This was slowly turning out to be a bad day.


I went to school without that much sleep, hurried to print my Comm100 paper, went to masscomm to submit it, then went to AS for my Eng11 Unit Exam. I had only about an ounce of sleep and my mind’s not really anywhere that moment, so just imagine how crappy my answers were in the exam. But, luckily, I managed to pull through.

When I got home, I was itching to hug the bed and sleep ’til god-knows-when. I was so tired I really wanted nothing more but precious sleep. But noooo, Life is so cruel it had to taunt me by the freaking loud television inside the house coupled with the freaking loud radio of the neighbors. It was disaster, and I wasn’t even near an inch of the sleep I thought I deserved.

Therefore, I grew irate. It was a bad day. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD DAY. Badder than Daniel Powter Bad Day. I thought nothing could ever ever turn my mood around.

Or so I thought.

The internet connection that is always oh-so-crappy didn’t help my mood. It was still crappy, even crappier than usual. (My broadband sucks, and Globe’s Customer Service is more of a disservice, because nobody’s answering in their freaking hotline!) When I managed to get a decent connection, I visited my J102 wiki to check for some updates.

And, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I was breathtakingly blown away! It was like being taken by a huuuuuuge hurricane and being twirled round and round to the point of vomitting. It was as orgasmic the feeling as when riding the rollercoaster down. I WAS ASTOUNDED I COULDN’T REMOVE THE SMILE FROM MY FACE!

Let’s just say… something I really really really honestly didn’t expect happened. And that was just enough to turn my mood around. =)

*Thanks to the person who accompanied me today. Grabe, even if I was really sleepy your presence made me a bit alive today. I can’t thank you enough… you know who you are! =)

In other news, CodeRed Issue 12 is out! My editor texted me earlier for a possible assignment for the next issue, but I had to turn it down. Someone will get hurt if I chose to write that article. Let’s just say it’s about school… and love. Nyahehehehehe..

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