Itanong nyo na lang kung anong masamang hangin ang nagdala sa’kin dito sa blog ko para mag-blog ulit.

Okay, sige, basahin nyo na lang.

My Kuya and I have been whining about this for quite some time now. Ever since we caught wind of this news, we never stopped ranting about it.

Campus Radio stoops down the level of a thousand leagues below sea water and reincarnates into…


Barangay LS.


Can anyone get any cornier than this? I mean, to whose stupid mind can we attribute this dastardly deed? Just when I was beginning to re-love LS, this happens.

When I was a kid, I started listening to Kool 106 (haha, reveal na ang katandaan). Then Kool shut down so I shifted to Magic 89.9 until I grew teen. Recently, I got re-introduced to Campus Radio because of my Kuya. I totally loved Campus Radio, as in. As in I don’t listen to any station other than LS.

Then LS betrays us?! Just leaves us hanging off the air?! (Quite literally at that) And the worse of all, LS didn’t leave us for something better. LS left us for something far worse than kukurukuku and kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan. (Barangay LS?!! Forever??!! Hellooooo???!!!)

Hmph. Time to look for a new radio station that won’t leave us hanging.

RX perhaps.

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