Wah, gush of emotions today. I don’t know which to feel first, it’s so confusing! Mix of anger, hate, frustration, desperation and the ever-present drowsiness because of lack of sleep. (hey, wait, that’s not an emotion)

Anyhoo, my first class got cancelled today, and thanks to a text message I was supposed to have received but didn’t last night, I woke up so damn early because I wanted to make it early in class to discuss some things with my groupmates only to find out that they (my groupmatest) all knew about it and didn’t even bother to tell me (or, I didn’t receive their message).

So I got an hour and a half buffer before my next class which really depressed me. I hate being alone in UP because the landscape is so empty I’m forced to think. Have you experienced something like it? Like, whenever there’s a vast empty space in front of you, you can’t do anything but think? It’s like some vortex or something, inviting you to let your mind do the talking for you. And, what’s amazing is, when you return to your “normal” surroundings with all the cars and buildings and people and houses, it’s really hard to think. Hmmm… wonder if it’s a human phenomenon? Anwyay, it’s amazing (and annoying at the same time).

So I spent my free time reading newspaper in the library. The news of Comelec burning is in all spreadsheets’ headlines. Duh, of course it’s politically-motivated. Everything that happens in this god-forsaken country is politically-motivated. Abalos was quoted as saying that the things that were burned down were documents of the past, so elections will still push through. Hello??!! Garci???!!! Why did you burn down Garci??!!!

In other news, it’s only two weeks ’til end of classes and I haven’t done any of my major papers for the term. Sigh… so sad, just two weeks of sophomore life left. Next term, I’d be entering the 2nd semester of my college life (not unless, of course, I get delayed, which I don’t plan on doing). Haaayyy, bilis noh? I’m actually scared. Scared of what will happen after this. After school, after college. It’s the real thing. BUT I really shouldn’t concern myself with that for now, because I’ve got tons of little things to do…

Marj asked me how many papers I still need to do. I said five. She was shocked, and asked me how come I can still smile and keep cool with all those things to do. I guess I’m not a worrier after all. AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE. It only produces wrinkles, and it’s bad for your health. So Smaaaayl. ^_________^ Yan… =P

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