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Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. Being purged a fire sparkling in lovers eyes, being vexed a sea nourished with lovers tears, What is it else? A madness most discreet, A choking gall and a perserving sweet. ~William Shakespeare

*Salamat sa kamay ni Vingaye

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The ABS-CBN Satellite tower by night

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The Big City Life is fast and upbeat. Everything swooshes by one’s sight in a matter of seconds. Everything is on the go. Everything is instant. Slowpokes get left behind. But sometimes, one needs to stop in order to breathe the air and see the sights in order to get his perspective in life.

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This was slowly turning out to be a bad day.


I went to school without that much sleep, hurried to print my Comm100 paper, went to masscomm to submit it, then went to AS for my Eng11 Unit Exam. I had only about an ounce of sleep and my mind’s not really anywhere that moment, so just imagine how crappy my answers were in the exam. But, luckily, I managed to pull through.

When I got home, I was itching to hug the bed and sleep ’til god-knows-when. I was so tired I really wanted nothing more but precious sleep. But noooo, Life is so cruel it had to taunt me by the freaking loud television inside the house coupled with the freaking loud radio of the neighbors. It was disaster, and I wasn’t even near an inch of the sleep I thought I deserved.

Therefore, I grew irate. It was a bad day. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD DAY. Badder than Daniel Powter Bad Day. I thought nothing could ever ever turn my mood around.

Or so I thought.

The internet connection that is always oh-so-crappy didn’t help my mood. It was still crappy, even crappier than usual. (My broadband sucks, and Globe’s Customer Service is more of a disservice, because nobody’s answering in their freaking hotline!) When I managed to get a decent connection, I visited my J102 wiki to check for some updates.

And, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I was breathtakingly blown away! It was like being taken by a huuuuuuge hurricane and being twirled round and round to the point of vomitting. It was as orgasmic the feeling as when riding the rollercoaster down. I WAS ASTOUNDED I COULDN’T REMOVE THE SMILE FROM MY FACE!

Let’s just say… something I really really really honestly didn’t expect happened. And that was just enough to turn my mood around. =)

*Thanks to the person who accompanied me today. Grabe, even if I was really sleepy your presence made me a bit alive today. I can’t thank you enough… you know who you are! =)

In other news, CodeRed Issue 12 is out! My editor texted me earlier for a possible assignment for the next issue, but I had to turn it down. Someone will get hurt if I chose to write that article. Let’s just say it’s about school… and love. Nyahehehehehe..

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Our street by dusk

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I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. ~Og Mandino

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It’s a field day at the UP College of Mass Communications today… not! Wednesdays are generally rest day for the greater UP populace, because only a few classes are scheduled on wednesdays in this university.

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I set out to the Lagoon to snoop into parked lovers making out in there shoot some photos because of my love for greens, and the Lagoon’s all green (who would’ve thought).

It was to be our final Film100 class meeting this afternoon. We watched a Korean film entitled Il Mare–what a way to end the semester!

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What I consider to be the Eiffel Tower of the Philippines, the ABS-CBN Tower stands mightily tall providing a good scenic spot along MRT Quezon Avenue.

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Life never runs out of fun and excitement, just like water in our tap. (Shot with a 1-second Shutter Speed)

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It’s completely unusual to see a totally deserted CMC Skywalk corridor. Wonder what happened that day?

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Incidentally, that morning, I picked up a Libre issue headlining the S&T Park’s construction in UP Diliman. Tsk, tsk… And they didn’t even report on the staunch opposition to the project by the studentry. The project is deceptively called the “Silicon Valley” of the Philippines. Yeah, right.

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What fascinates me every summer are these little shrubs. They may be small for now but they’ll grow into humongous plants in a few months. Know what these little things are? They’re Sunflowers, and they paint the University Avenue yellow every Summer.

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Summer is here! Temperatures registered to as high as 36-degrees Celsius this week, frying everything that came out at around 1-3 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my class ended at that time so I had to suffer the scorching heat while walking to the jeepney stop in UP Diliman.

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Yes, that’d be my saliva on the apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an age-old proverb. Too bad I was only able to discover the wonderful and amazing powers of the fruit recently. Try it, it works!

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Wah, gush of emotions today. I don’t know which to feel first, it’s so confusing! Mix of anger, hate, frustration, desperation and the ever-present drowsiness because of lack of sleep. (hey, wait, that’s not an emotion)

Anyhoo, my first class got cancelled today, and thanks to a text message I was supposed to have received but didn’t last night, I woke up so damn early because I wanted to make it early in class to discuss some things with my groupmates only to find out that they (my groupmatest) all knew about it and didn’t even bother to tell me (or, I didn’t receive their message).

So I got an hour and a half buffer before my next class which really depressed me. I hate being alone in UP because the landscape is so empty I’m forced to think. Have you experienced something like it? Like, whenever there’s a vast empty space in front of you, you can’t do anything but think? It’s like some vortex or something, inviting you to let your mind do the talking for you. And, what’s amazing is, when you return to your “normal” surroundings with all the cars and buildings and people and houses, it’s really hard to think. Hmmm… wonder if it’s a human phenomenon? Anwyay, it’s amazing (and annoying at the same time).

So I spent my free time reading newspaper in the library. The news of Comelec burning is in all spreadsheets’ headlines. Duh, of course it’s politically-motivated. Everything that happens in this god-forsaken country is politically-motivated. Abalos was quoted as saying that the things that were burned down were documents of the past, so elections will still push through. Hello??!! Garci???!!! Why did you burn down Garci??!!!

In other news, it’s only two weeks ’til end of classes and I haven’t done any of my major papers for the term. Sigh… so sad, just two weeks of sophomore life left. Next term, I’d be entering the 2nd semester of my college life (not unless, of course, I get delayed, which I don’t plan on doing). Haaayyy, bilis noh? I’m actually scared. Scared of what will happen after this. After school, after college. It’s the real thing. BUT I really shouldn’t concern myself with that for now, because I’ve got tons of little things to do…

Marj asked me how many papers I still need to do. I said five. She was shocked, and asked me how come I can still smile and keep cool with all those things to do. I guess I’m not a worrier after all. AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE. It only produces wrinkles, and it’s bad for your health. So Smaaaayl. ^_________^ Yan… =P

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Hindi lang pala sa film genre uso ang hybrid ngayon. Shet, hindi lang rin sa technology. At lalong hindi lang rin sa political party affinity uso ang hybrid, hehe…

Uso na rin ang hybrid sa Student Council Elections! Grabe, hating-hati talaga, as in…

And the winners are… *drumroll please… brambradadamdadaaaaammmm…*

USC Elections
Chairperson: Shan Abdulwahid (STAND-UP)
Vice Chairperson: Viktor Fontanilla (ALYANSA; ayos, kinuha sa pogi points, hehe)
Councilors: 6 from STAND-UP, 6 from ALYANSA

O, kamusta naman ang hatian? Apparently ALYANSA is getting some foot here. Marami na ba ang ayaw sa STAND-UP?

CMC Elections
Chair: Karol Yee (ISA)
Vice Chair: Martha Teodoro (STAND-UP)
Secretary: Anna Canlas (ISA)
Treasurer: basta yung sa STAND-UP, hehe, porgets ko name eh
Journ Rep: Carlos and Jem (STAND-UP)
CMC Rep: Ayeen Malolos (ISA)

O, kamusta naman ang hating-hati?! pati raw sa ibang department representatives, ang nanalo ay isang ISA at isang STAND-UP. Haha… what a very nice election, indeed!

Sayang, ‘di lahat ng binoto ko nanalo. ‘Di nanalo si Bikoy for chair, baka dahil mas MassComm ang personality ni Karol? Haha sidenote lang, si Bikoy ay Atenean at si Karol ay Xavierian… pareho palang Jesuit ang naglaban eh! =P

‘Di din na nalo si Jali. Tsk, parang may dayaan dun ah? Hehe…

At si Elsie, ‘di din nanalo… oh well okay na rin yun. Hehe…

Baka it was not meant to be.

At least hybrid. ‘Yoko kasi pag straight eh.

Go CMC-SC 07-08!

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