And now we don’t have to pause for a while and gather ourselves
Because we’re sad…
But because God made us both joyful
With the blessings He’s showered (more like shoved) upon us
So even if you’re going…
I know, you’re not really going after all…
You’re here with me, Kuya!
And I know you’ll always be… Üü

Classes just finished yesterday but the bummer factor is that my Polsci prof didn’t show up so we’d have to hold a make-up class on Tuesday.  Well, it’s a double-edged sword because her not showing up meant that we won’t be late in submitting our position paper (I woke up 8am yesterday and our class was 830.  My group’s position paper was with me and if we didn’t submit it on that period, it would have been late).

Haaayyy… I could only heave a sigh…

October 6, 2006 has got to be one of the best (if not the best) days of my life! (Next to attending Days with the Lord, Being the Vice-Rector and Passing U.P.)  So many blessings came my way yesterday that I found myself saying, Tama naaa!!!  Whooo!!!  Sobra na tooo!!!

I wouldn’t delve into details but I’ve got to say, Overjoyed isn’t enough to describe the way I felt yesterday and especially last night.  Salamat sa aking kuya! Üü

Katuwa yung Psych exam kahapon.  May grey area ako dun sa exam kasi I was absent for a day, ‘di ko naman alam na lalabas sa exam yun.  Buti na lang multiple choice, at least puwede manghula.  Common sense na lang.  Kaya ayun, bumawi na lang sa essay, as always, paikot-ikot at pinuno ng highfaluting words na ewan ko ba kung maiintindihan ng prof ko yung pinagsususulat ko…

It doesn’t matter when;
I’ve known and felt it,
And that’s what matters. Üü

Haaayyy sobrang saya.  Ang sarap-sarap ng feeling!  I’m glad to have taken this rollercoaster ride with my Kuya.  At least I was with him in all my ups and downs, in all his ups and downs.  That’s what’s important, and I’m forever going to treasure this time in our lives.

What scares me is the fact na baka bumawi ang tadhana.  Baka may masamang balitang dadating.  Okay, okay, so Karma isn’t a Catholic belief but based on experience, ang sobrang saya ay may katumbas na sobrang lungkot.  Well, sana totoo nga yung sabi ni kuya na baligtad; pagkatapos ng sobrang lungkot na linggo, sobrang saya naman.  Ewan ko ba, masyado kong inu-underestimate si God.  I know He’s still faithful.  ^__^

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