks sa lahat ng patawa, intriguing questions and bangag moments with all of you. I learned a lot! Good Luck on our next endeavors! (Advert naman!!! =P)

To all of you, I can only say one thing: Thanks for the memories, I’ll treasure them forever! AJA!!!

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