Pardon this little Lord-of-the-Rings-y moment in this day’s post.

Having only appreciate The Lord of the Rings recently (I’m a post-post guy, I always get on a fad whenever it’s over. Hehe…), I came to a personal conclusion that everyone has his/her own “one ring” in life. You know, that one thing that tempts you the most, that one thing you can’t and shouldn’t have, that one thing you weren’t destined to possess–may it be material, emotional, personal or what. It could be wishing to have a forever crush, a gadget you’re lusting at, a vacation you’ve been forever wishing for, a job you’ve been wanting your whole life. Look at it. Look at yourself. Everybody has one. We all have our “ONE RING” which, when worn, turns us into a monster.

As for me, I believe my one ring is a bit shallow and superficial. It may not even be a one ring for others, but that’s the main point on why it’s my one ring–because everybody else has it, but I don’t.

I love Google!Anyway, the picture probably gave it away. Yes, my one ring is a laptop. My own personal mobile computing system. Internet at my fingertips. Blogging away in some faraway land, seashore, country, continent or whatnot. It’s been forever my dream to get myself one. I vowed that when I have enough money the first thing I’d buy myself is a laptop. Whenever I go to the mall, I’d salivate looking at those laptop displays with their shiny covers, sleek streamline designs and one heck of a price tag. It’s it. It’s the one ring I was tasked to hold, but everytime I look at it, I’m tempted to wear it–to disappear from everyone’s sight and indulge in all the power, pleasure and a plethora of other things it offers.

I remember distinctly the last time I was tempted to “put on” the ring. It was in the skywalk, I borrowed a laptop from my blockmate so that I’d be able to surf and see the pictures of our class. I sat on one of the benches, put down the laptop on, well, my lap, unfolded the screen and I stopped. I stopped, yes, I sat there half-frozen, staring into my reflection on the blank screen. I was stunned. I was staring at it for so long, in my mind repeating the words “I should have you, I should have you, I should have you…” I admit it, I was an inch close into giving in to the temptation of my one ring. It was calling out to me, I could hear its voice louder than the CMC people chattering in the background… “I belong to you, you’re my master… yesss, my master… I’m your preciousssssssssss” But then, it hit me. I was jolted back into reality, thank God. I snapped out of the semi-trance I was in and continued on with my work. But still, the call of the one ring lingers on…

We all lust about some thing–sex, love, affection, the new phone, friendship, a dream job, a dream house, someone’s hug, etc. We all have our one strongest desire that we can’t quench no matter what we do. We all have this one huge button in our foreheads that can easily be pressed and we’re done for. We all have this one huge empty space in our hearts, longing to be filled in by that one thing we can’t have. It’s our weakness, and by all means I say it’s okay to lust or be tempted–after all, what constitutes the commission of a sin is not the act of being tempted, but how you react to them.

Wanna see me cry? Tell me I’m a loser because I don’t have my own laptop. Tell me how convenient the world will be if I have one of my own–how I wouldn’t have to search and borrow someone’s laptop whenever there’s a report, how I could blog anywhere there’s a wi-fi connection, how I can write my thoughts whenever I want to. Or, if your have your own laptop, wave it to my face and do the nye-nye-nye kidstuff like you mean it. You might just witness me shed a tear out of sheer envy and frustration, or I might just have to kill you and get away with your oh-so-shiny laptop. In any case, nobody wins. =P

Pardon my being materialistic. I’m just being madamoiselle in The Necklace–I feel I deserve something more. But then again, this is just a phase, so don’t mind me. Uke?!

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    […] I even considered it “My One Ring”. Anyway, the picture probably gave it away. Yes, my one ring is a laptop. My own personal mobile […]

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