The changing-weather monster has once again cast a spell on this bloody nose and made it overflow with goo. Dyan, this is all your fault!!

Suddenly everything feels misty–like I’m in a dream world or something. Eyes always watery, nose always clogged and everything. Cough cough cough and head feels heavy. Everything seems to be going round and round and round…

Ah, the semi-annual cold. My hexamonthly visitor, so to speak.

Anyhoo, don’t you think it’s rather inhumane for Big Brother not letting the Housemates eat lunch just because they can’t time it? I mean, hello? There isn’t a clock, and this definitely isn’t medieval nor ancient era, so I guess there’s no point in not letting them eat lunch just because they can’t hit the lunch-time bullseye. Human Rights Activists, you there?

Ha! Guess what. An update on that “one ring” article. Kuya and I went window-shopping and canvassing for his laptop for law school. Haha! Talk about self-mutilation and overkill! Every inch of me was practically wanting to prounce upon every laptop I saw! Haha! I know, I know, I’m killing myself. And I want to! Haha! It’s practically suicide. Or, whatever. Anyway, we found quite a good deal at 70K, but we won’t be back until mid-May so prices might’ve dropped until then.

Waaahhh!!! 3 weeks of 2nd year life left!!! After it we’re officially a junior!!! Waaahhh!!! 2 years of College life to go!!! (not counting the delayed and MRR years, of course) What have I not yet done in UP?! I must do them now before it’s too late!! =P

One more thing: Mister Kabab in Quezon Ave. cor. West Ave.? THE BOMB. Go there, you won’t regret it. Went there twice yesterday. Hehe… that’s how good it is.

Quote of the day:
by Sir Mykel Andrada, Humanidades 1 (Tao Panitikan at Lipunan)

*sees Marlon’s provocative Eng’g shirt with “So what kung uno ka? Eng’g ka ba?” written on it
Sir: Hay nako ayan na naman yang shirt na yan. Napaka-classist! Eh puro bagsakan naman ang mga nasa Eng’g. Mas maiintindihan ko pa sana kung mga taga-BA ang gumawa nyan eh, kasi ganun talaga sila dun.
Marlon: *walang imik*
Sir: Oy joke lang.
Hehe… =P

eto pa isa:
by Ma’am Shirley Evidente, Comm100 (Intro to Mass Comm)

*writes the word ‘doubledick’ on the board#
Ma’am: Sorry class ah, hindi ko na talaga kaya. Nag-text kasi yung maid ko, sabi nasa doubledick daw yung mga damit. Naloka ako, grabe!!! Doubledick daw!!! Haha… I can only accomodate one!

Haha riot. Whatta week. Not much schoolwork, but the weeks ahead are filled with tons of them, so I’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS GOOEY DISEASE, PRONTO!!!

Magkaka-digicam na’ko, yippee!!! And it’s not from my parents. See how they’re so unmaterialistic even if it’s not for so much? The costliest thing I practically own that’s from them is this freaking cellphone I’ve had for two years (and my mom had for yet again two years before she handed it down to me). Okay, okay, I’m being materialistic once again. I don’t know, there’s always this time of the year when I feel like I need to buy something new for myself. Haaayyy, the pleasure of having to earn your own money. Then again, I won’t exchange the experience of College life over anything. Yeahboy! Yun yun eh.

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