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This is a flat-out futile attempt at writing a decent journal entry.

Have you ever experienced something like this? You start your day off quite alright, reciting in your head thousands of words–comments, opinions, whatnots–that could majestically be tailored into a wonderful blog entry. All day you wait for that moment when your hands would touch the keyboards and, seemingly, all the words from the morning before would suddenly flow through your hands, word for word, letter by letter, down into the keyboard, and then to the screen in front of you. You anxiously wait for that moment to come. ANXIOUSLY, vigorously, frustratingly, nervously. When your day ends you rush home, throw all your mess down the floor, flex your hand muscles, twitch your neck a little left and right, and then, start laying your hands into that very precious keyboard, all words now ready to flow through your hands like blood gushing from a wound.

But then, it doesn’t happen. The word vomit just doesn’t take place. The verbal diarrhea Miriam was talking about suddenly turns into constipation. You type a word. And then you erase it. You type again. You try to remember, but you can’t. Suddenly all the words inside your head seems to have scrammed as if they were rallyists ready to be watered down by a fireman’s hose. They’re gone. All your bright ideas, your fantastic reviews, your stunning opinions–all gone. And then you start to drift into that void–the internet–and do other things instead. Suddenly, you have turned from one intelligent, highly-opinionated being to a dork being sucked in into the dark side.

A miracle! I have typed a coherent, actually-sensible entry. Haha… just like they say, when you can’t write about anything, write about nothing. Okay, imbento ko lang yun, pero totoo, right? That’s my predicament for the past couple of days. I’ve been itching to get my hands on a keyboard everytime I thought of an idea, but by the time I get the chance, laziness suddenly befalls–becomes–me. It’s as if I have this syndrome, this illness that whenever I face the screen, my brain would suddenly be drained of every knowledge it has ever contained. Weird, eh? Ano to, blogger’s block? Hehe…

Anyway, enough of this silly excuse for a blog entry. I’m really just trying to kill time (in a warm place? Sir Dalisay, is that you?). It’s 11:30pm and I have a class in approximately 11 hours. I should really be sleeping by now, so I won’t be all aloof and masungit tomorrow, but my body just isn’t in the resting mood. Maybe after a few kicks of whatever. Anyhow, I’m out for now, see ya’ll soon! (Haha ang ghetto).

BTW, I’m setting up another blog, watch out for that. Medyo bumabalik ang pagka-socially-active individual natin eh. Or something. Basta, ewan, eto, passionate, well, actually agitated, about something. (Grabe ilang comma yun) Basta it’s for a social cause, and I have high hopes for it (kahit na alam ko namang hindi ganun kalayo ang mararating ng aking pangarap–wow deep). Anyhow, hopefully I can manage to even start it with a decent layout. Hopefully. Pray with me, Amen.

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You wanna know who’s pathetic? Lito Atienza and his crazy antics. I’m sitting here, enjoying my comfy Saturday morning when I accidentally surfed through his show on a local network and what do I see? Two men dressed in flower-clad polos fooling the nation with their moronic pursuits.

I mean, what’s with dressing up your son the same way you do? Will that fool the voters into thinking, “Hey, that looks like him! Maybe he acts like him too, let’s vote for him!” I mean, duh, I don’t believe making your son dress up like you is gonna win him elections. Poor boy, I don’t even think he knows a zilch about politics, yet he’s dragged into this whole circus of freak shows. I hope he doesn’t win, it’s for his own future.

And the same goes for all the stupid politicians and non-politicians out there who are aiming to run for the upcoming elections, thinking we haven’t learned from our previous mistakes. We have, fools, we’re not gonna elect yet another set of stupid morons up there in Congress! Huh! After what you’ve done, lambasting our Constitution, saving a dumbass president’s ass from getting ousted and whatnots, hey, it’s payback time you trapos!!!

It’s gonna be the dawn of a new age come May 14. I registered, and I will damn hell vote. IF I find my name in that damn voter’s list, but let’s save that for another post.

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